Pitbull Gold Shaver

Experience the third generation and the newest line from Skull Shaver. We tore down our old product and rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on quality and durability. New production facilities, better components, and better quality testing make Pitbull our most durable and best shaver to date. Oh, and it’s IPX5 waterproof so now you can shave in the shower.

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Pitbull lets you experience a fast and smooth, dry or wet shave. On the go, at home, or in the shower, Pitbull has you covered. For wet shaving, please use shaving foam. Shaving gel is not recommended as its density and stickiness can clog the blades and hurt performance.

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The patented ergonomic design doesn’t just fit your hand, it becomes an extension of your hand. The shaver body allows for many different grips, letting you comfortably reach and quickly shave hard to reach areas like the upper and lower parts of the back of your head. Please see the images for examples.

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Five large, flexing shaver heads with rotary cutters allow you to shave in any direction. You can shave while moving the shaver forward, backward, even in a circular motion. This significantly cuts down on the time it takes to shave, all while you experience no nicks, no cuts, and no burns.

We completely re-engineered Pitbull blades. They shave faster and smoother than any of our previous models. The final drive gear is 22% larger, delivering more hair cutting torque to the blades. The cutting area has been increased 10%, allowing you to shave more area in less time. Each blade articulates 33% more, allowing the shaver to better conform to the shape of your head.

Product Features

  • All new production and premium build quality
  • IPX5 water resistant. Safe for shower use, do not submerge
  • Newly engineered Pitbull Universal Blade included
  • Built to be durable and precise, shaving faster and smoother
  • Designed for cordless bald head and face shaving. Can be used while charging

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been flipping between regular razor (5 blades kind) and Norelco for reasons of ease vs fine shaving. I have been leaning to blades as Norelco was tough on my skin and was sort of painful. I found this product -Pitbull Gold Shaver and I can not be more happy to land on this product. From workmanship, look, battery life to performance- this product excelled in every department. It provides the closest shave that I was always looking for. Initially I had to give more time per square inch…

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