Shaving Brush Pure Black Badger Hair,4in1 Shaving Set with Acrylic Broken-resistant Shaving Brush Stand,Dia 4″ Resin Shaving Mug with Handle and Goat Milk Soap 100g for Men Wet Shave Gift by Anbbas

Simple, fast, fashion shaving, make your life exquisite from face!
Note: please note to soak the badger shaving brush several minutes before using as the bushy brush hair, so that could lather more easily.

Diameter of Brush Handle Knot/Bottom: approx. 2.6/3.5cm-1.02/1.38 inch
Opening for Brush/Razor: 3/1.6cm-1.18/0.63 inch
Stand: acrylic,6mm thickness, mold making process, broken-resistant
Bowl: black large resin shaving cup, diameter 4.1 inch
Shaving Soap: goat milk from New Zealand, 100g

How to shave:
1. Wetting: clean your razor, hands and face(especially the part of beard), could spread in your face 3 minutes with the hot wet towel
2. Shaving Foam: use shaving brush circling painting much foam of shaving soap/cream on your beard, the foam could soften the beard hair, and protect your skin
3. Shaving: firstly, shaving your beard according to the texture, then reverse direction, from sparse to dense part, so that the dense part would soften more longer

Instructions for use:
1. Wash the brush well with warm water after use.
2. Never keep the brush wet for long.
3. Do not use strong disinfectants or detergents – water is sufficient.

Product Features

  • TECHNOLOGY: Handcrafted production,every brush hair need to go through 25 screening procedures, absolute pure badger hair, with wonderful shape and no shedding, no terrible smell,design with black resin handle, medium size.
  • CHARACTER: High quality black badger hair is silky and firm, as water absorbing and heat retention capability, works well with all shaving soap and foams, gels or creams, perfect for thick, glossy lathering, easy to clean, and fairly quick to dry.
  • PURPOSE: Perfect gift for your father, husband, boyfriend or for any wet shavers; Stylish in the bathroom, necessory accesory for daily personal health care.
  • TIPS: Recommend thoroughly rinse the shaving brush, shake and hang it to dry. Please pay attentio to check the item detail size and information from picture before ordering, and contact us freely when have probelm : )
  • AFTER-SALE&ACCESSORIES: Acrylic shaving brush and razor holder, black large shaving soap bowl,natural shaving soap 3.5oz; Lifetime Quality Guarantee!

Mid Century Shaving Brush – Pure Badger Hair – Resin Handle For an Amazing Wet Shave Experience (Black)

Enjoy a Premium Shave Experience
Mid Century Shaving Products are all designed for and by wet shavers, so you can count on them being hierloom quality products that you’ll be proud to have in your shave kit.

Thick Rich Lather
Whether you prefer a Shaving cream or solid shave soap, or lathering on your face or in a bowl, you’ll be able to create rich, thick lather with our shave brush. Badger hair soaks up water, and slowly releases it while you’re lathering, to create the perfect shave foam.

Pure Badger Hair
Most of the shave brushes you see available are made of “Pure” badger hair, which is the most economic grade available. Pure badger hair, like human hair, absorbs water and releases it slowly while you’re creating lather. Cheaper boar brushes and synthetic brushes do not retain water, so it’s harder to create lather.

Quality Construction
This Brush’s handle is made of solid resin, not hollow plastic or wood that absorbs water and splits. The handle has substantial weight and feels like the premium product that it is when being used. You don’t have to worry about dropping this brush and breaking or chipping the softer wooden handle many of the entry level shave brushes come with.

Longevity and Lifespan
Your shaving brush will last decades with proper use and care. Always store your brush bristles down from a quality shave stand. Storing your bush sitting on the flat part of the handle will cause water to settle into the knot instead of drying, and could cause mold and hair loss.

Total Height: 107mm (4.2 in)
Knot Size: 22mm (0.85 in)
Loft: 58mm (2.3 in)
Weight: 590 gm (2.1 Oz)

Skip the Entry Level Shave Brush, Start With A Premium Product Today!

