Shaving Soap for Men OPR All-Natural Soothing Shaving Oil Ingredients in Bay Rum Scent 9 fl. oz., Ideal for Sensitive Skin, razor bumps. Smooth Comfortable Close Shave, by Old Post Road Oils.

It’s an all-natural lubricating soap especially designed for shaving.

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It lubricates the skin and whiskers for a close, smooth, comfortable shave. It holds water and oil together. This both softens the whiskers and gives superior lubrication. and soften the whiskers. It will quickly absorb into the skin to restore and protect throughout the day.

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It doesn’t foam. Many people don’t realize that foam doesn’t lubricate. You want water on the skin as a lubricant and to soften the whisker for the razor to cut. Foam by itself holds a small water against the skin, but not sufficiently to add lubrication.

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It nourishes and moisturizes the skin during and after a shave.

The key ingredients are very beneficial to the skin. Jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, rosin, glycerin, castor oil, olive oil, and lanolin have been hand selected for their fatty acids and other nourishing ingredients. The skin uses these oils and moisturizers to rebuild and fortify itself. it’s rich in nourishing ingredients, so your face feels great after a shave.

It is all natural. Therefore, it is more beneficial to the biological composition of the skin. The chemical compounds found in other shaving products do not necessarily hold the same benefits. If you have sensitive skin and cannot shave with a blade, use OPR with a wet electric shaver. You will have no irritation, and get a smooth, close, comfortable shave.

Made in the U.S.A.

Directions: Thoroughly wet your face and neck, 4-8 times. Rub 3-4 pumps of OPR into your whiskers. Add a final splash of water. Now you are ready to shave. Shave by sight and touch, with the grain. Re-wet your face to add lubricity as necessary.

Product Features

  • Rich in SKIN–NOURISHING OILS that rebuild and fortify the skin long after the shave.
  • PROVIDES UNSURPASSED LUBRICATION for both whiskers and skin during and after the shave, reducing razor bumps significantly.
  • ALL NATURAL key ingredients are selected for their moisturizing and nourishing properties. It provides A CLOSE, SMOOTH, and COMFORTABLE SHAVE. FEELS GREAT after a shave.
  • SAVES MONEY: A little goes a long way, up to 180 Shaves in just 9 fl. oz. No need for Pre-Shave Oils or messy creams.
  • GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: If you can not use a razor due to sensitive skin, use it with a electric shaver, you will have no irritation only a close impeccable shave.

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2 thoughts on “Shaving Soap for Men OPR All-Natural Soothing Shaving Oil Ingredients in Bay Rum Scent 9 fl. oz., Ideal for Sensitive Skin, razor bumps. Smooth Comfortable Close Shave, by Old Post Road Oils.

  1. Anonymous says:

    At first I wasn’t a huge fan of this product but I have greatly warmed up to it. It provides excellent lubrication/protection for those who use an open blade. I also find it well suited for safety razors as well. It is some crazy-slick stuff.I would put this on-par with the best brush applied puck-style shave soaps. This alone should be enough reason to consider it, but what really sell it is for me is the lack of necessary prep time. After a shower, I find three pumps provides…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I switched a year ago from shaving with a multi-blade razor to a Double Edge (DE) Razor. I use a adjustable DE Razor with shaving oil and shaving cream. With this method I get a great shave, with very few nicks, or razor burn. I have sensitive skin and the shaving oil gives me a very smooth shave with no irritation. Shaving oils are a bit expensive and I was hoping the OPR Shaving Soap would replace the shaving oil I use. But OPR does not give me a smooth, irritation free shave like…

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