Professional Wax Warmer Electric Wax Heater Hard Wax Kit Hair Removal with Wax Beads and Wax Applicator Sticks and Rapid Melt Wax Home Waxing Kit Wax for Women & Men

Want to remove body hair and make your skin as smooth as satin?
Don’t like the expensive and time-consuming hair removal service in beauty salons?
Why don’t you try our professional household-use waxing kit?
Delivers you an incredible hair removal experience and leaves your skin silky-smooth!
You deserve to have glossy skin!

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To Use:
Step 1. Clean your skin.
Step 2. Put some wax beans into the pot.
Step 3. Plug in the wax warmer, turn it on and set up the target temperature by turning the knob.
Step 4. Heat up the wax beans for 10 mins until they are completely melted.
Step 5. Unplug the wax warmer and wait for several minutes for the wax to cool down a bit.
Step 6. Apply a small amount of the wax to your back of hand as a skin test to make sure it is not too hot.
Step 7. Spread a layer of wax following the hair growth direction with the stick.
Step 8. Wait for a few seconds until the wax hardens, and then peel it off rapidly against the hair growth direction.

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To Clean:
1. Pour a few drops of olive oil into the pot with the wax residue.
2. Reheat the wax residue until it is completely melted.
3. Pour out the wax residue and wipe the pot with tissues or wet tissues.

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1. It is very necessary to do skin test before applying hot wax to your hair removal area.
2. Do not apply the wax to broken or irritated skin.
3. For the desired effect, the thickness of the wax layer should be from 2mm to 5mm.
4. Do not wash the hair removal area until 1 hour after hair removal if you need.
5. The wax warmer should not be left unattended during heating.

Capacity: 500 cc
Voltage: AC 110-240V, US PLUG
Power: 100 W
Adjustable temperature: 240°F at maximum
Aluminum container: 10.5cm (diameter) x 6.5cm (height)
Frequency: 60Hz

Package Content:
1 x Wax Warmer

Product Features

  • ※ FAST & SAFE HEATING: The home-use waxing kit can melt wax in only 10 mins with high thermal conductivity of its stainless-steel pot! Auto power-off design when it finishes for safety concerns.
  • ※ NATURAL WAX INGREDIENTS: The 4-flavor wax beads contain natural extract from chamomile, lavender, honey and rose respectively. Remove your unwanted hair effectively with pleasant fragrance.
  • ※ LONG-LASTING SMOOTHNESS: Uprooting strong body hair and leaving your skin silky-smooth, our wax kit will give you long-lasting smoothness for up to 21 days. Even your newborn hair will become softer!
  • ※ CONVENIENT & ECONOMICAL: The easy-to-use wax warmer can melt wax beads, sugar wax, hard wax, soft wax and etc. Do hair removal at home as you can get from a salon. Saves your money and time!
  • ※ SECURITY ASSURANCE: The shell of the wax warmer is made of nonflammable ABS plastic which won’t be melted during the wax heating process. Ensures you a safer hair removal experience!

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2 thoughts on “Professional Wax Warmer Electric Wax Heater Hard Wax Kit Hair Removal with Wax Beads and Wax Applicator Sticks and Rapid Melt Wax Home Waxing Kit Wax for Women & Men

  1. patron says:

    Its temperature regulated and easy to clean. I waxed my legs, arms, armpits and, of course, I fully waxed my personal place (that’s how I normally wax at the beauty salon), leaves my skin smooth & hair-free, not too painful. They are amazing for hair removal, after a couple of tries, you get used to the minimal pain. I’m really pleased with the results.Its temperature regulated and easy to clean. I’ve had this for about one year and its still going strong. Ive used it approximately 1-2 a month.It’s supposed to be – so be very…

  2. Muriel Baudinot says:

    I love this product so much helpful Received the waxing kit,the machine’s quality is very good, the inside bravery should be aluminum alloy,still can take out.this was simple for me to use and quite comfortable. very easy and good wax! I love having the warmer because unlike the microwave wax that doesn’t stay warm long, it actually stays a good consistency while your putting it on before it gets hard!I was tired of how often I have to shave my underarms and legs and then one day later the areas look dark and feel…

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