Product Features

  • PREMIUM PRODUCT Avoid the hassles of entry level cheap shave brushes that can ruin your shaving experience. Our brush creates rich, thick lather and feels great in your hand, like a premium product should.
  • PURE BADGER HAIR is all we use in our shave brushes. Most of the popular brushes being sold for under $15 are actually horse hair sold as badger. Badger is superior to Boar and Synthetic bristles because it retains more water to create thicker, richer lather and feels great on the skin
  • ATTRACTIVE HANDLE is made of a solid resin that will not be affected by use in water, like wood handled brushes. You don’t have to worry about cracking, chipping, or paint flaking.
  • QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP is guaranteed, our shaving brushes don’t shed excessively or retain a foul odor
  • FITS THE HAND PERFECTLY this brush is of substanial enough size that it fits comfortably in the hand and feels very well balanced. It feels great

Safety Razor, Oak Leaf Butterfly Open Double Edge Shaving Razor with Razor Stand and 5 Platium Super Blades, Chrome Finish Shaving Kit for Men

With the cost of razors and blade cartridges rising sharply, many men are turning to cheaper and more refined ways of shaving. The double-edged safety razor is just that: straightforward, inexpensive, and effective. A new generation of men are discovering that you don’t need five blades to get an ivory-smooth face. Applying the shaving cream with your shaving brush and shaving your beard with your Oak Leaf Razor, then they will give you the cleanest and healthiest look. Then keep your supply dry and fresh with the Razor Stand.

How to change the blade?
1. Rotate the bottom toward counter-clockwise direction.
2. Open the head of the razor and put the blade in.
3. Rotate the bottom toward clockwise direction, and close the razor head.

Perfect Shaving Guidance:
1. Clean and keep the face wet under warm water.
2. Apply shaving cream on face to soften the beard.
3. Shaving from top to chin, and then go reversely.
4. Wash blade with clean running water, keep it sharp.
5. Nourish skin with face care products.
6. Clean the razor after shaving, keep it drying and place in the stand.

1. Safety Razor
Material: 5# Zinc Alloy
Dimension: 3.7”*1.7”/94.85mm*44.13mm (H*W)
Weight: 1.5lb/0.68kg
2. Razor Stand
Material: 5# Zinc Alloy + PE
Surface process: Chrome finish

Product Features

  • BUTTERFLY OPEN SAFETY RAZOR: Oak Leaf Men’s Shaving razor comes with butterfly opening mechanism that makes it easy, quick and safe to change the blade. Rotate the bottom toward counter-clockwise direction to open the head of the razor, and put the blade in. Twist again to secure the head.
  • METAL STAND: The Safety Razor Stand is made from zinc alloy and PE, perfectly fitting the Shaving Razor. Also, it is designed to protect the shaving supplies and keep them dry, clean and fresh, so as to prolong the life of the razor. For better hygiene.
  • 5 PLATINUM SUPER BLADES: Metal ion coating and Teflon non-stick coating of the blade edge. Precision diversion comb design avoids pulling of your beard. Decent thickness to fit almost all kinds of beard.
  • SHAVING KIT FOR GENTLEMEN: The package comes with a Double Edge Shaving Razor, a Razor Stand and 5 platinum super blades. Best shaving kit for the best shave.
  • OUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with the Shaving Kit just return them within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked, no hassle. Scroll up to click the Add to Cart button to have your Men Shaving Kit shipped today.

Straight Razor Set Zeva Full Black Signature Series Mens Shaving Gift and wet shaving kit with Dovo Solingen Sharpening Paste Green Pure Badger Brush Stand Soap Bowl Leather Honing Strap Strop Belt Al


The One-Blade Wonder:Why a Zeva Straight Razor Might Be the Key to Your Best Shave Ever? The blade may cut an imposing figure, but a straight-razor shave is more than just a thrill ride. Here are some compelling reasons to make the ultimate grooming throwback.

