HYRIXDIRECT Wax Warmer 2018 Wood Style Hair removal kit Hot wax heater Waxing kits with 4 flavors hard wax Beans 10 Wooden applicator sticks for Men Women Summer skin care

Hair Remover Wax Warmer

Directions For Use:
1.Cleansing Face, Exfoliating.
2.Apply moisturizing essential oil to the skin.
3.Just plug in and rotate the knob to adjust temperature, the pilot lamp lights up and the heater starts working. Take appropriate amount of wax beans into wax heater to melt.
4.Heat the wax to a melting temperature, after the wax melted, spread a layer of wax with a spatula on the skin along the direction of the hair growth.
5.After 15-20 minutes, feel the wax temperature disappears when the wax stripped, against the direction of the hair growth quickly, coated with skin cream.
6.Pour some of water into the container heating dissolved away the wax.
7.Use makeup remover scraper and paper towel to wipe out the inside of the wax pot to get rid of any residue.

① Ensure the wax is not too hot before applying to skin.
② Do not use it on broken or irritated skin.
③ Do not use it if your skin suffered any adverse reactions to wax in the past.
④ Do not use it within 2 hours after taking a shower, or sunbathing.
⑤ If you are on medication that affects skin or you have a skin related disorder, consult your doctor before use.

★ The initial use of individual products will be a slight smoke, is a normal phenomenon. Please do not be nervous and worried.
★ Do not adjust the temperature too high for a long time, so as not to damage the machine.
★Auto temp control : Overheat protection & auto heating design
Package Include:
Wax Heater x 1
Hard Wax Beans x 4
Sticks x 10
User Manual x 1

Product Features

  • ★FOUR DIFFERENT FLAVOURS WAX BEANS: Natural wax Ingredients Rose, Milk, Chocolate, Chamomile
  • ★EFFECTIVE: Can remove 98% your body hair, like armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, beard and other hair which you unwant, from stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz, leaving your skin soft and glowing
  • ★JUST NEED 8 MINUTES MELT HARD WAX BEANS: Adjustable temperature from 160℉ to 240℉ allows you to choose. Heating coil for a fast wax meltdown, you can operation fast. The warmer will stop working and light off when the temperature to 240℉, and it will start working and lighting again when temperature under 160℉
  • ★UPGRADED ABS MATERIAL: ABS is a nonflammable, hard, great surface performance material. Unlike other’s dangerous machine outside plastic, which is easily melted and bubbled
  • ★SUITABLE for MOST WAX TYPES: Our wax melting pot accommodates wax container and melt most wax format including hard wax, soft wax, 14 ounce wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax kits, microwavable wax kits and hair waxing kits

2018 Professional Nose Ear Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Electric Nostril Hair Clippers Trimmers Remover with Vacuum Cleaning System, Waterproof, Mute Motor, Wet/Dry, Battery-Operated

✅ When you pick up this compact trimmer in your hand, you will know that you just purchased a very high quality product that will last for a long time. We design and manufacture our shaving products using top of the line parts, including motors and blades. It is painless, smooth, and gentle and will not result in painful pulling. It cuts clean and easy for your best comfort. Make your life easier with this portable trimmer-order one today.

✅ Smart Vacuum Cleaning System
The Vimdiff men’s nose hair trimmer makes clipper hair particle cleanup a breeze with an advanced micro-vacuum system designed to quickly and neatly collect and deposit nose, ear and other trimmed hair particles into an easy-clean collection chamber, and keep the ears and nose free of debris. This advanced nasal hair trimmer system also retains the proper volume of nose hairs for, healthy natural filtering.

✅ 100% Washable Nose Hair Trimmer
Keeping the men’s nose hair trimmer’s exterior clean is a snap. Just hold it under warm, running water for a few seconds, then wipe dry with a soft towel or cloth.

✅ Groom anytime, anywhere
With its portable, ergonomic design, the lightweight-less than 4 ounces-nose and ear hair trimmer fits neatly into bags and luggage for easy use while travelling. A travel pouch and cleaning brush are included for travel and storage, and on-the-spot maintenance.

✅ Single battery convenience
For portability and convenience, this Panasonic nose clipper for men nose trimmer for women is powered by one AA-size battery (not included) for nose ear hair trimmer, face hair removal, eyebrow shaper, upper lip hair remover, and for use as a mustache and beard detail trimmer anytime, anywhere.

✅ 90 Day Back Money And Lifetime Warranty
Vimdiff Nose Hair Trimmer is your best choice. If you experience any issues feel free to contact us and get a refund.

