Intrinsics Disposable White Bikinis for Disposable Sunless Spray Tan / Waxing / Spa Treatment Bikini Universal Size – 100 Count

Bottoms up! These cutting-edge, cool and comfortable Disposable White Bikinis from Intrinsics are the body-benefitting, perfect panties to don during common salon and spa -inspired beauty treatments. Exclusively constructed of the finest fabric, these one-time-use spa bikinis boast a luxuriously soft, breathable blend that keeps skin cool and comfortable while in those often uncomfortable and compromising positions during waxing, sugaring, laser, electrolysis, cellulite treatments, and other body-beautifying procedures. Universally-fitting fabric accommodates most adults and features a large, elastic waistband for customized comfort, fit, and functionality, ensuring no embarrassing slips and slides. Each bikini is individually wrapped for personal safety and maximum sanitation. Drop everything and wear during a spray tan or self-tanning session for modesty purposes, as well as protecting clothing from bronzing pigments. A subsidiary of the early 1900’s-based Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, known for supplying layered cotton batting for horse drawn buggy seats and filler for quilts and comforters, the Intrinsics beauty brand burgeoned in the 1980s as the proprietary suppliers of single-use skincare and beauty products that the exploding luxury spa and salon scene so heavily demanded. Intrinsics’ unwavering commitment and dedication to bringing luxurious, highest-quality, cotton-made beauty products to the world’s most distinguished and legendary beauty spas and salons all over the globe is why The Difference is in the Details is our motto. Because, it’s the little things.

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Product Features

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Universal size fits most adult women and features a large, elastic waistband for ultimate comfort, confidence, fit, and flexibility.
  • ONE AND DONE: Single-use material provides excellent safety and sanitation during common beauty procedures, like spray-tanning, waxing/sugaring, laser, electrolysis, massage therapy, and other salon-inspired skincare treatments.
  • IT’S A WRAP: Each Intrinsics Disposable White Bikini is individually-wrapped, ensuring meticulous safety and maximum sanitation.
  • FUNCTIONAL FABRIC: All-natural, breathable blend keeps skin cool and comfortable without itch or irritation. Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive.
  • SPA STATUS: Bring your beloved beauty spa straight to your bathroom with these professional skincare essentials used by top, certified estheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons, as well as renowned spas and salons all over the world.


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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