It Helps Prevent Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs

It is Traditional

It is a Better Shave

It is less Expensive

It is Environmentally Friendly

It is Enjoyable

How to Use Straight Razor: First Step is Preparing your face: The key to a painless shave is to use plenty of warm or hot water before shaving. Either have a bath, shower or use a hot flannel to soften the bristles and open up the pores of the skin. Make sure you massage your chosen shaving cream thoroughly into your stubble or beard. Use your fingers or a decent shaving brush. For straight cut shaving to work, the lather must not be allowed to dry.

Shaving with Straight Razor: Now for the shave! Hold your Zeva Straight razor with one hand and with your other hand, stretch the skin as tight as you can get it. It is recommended to hold the blade at a 30 degree angle to the skin otherwise you’ll get cut! A useful way of starting is to lie the blade flat against your cheek and then lift the spine to the desired angle of 30 degrees before applying your first stroke. Use very little pressure and apply even strokes with the razor in the direction of the hair growth

Straight Razor Care: When you’ve finished shaving, rinse the razor in some running water. Dry it by dabbing it with a cloth. It is also good practice to apply a little bit of oil or vaseline to help prevent the blade from rusting.

Product Features

  • Zeva Black Series Straight Razor High Quality Carbon Steel Straight Razor Easy to Sharpen
  • Handcrafted by Highly Skilled Craftsmen
  • Pure Leather strop for honing Straight Razor
  • Dovo Sharpening Paste for honing

MAX-T Electric Shaver USB Quick Charge Rotary Shaver Digital Display Battery Usage Smart Travel Lock 100% Waterproof Wet & Dry Shave

◕ Smart Travel Lock
Press the button 3 seconds, the shaver will engage to lock mode,perfect protection for travel and not in use.

◕ USB Quick Charging
1 hour charge to 120 minutes shaving time(about 30 shaves). With micro USB interface, convenient for your daily and travel use.

◕ A Smooth and Close Shave
With floating heads and upgraded blades, this 3D rotary shaver can perfectly fit the curve of face and neck, minimizing pressure and irritation.

◕ IPX7 Waterproof/Wet and Dry
The shaver whole body is washable. Shaving with foam or gel can get you an easier and better shave.

◕ Pop-up Trimmer & LED Digital Display
Perfect for side-burns and moustaches with an extra trimmer, LED digital display can notify you the remaining power.

Battery Charging Time: 1 hour
Running time: about 120 minutes (about 30 shaves, depend on the thickness and length of your beard)
Motor: Mute high-speed motor
Shaving Way: rotating Shaving
Power Supply for Adapter: output voltage≤5V

1. Smart Travel Lock
2. LED Digital Display
3. 1 Hour Quick Charge
4. USB Wall Charger Charging
5. IPX7 Whole Body Waterproof
6. Close and Smooth Shave
7. Upgraded Blades from High Quality Steel Material
8. Smart Cleaning Tips

Package included:
1 x Shaver
1 x USB Wall Charger
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Portable bunch
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

Note: 1 Year Warranty – All of our units come with 1 year full warranty to cover any issues, any problem please feel free to contact us.

Product Features

  • Smart Travel Lock – Press the button 3 seconds, the shaver will engage to lock mode, perfect protection for travel and not in use
  • Quick Charge & Long Use Time – 1 minute fast USB charging technology support the electric shaver operating again. 1 hour full charge for almost 3-4 months use (120 minutes shaving time).
  • Smooth & Close Shave – With mute high speed motor and 4-direction flex heads, the 3D rotary shaver automatically adapts to the contours of the face, neck and even the jaw, so it provides a comfortable and close shave in low noise.
  • Wet & Dry Shave – IPX7 100% waterproof electric shaver, You can enjoy shaving in shower with foam or gel for a better shaving result. Detachable and washable head makes you easy to clean it directly under faucet.
  • 1 Year Warranty – All of our units come with 1 year full warranty to cover any issues, any problem please feel free to contact us.

Shangdongpu 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Waterproof Electric Shaver Wet and Dry Men’s Rotary Shavers Electric Shaving Razors with Pop-up Trimmer

Built-in USB CHARGING ( need an extra adaptor )

It is convenient for you to charge it with built-in USB charger, you couldcharge it at any time anywhere.


