Lady Bikini Shaver Women Manual Non-slip Handle Female Underarm Hair Razor 1 Holder+2 Blades

This women’s shaver with flexible blade makes the hair removal less painful. can shave off coarse, soft, long and lying hairs thoroughly. Instead of salon waxing, this shaver can save time and money for you. Portable size is convenient to use anywhere even when traveling or on the go.

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Product Features

  • Sharp carbon steel blade with intelligent chip can control intensity intelligently without pain, scratch or allergy.
  • ABS material is environmental, safe, non-toxic and harmless.
  • Ideal for removing unwanted hairs in armpit, arm, leg, hip, bikini line and other body parts.
  • Bevel head can fit your body contour well to remove hair from the root.
  • elastic blade soft rubber protection fin non-slip handle, long and lying hairs thoroughly.


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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