GBS 5 Piece Mens Shaving Gift Set – Comes with Gift Box – 5 Blade Razor + Pure Badger Brush + Chrome Brush and Razor Stand + Chrome Bowl + Soap

GBS manufactures high-end grooming tools and accessories. Proudly offers high quality craftsmanship and exquisite style at an affordable price

Product Features

  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed!
  • Tired of your old plastic razor? This Fusion razor comes with a handsome grooved black handle that helps deliver a smooth shave
  • 100% Pure badger brush (black) gently exfoliates the skin while lifting hairs for a close shave
  • Chrome stand keeps your shaving accessories organized, dry, and clean
  • This bowl is essential to whipping up a rich lather. GBS soap included

Miusco Men’s Shaving Set, Safety Razor, Badger Hair Shaving Brush, Shaving Stand, Dark Chrome

Our brush is made with 100% pure badger hair which is soft and gentle to your skin but yet hard enough to generate rich lather. If you are using a manual razor, we always recommend you use our Miusco shaving brush to apply shaving soap to your face first to soften skin and get a cleaner shave.

Benefits of Using Miusco Shaving Brush

Rich and Warm Lather, Use Less Soap Or GelMuch Cleaner ShaveLift Hair on Your FaceOpen Up PoresNaturally Exfoliates Your SkinMinimize Irritation, Shaving Burn and Pore Infection
Leaving your brush and razor on the sink can be very messy. Undried Razor and brush would increase bacteria, and it would cause razor rusting much faster even it is stainless steel!

Miusco Luxury Safety Razor and Brush Stand can be the solution for both problems. Besides it offers elegant display and storage for your razor and brush, it also can help them dry much faster and cleaner, therefore it increase their life and prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and rust!

Trouble Shoot

Hair Falling:
Our 100% badger hair brush is built stronger than most fake hair brush. You may experience hair falling in the beginning, but it will stop after few uses

All the hair has been sanitized, however the natural smell of badger hair may still present, but it will be gone over few uses

Unstable Stand:
If the stand is unstable, simply remove the bottom padding and tighten the screw in the center.

Product Features

  • Shaving brush is made with 100% pure badger hair which is soft and gentle to your skin but yet hard enough to generate rich lather
  • Lift hair and open up pores on your face, naturally exfoliates your skin
  • Minimize irritation, shaving burn and pore infection
  • The non-slip long handle safety razor provides a comfortable and clean shave (Blade NOT included)
  • Shaving stand will dry your razor and brush much faster to avoid bacteria and extent their lives

Gillette Sensor Excel Shaving Cartridges For Men – 10 ea

The closest, most comfortable twin blade shave SensorExcel has a series of soft, flexible microfins positioned in front of the blades to protect your skin while gently setting up your beard so the blades can shave closer with incredible comfort. And SensorExcel has self-adjusting twin blades that automatically adjust to every curve of your face and safely respond to every detail of your skin. These cartridges fit Sensor and SensorExcel razors.

Product Features

  • gill sensor excel cart 1s 1548
  • Twin-bladed razor cartridge refill
  • Spring-mounted blades automatically adjust to facial curves
  • Revolutionary skin guard with 5 soft, flexible microfins delivers close shaves
  • Package includes 1 replacement cartridges for Sensor Excel

Remington Men’s Ultimate Shave Bundle: Men’s Electric Foil Razor with an extra replacement screen & 2 replacement cutters

Product Features

  • The ultimate Shave bundle pack for every Man’s bathroom.
  • Remington SPF-300 Screens and Cutters for Shavers F4900, F5800, and F7800, Silver
  • Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, Black
  • Bundle Pack includes a Remington Mens Foil Shaver, one replacement screen and two replacement cutters

GBS Men’s Travel Dopp Shaving Set – Comes with Travel Shaving Brush & Soap, Hair Comb, DE Butterfly Razor, Razor Case, 5 Pack of Blades + Cognac Toiletry Bag

GBS manufactures high-end grooming tools and accessories. We proudly offer high quality craftsmanship and exquisite style at an affordable price.

Product Features

  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed! B59
  • Travel Brush – Easy Assemble with 3 Pieces. 100% pure badger bristles. Great for any shaving enthusiast who travel!
  • Shaving Soap & Canister – Ocean Driftwood Soap is a light-fresh scent of ocean breeze and vanilla oils. GBS canister for traveling
  • Doppler Toiletry Bag – 10″(L) 5″ (W) 5″ (H) a light cognac color. 1 Large compartment with inner and outer zippers Handle keeps bag hanging for easy access or just easy to carry. Metal Snap keeps bag closed tight. Keep all your personal traveling needs in one bag! Best side-kick for travel, business trips, outdoors activities, car, boat and at home bathroom or closet. All your personal needs in one bag!
  • Butterfly Razor with Razor Case & 5 pk of Blades – Matte Handle. Sturdy safety razor has a Twist-to-Open (Butterfly Open” design for easy blade replacement. Textured handle makes a great grip for wet hands. If you want a close shave and fewer cuts this is the razor for you! Provides fewer nicks and ingrown hairs. Designed to make your shaving experience easier. CASE & 5 DE razor blades (randomly selected) included.