Perfect your moustache or sideburns with the Smart Click precision POP-UPtrimmer attachment, a LCD screen when working will show discharger ,whencharging will show charge!


The shaver blades are very sharp, It can bring you the best effect quickly


Rotary shaver with triple independent heads follows the contours of your face,even on the neck and jaw line, comfortable goes without saying


Charging Time: 8 hour

Using Time: about 58 minutes

Motor: high-speed motor


Shaving Way: rotating Shaving

Clean Way: whole body wash


1. This PHIPUDS electric shaver does not include the adaptor, the USB chargingcable can be used with your own adaptor to charge it, you can also use your cell phone charger to charge it.

2. It is simple and easy to use.

3. The effect will be better by using the gel or foam.

4. The effect will vary depending on different kinds of beard.


1XElectric Shaver

1XSideburns knife

1xNosehair knife

1XProtective Cap

1XUSB Cable

1XCleaning Brush

1XUser Manual

Product Features

  • ※A CLOSE SHAVE.Rotary shaver with triple independent heads follows the contours of your face, even on the neck and jaw line, comfortable goes without saying.
  • ※3 MODES.This electric razor is a 3 in 1 mufti-functional electric shaver, for shaving beard, sideburns/hair and also with nose hair knife.
  • ※IPX7 WATERPROOF. The whole body of this shaver is washable, So it is very convenient for you to wash and clean it with water.
  • ※CONVENIENT CHARGING.Chargeable lithium battery, Built-in USB charge. With LED Charge Indicator, it can remind you in charging or not.
  • ※HIGH-SPEED MOTOR.The shaver blades are very sharp, It can bring you the best effect quickly.

Miusco Badger Hair Shaving Brush Travel Kit with Leather Case

Miusco Badger Hair Shaving Brush Travel Kit with Leather Case is the best alternative wet shave brush solely designed for travel purposes so that you won’t lose your good brush while traveling.

Light weight and compact, easily fits in suitcase and backpack 100% pure badger hair brush generates rich lather and soft enough to be very comfortable to use Organizer the brush and razor in real natural leather case
Care Instruction

Natural badger may has intense smell at first, rinse it with warm water before use, smell should be gone after few times Minor hair shedding might occur during first few uses Air dry the brush head before putting in canister. If not possible, take it out and dry it at your convenience

Product Features

  • The ultimate shaving kit is light weight and compact, perfectly designed for traveling
  • Unscrew the brush head to be stored in anti-bacterial aluminum tube
  • Pure badger hair brush generates rich lather yet it’s very comfortable on your face
  • Canister features draining holes to increase air circulation
  • Travel in style with real leather case to organize your shaving brush and razor

Double Edge Safety Razor Shave Kit by Steelcut – with Premium Gift Box, Blade and Steel Cut Quick Start Guide to Wet Shaving

The Diplomat by Steelcut was crafted to create synergy between function, style & results. The beautifully designed handle is extra-long for a comfortable feel while wet shaving, the matte finish also leads to a superior grip even when fingers/hands are wet. Our razor leaves you with a buttery smooth shave & hundreds in yearly savings versus multi-blade razors. In most cases the Steelcut Safety Razor can also help reduce ingrown hair typically associated with multi-blade shaving.


Our Razor delivers on performance, quality, craftsmanship & style. This is no flimsy, lightweight piece of disposable plastic or tin can metal. Many of our product’s components are manufactured with precision German made equipment. Our brand’s mission is to elevate the bar and give our customers a truly premium product experience.

•Quality Craftsmanship
•Innovative Design


Barber shops are known to have the occasional healthy dispute. A good Parlor probably has a “diplomat” on staff. The Steelcut Razor is the one topic to put an end to the shaving discussion. We insisted that our razor spend some quality time in the hands of tried & true professionals in New York, Miami, Portland and San Francisco. The results were consistent, we deliver in the following areas based on customer feedback.

•Reduced Razor Bumps
•Great Handle Grip
•Balanced Weight


Women looking to set themselves apart from the crowd while maintaining a unique style are in the right place. Steelcut does not discriminate against leg/body hair. Need a more discrete entry into this world of Safety Razors, this item makes a great Birthday, Father’s Day or Holiday Gift for that special someone. You can try it out when they aren’t looking, we won’t tell. Our razors are loved by manly men but also suitable for the following.



Product Features

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Truly high quality chrome plated double edge closed comb safety razor for a professional(Barber Shop) grade close shave experience
  • EXTRA LONG HANDLE – Long handle with non-slip matte finish and thumb rest zone for a comfortable secure feeling while hands are wet or dry
  • RAZOR BLADE/GIFT BOX INCLUDED – Stainless steel blade, luxury gift box and quick start guide included so you can start shaving right away
  • WEIGHTED DESIGN – Engineered and proportionally balanced to assist with the natural gliding motion during shaving
  • CLOSED COMB THREE PIECE SYSTEM – Allows for quick, safe and easy blade replacement

MagiDeal Retro Dark Wood Men’s Wet Shaving Mug Bowl Men Barber Beard Shave Soap Cup for Brush Diameter 9cm


– Retro elegant design.

– High quality wood material.

– Smooth surface, easy to clean.

– Convenient to use and creat lather.

– Suitable for all shaving brushes.


– Height: approx. 5cm/ 2 inch

– Diameter: approx. 9cm/ 3.6 inch

– Material: Wood

Package Includes:

1 Pieces Shaving Mug


Please allow 1-2cm(0.4-0.8 inch) size difference due to measurement. Thank you!

Product Features

  • Retro elegant design.
  • High quality wood material.
  • Smooth surface, easy to clean.
  • Convenient to use and creat lather.
  • Suitable for all shaving brushes.

Men’s Shaving Kit: 3-Piece Shaving Soap Gift Set with Ultra Rich Soap, Stainless Steel Shave Bowl & Easy-Grip Brush, Light Bay Rum Scent, Handsomely Gift Boxed by Tatum & Shea (Bay Rum)

Ready for a closer, more comfortable shave? Our vintage shaving soap kit gives you everything you need: rich, natural shave soap; luxe stainless-steel shave bowl; plus ultra-soft shaving brush.

Are you a guy who prefers shaving the time-honored way? Or a woman looking for the perfect “guy gift”? Either way, you’ll want to check out this shave set from Tatum & Shea. Crafted from the finest materials, it includes:

• Luxurious USA-made shaving soap, lightly scented with a fresh, manly fragrance
• Smooth, lustrous shaving bowl – double-layered stainless steel, with nonskid base for no-slip stability
• Skin-soothing shaving brush with super-soft, natural, badger-hair bristles & easy-grip grooved steel handle

Better Soap for a Better Shave

The heart of the set is the soap… not the usual skimpy bar soap but a thick, 3.8-oz. puck with rich, buttery texture. Handcrafted in small, artisanal batches, this premium, vintage shaving soap contains nourishing natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, palm oil & shea butter. So, you can rest assured it will hydrate your skin without chafing or drying it out.

Best of All: Thicker, Creamier Lather

Simply wet your shaving brush with hot water. Then rub the moist bristles over your shave soap with a firm, circular motion. In no time, you’ll have plenty of warm, foaming lather, ideal for the perfect shave.

Your Superior Men’s Shaving Kit: Better-Made Soap, Bowl & Brush. Great Gift Set for Any Occasion. Add to Cart Right Away

Product Features

  • Perfect Shaving Gift Set: Whether you’re a guy buying for yourself or a gal buying for her man, you’ll love this premium shave kit, with its luxe soap, stainless-steel bowl & top-quality brush.
  • Rich, Lathery Shaving Soap: No more thin, skimpy foam. When you use our exclusive shave soap with hot (or even warm) water, you’ll get plenty of thick, creamy lather. Soothes & nourishes skin.
  • Stainless-Steel Shaving Bowl: Crafted of 2-layer stainless steel, this durable shave cup keeps your shaving soap handy & your lather comfortably warm. Polished for glossy shine. Has nonskid bottom.
  • EZ-Grip Shaving Brush: Even when you’re shaving in the shower, this soft-bristled shave brush won’t slip out of your hand. Simply grasp the grooved steel handle for a secure, comfortable grip.
  • Light, Manly Fragrance: Forget those strong, overpowering scents. Your Tatum & Shea shaving soap has a pleasant, subtle fragrance with distinctly masculine notes. (No need for aftershave.)