Men Straight ShavingRazor Badger Hair Brush Stand Holder Leather Strop Soap Bowl

Material of razor:420 stainless steel(natural wood handle)
Width of razor:~21mm(razor),~16mm(razor handle)
Length of razor:~141mm(razor)
Material of stand:Imitation wood alloy
Net Weight of stand: 275.5 g Or 9.71 oz
Height of stand:16cm/6.2inch(from top to buttom of base)
Material of strop:leather + canvas, PU material on the other 2 end
Length of Strop:51cm(20.07 Inch)
Width of strop:6cm(2.36 Inch)
Material of bursh handle: Natural Wood(pure badger hair)
Brush height: about 115mm/4.52\”
Net weight of brush:~39.4 g/1.38 oz
Height of soap:25mm / 0.984 inch
Diameter of soap:68mm / 2.677 inch
Material of bowl:wood
Height of bowl:4cm/1.57inch
Package include:
1pcs ZY bursh razor stand
1pcs Shaving Razor Strop
1pcs Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush
1pcs Men Shaving Soap
1pcs Wood bowl
1pcs Straight Edge Shaving Razor

Product Features

  • .100% brand new and good quality,treat yourself to an old fashioned shave with shaving tools.
  • .This set gets almost all of your needs for your daily shaving job.
  • .ZYshaving select best angle for most comfortable feeling and improve uncommon taste.
  • .Great gift set for both new and expert shavers. Ideal for salon, home, personal and professional use.
  • .Luxury Shaving Kit to meet your High grade taste.

Harry D Koenig & Co 4 Piece Shave Set In Silver for Men

Shave in style with this silver plated premium shave set. It comes with all you need to get the perfect shave and its attractive enough to display. Includes a stand, razor, bowl, shave soap and natural bristle brush. The brush alone is worth the purchase of the set to get a great lather. Consider giving this to the man in your life this season.

Product Features

  • Very attractive to display in the bathroom
  • Great gift option for your man, husband, father or brother
  • Includes stand, razor, bowl, soap and brush

Pro Barber Stainless Steel Razor Shaving Bowl Stand Stander Brush Holder

Stander Holder:
Material: Stainless Steel
Overall height of Stand: App 12cm/4.72 inch
Holder Open for Shaving Brush: App 2.5cm/0.98 inch
Holder Open for Razor: App 1.2cm/1.2cm / 0.47 inch/0.47 inch (upper/lower)
Bowl Mug:
Inside diameter: App 38mm/1.50 inch
Outside diameter: App 67mm/2.64 inch
Outline of the bowl: App 88mm/3.46 inch
Total Height: App 43mm/1.69 inch
Package Included:
1 X Shaving Bowl
1 X Shaving Stand Holder

26MM Yaqi Mysterious Space Color Handle Tuxedo Knot Men Shaving Brushes

An excellent brush to get you started into wet shaving! Made of black with white tip hair, the preferred bristle for creating a rich lather, this brush is an amazing value!

Material: Synthetic hair bristles + Space color Resin Handle
Brush knot diameter: 26MM
Loft size: 57mm (+/-1mm)
Handle height: 65mm (+/-1mm)
Widest part of the handle diameter: 40mm (+/-1mm)

A necessary helper for daily personal shaving.
Synthetic brush hair is quick-drying and not easy to fall out.
High quality, can give you a superb shaving experience.
Suitable for home and journey.
How- A must have for a close comfortable shave
Densely filled brush head
An excellent value at this price To Care For Your Brush

Product Features

  • Shaving brush is made with high quality synthetic hair which is soft and gentle to your skin but yet hard enough to generate rich lather,for a soft and luxurious feeling every time you shave
  • Lift hair and open up pores on your face, naturally exfoliates your skin
  • The Perfect GIFT idea for men of all ages – A PRESENT no man will be disappointed with!
  • Perfect size for everyday use and travel

Excellent Straight Razor Stand Kit – Bowl, Stand & Natural Shaving Soap ~ Fits Razor + Brush, Prolong Life Your Shave Brush, Protect Razor. Organize Your Bathroom, Make Her Happy (Fits Straight Razor)

Another great product from Naked Armor.