Unique Design Stainless Steel Shave Brush Stand and Bowl Dia 3.2″ by Anbbas

Material: Stainless Steel
Stand Size: Approx. 10.5 * 6cm / 4.1*2.7inch
Bowl(D*H): Approx. 8*6cm / 3.1*2.7inch
Special designed shaving stand for holding the shaving brush easily and stably, which prevent it from dropping off and keep it clean and neat
Consist with a special designed bowl, you can place the bowl onto the stand for a better and convenient shave

Product Features

  • Made of stainless steel material, which is not rust easily so that provides a guarantee of the quality for use safely
  • Function: Hang shaving brush to maintain brush hair, lathering shaving foam in the 2 layers shaving mug
  • A necessary shaving tool for getting your shaving items organized and clear
  • Perfect gift for your father, husband, boyfriend or for any wet shavers looking for a fabulous combination
  • Note: the inner diameter of shaving mug is about 82mm/3.2 inches, please pay attention to check the item size before shipping : )

Kyoku For Men Sake Infused Shaving Cream For Normal Skin | Kyoku Men Shaving Products (6.0oz)

Kyoku for men shaving cream combines potent skin softening agents, friction-free silicone micro-particles and an exclusive dual phase cellular anti-inflammatory complex to create the perfect shaving cream for men. These ingredients provide a rich cushioning lather to ensure a smooth and pain free shaving experience.This shaving cream is unique since it is infused with natural ingredients like Japanese sake which acts as an intense moisturizer. This shaving cream infuses your skin with deep lubrication and hydration throughout the shaving process. For best results; apply to wet skin and let it set for two minutes before using a razor. Unlike other men shaving products, this shave cream gives you a reliable and consistent skin to shaver contact so you won’t get pimples or worse, cut yourself. The incredible properties in our shaving cream and all our Kyoku shaving products for men offer the solution for fighting acne. The secret is in the anti inflammatory ingredients that effectively kill any bacteria and lie deep beneath the surface, leaving you with flawless looking skin. A shave cream that works! This highly raved about Kyoku shaving product for men has helped over 100,00 men achieve clearer and healthier looking skin. Studies have shown that 83% of acne patients who used our Kyoku skin care for men see incredible results in just 2 weeks! This is a shaving cream that will rejuvenate and promote renewal of the skin and will also make you look young and radiant. The Amazon-only version of this product comes with improved product packaging and a 90-day money back guarantee only when purchased from an authorized Kyoku reseller. See for a list of the authorized retailers. ‘Kyoku for Men’ and ‘Kyoku’ are registered trademarks of Kyoku Holdings LLC.

Product Features

  • Kyoku for men shaving cream has friction-free silicone micro-particles to ensure the smoothest shaving experience and is extremely lubricating so you never have to shave over the same spot again and again
  • Kyoku shave cream uses Japanese Sake, an ancient skin softener formula that is designed to intensely moisturize skin, and help stop deep set inflammation during the shaving process, leaving you with clear, freshly shaven skin
  • Kyoku men shaving products come with a Dual Phase anti-inflammatory complex that cleans and keeps the skin healthy, preventing those irritations & inflammation that often leads to those breakouts & ingrown hairs
  • This Kyoku product is the only shave cream designed exclusively for men who suffer from breakouts, acne, and ingrown hairs
  • The Amazon-only version of Kyoku’s skin products for men come with improved product packaging and a 90-day money back guarantee only when purchased from an authorized Kyoku reseller