Product Features

  • ✅ KEEP IT ORGANIZED, KEEPS HER HAPPY – Great solution for storing your STARIGHT RAZOR and shaving brush in the bathroom. Everything in one place and looking great.
  • ✅ YOUR BRUSH + BLADE LASTS LONGER – Helps air dry you brush and keeps your razor from picking germs from the sink and surrounding area – good hygiene is good shaving.
  • ✅ PERFECT GIFT FOR DAD, HUSBAND, + BROTHER – Naked Armor’s razor stand kit comes with a beautiful chrome bowl, top quality chrome razor and brush stand and shaving soap. The perfect men’s gift for Dad, Brother, Husband, Son, Groomsmen, or any other hard to shop for guy. Give the gift of looking good, feeling good, and help make men feel irresistibly handsome.
  • ✅ FITS MOST RAZORS – Although it fits almost all razors and brushes, it cannot possibly fit every type of razor and brush. Simply return it to Amazon for a full refund if it doesn’t fit yours.
  • ✅ YOUR LIFETIME & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We are sure you will love this razor stand set and our warranty is simple and straightforward. If you don’t like it for any reason we will offer you a full refund. Naked Armor razors and shaving products have kept thousands of men (and their women) happy with awesome looking faces made for touching and looking great.

Shaving Set,7in1 Anbbas Black Badger Shaving Brush,Acrylic Shaving Stand,Resin Shaving Mug,Goat Milk Shaving Soap,Stainless Steel Straight Razor,Leather Travel Bag & Razor Strop for Traditional Shave

Simple, fast, fashionable shaving, make your life exquisite from face! Lifetime Quality Guarantee!
Note: please note to soak the badger shaving brush several minutes before using as the bushy brush hair, so that could lather more easily.

Brush: best pure black badger hair, smooth and firm; black resin handle, medium size
Stand: black acrylic, 6mm thickness, mold making process, broken-resistant
Bowl: black large resin shaving cup, diameter 4 inch
Shaving Soap: goat milk from New Zealand, 100g / 3.5oz
Straight Razor Kit: stainless steel straight edge razor, with package case and barber sharpening belt

Package Includes:
1 x Badger Shaving Brush
1 x Shaving Holder
1 x Shaving Cup
1 x Shaving Soap
1 x Shaving Razor
1 x Razor Case
1 x Razor Strap
1 x Package Box

How to shave:
1.Soak the shaving brush by warm water
2.Hot compress your face to moisturize, and soften the root of beard
3.Use shaving brush circling painting much foam of shaving soap/ foam on your beard
4.Shaving your beard according to the texture firstly, then reverse direction, from sparse to dense part, so that the dense part would soften more longer
5.Wash your face, cleanse the shaving brush by warm water and dry it on the shaving holder naturally to ensure longevity

Instructions for use:
1. Wash the brush well with warm water after use.
2. Never keep the brush wet for long.
3. Do not use strong disinfectants or detergents – water is sufficient.

Product Features

  • TECHNOLOGY: Handcrafted production,every brush hair need to go through 25 screening procedures, absolute pure badger hair, with wonderful shape and no shedding, no terrible smell,design with black resin handle, medium size.
  • CHARACTER: High quality black badger hair is silky and firm, as water absorbing and heat retention capability, works well with all shaving soap and foams, gels or creams, perfect for thick, glossy lathering, easy to clean, and fairly quick to dry.
  • PURPOSE: Perfect gift for your father, husband, boyfriend or for any wet shavers; Stylish in the bathroom, necessory accesory for daily personal health care.
  • TIPS: Recommend thoroughly rinse the shaving brush, shake and hang it to dry. Please pay attentio to check the item detail size and information from picture before ordering, and contact us freely when have probelm : )
  • ACCESSORIES: Acrylic broken-resistant shaving holder, black large shaving soap bowl,natural shaving soap 3.5oz,black shaving razor,artificial leather razor case,genuine leather shaving sharpener strap.

uxcell® Men Silver Tone Stainless Steel Beard Shaving Soap Bowl Mug Container Barber Shave Tool

Are you looking for a Perfect Badger Hair Shaving Soap Bowl that would turn your shaving into a luxurious barber-like experience?Features:Use With Classic Shaving Mug Soap of Any Kind: Just add your favorite shaving soap refill to this shaving soap dish and use your shaving brush to work your lather. 
Combine With Other Wet Shaving Products: A shaving brush and bowl are the foundation of any wet shave set, whether used as a straight razor shaving bowl or you add a safety razor and a shaving stand for a complete classic shaving set, this shaving bowl will mix and match with any color or style (razors, brushes, and stands are not included).
Compact and Practical Useful: Used with quality shaving soap and hot water whip up a rich lather for wet shaving.
Durable Material: The edge of the material is thick, carefully polishing the edge of the polishing process is very smooth, feel comfortable, exquisite round the whole does not cut the hand, use up safety and rest assured.
Package Content:1 x Shaving Soap Bowl

Product Features

  • Our Shaving Soap Bowl is a perfect gift for your boyfriend and father.
  • Compact and Practical Useful: Used with quality shaving soap and hot water whip up a rich lather for wet shaving.
  • Material: Stainless Steel; Dimension: 8.8 x 3.6cm/ 3.5″ x 1.4″(D*H)
  • The edge of the material is thick, carefully polishing the edge of the polishing process is very smooth, feel comfortable, exquisite round the whole does not cut the hand, use up safety and rest assured.
  • Used with quality shaving soap and hot water whip up a rich lather for wet shaving.