Product Features

  • ✅ Multi-function: Vimdiff men trimmer features a smart micro-vacuum system for men comfortably removes nose, ear and unwanted facial hair plus details beards and eyebrows with dual-edge. Let you become a stylish man, anytime and anywhere.
  • ✅ Spinning Blades System: This product features a dual-edge spinning blades system with protective cover, inner 360° rotating design, which precisely remove the hairs without painful and unpleasant pulling. Comfortable and easy to use. Let you show your best at work.
  • ✅ IPX7 Waterproof and Easy cleansing: IPX7 waterproof and washable, easily deal with residual by soak cleaning, even you take a shower. Washable and removable cutter head, you can twist and take off the blade for cleaning, convenient. User-friendly handy body design, comes with a dust-proof cover to protect the cutter head.
  • ✅ 6500 RPM Mute Motor: With 6500 RPM and sharp blade, it supposedly avoids clamping nose hair and hurting nasal cavity. Noise is below 50 DB, you can use it confidently while your families are sleeping. Keep better work-family balance.
  • ✅ Energy Conservation and Compact: Adopt total newly electric machinery of more sufficient power. Power-saving improve 5%, 1 AA battery can operate for more than 6 months if 5 min at a time. It is also great for road trips and travel. High efficient and durable. All black design is more in line with your capable business temperament.

[2018 NEWVERSION] Wax Warmer, ZEEPIN Waxing Kit Hair Removal Rapid Melt Hard Wax with 4 Different Flavors, 20 Wax Applicator Sticks for Women and Men

ZEEPIN Hair Removal Machine-gives you more sexy and confidence in this summer!
Do hair removal at home with the help of this waxing kit, giving your skin a smooth and flawless feel you’ve always wanted. 
Used to pamper, smooth and renew hand, feet, and elbows with aromatherapy paraffin wax and gentle heat.
As a result, the hair sheds naturally and the regrowth is inhibited. 
How to use:
1.Make sure the skin is absolutely clean before use.
2.Put an appropriate amount of wax beans into the pot.
3.Plug it in and turn on the power to heat wax beans until they are completely melted for about 20 – 30 minutes, make sure the temperature is suitable for you. Spread a layer of wax following the hair growth direction with a stick, covering small areas of 15 – 18 square centimeters that you want depilate, and the thickness of spreading wax should be among 0.2 to 0.5cm to ensure its using result.
4.Wait for a few seconds until the wax has got hard then peel it off rapidly.
5.After cleaning, use a moisturizer without fragrance to do massage for the smoothest skin.

1) Wax product should be placed horizontally and away from heat sources. If wax products become sticky due to high temperatures, store in a refrigerator.
2) Do not use for varicose veins, abscesses, breakages, sunburn, or other damaged skin.
3) Please use a small area before use to determine the absence of allergies.
4) Do not leave hair removal wax or hair removal wax paper on the skin for too long.
5) Do not use water or alcohol to clean the wax remaining on the skin after hair removal. Swimming or sun exposure should not be allowed within 24 hours.
6) Please keep out of reach of children.

Product Details:
#High-temperature metal liner
#Transparent plastic cover
#Standard round insert
#Removable liner

Package Included:
1 x Heater Machine
4 x Pack of Wax Beans
20 x Depressor

Product Features

  • ❤Easy to Use: New hair removal wax, no paper, smear in t.he direction, tear off in the opposite direction, you just need more a wax heater pot,and a spatula to apply the wax to your hairs. Save money and save time.
  • ❤4 Different Ingredients: 4 different flavors hard wax beans made from natural ingredients: Chamomile, Rose, Lavender and Honey. You can choose according to your own preference,leaving your skin smooth all along with pleasant smells.
  • ❤Superial Material: Made of Durable Material, Supports a wide range of temperature from 160℉ – 240℉.High-temperature metal liner, removable liner for easy cleaning.
  • ❤Multi-Functional: Can be used on Women and Men, even heat most wax types like hard wax, soft wax, cream wax, paraffin wax, loose wax and maintains waxes at the ready-to-use status with the temperature adjustment dial.
  • ❤Care for Your Skin:100% FDA Approved Body-Safe to assure the beauty care and skin care. More confidence.

2018 Professional permanent electrolysis portable commercial 808nm diode ipl laser hair removal machine with LCD display black

Are you still trouble about traditional methods of hair removal ?
Waxing hair removal ?
shaving hair removal ?
beauty salon treatments ?
depilatory cream ?
Principle of laser hair removal–best choices for permanment hair removal at home!

Products parameters
Number of exposure:550,000times
Light area:6.18 square centimeters
Energy stalls:5 stalls
LCD display

How to epilate:
1. Before treatment.IPL Pulse act on skin and produces a thermal effect.
2. When the hair removal, When light pulse act on tissue, hair and pigment groups preferentially absorb and increase temperature.
3. Conduction to hair root, destruction of hair papilla, inhibit hair growth. How does hair growth period affect light pulse? Growth Period – Hair and hair follicle connections during growth, Using IPL epilator can be hair removal. Stationary Period – Hair and follicle separtion at rest. Need to be hair again after the use of epilator. Catagen Period – Hair and hair follocles separate during degradation. Need to be hair again after the use of epilator.

If you have any problem about the removal.please contact me by email.we will reply within 24 hours.

Product Features

  • Designed for both women and mens hair removal.(dark brown skin and black skin are not applicable)
  • Ideal for full body hair removal, including face, arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest.
  • SHINE baldheaded technology – The core of the photon hair removal is baldheaded, Use the triad filters, high-end quartz lamp, integrated type filter UV, directly to the hair follicle, effectively prevent light side effects. ( You can see obvious result after 8 weeks)
  • Other features include skin contact sensor, 5-speed energy regulation and Intelligent numerical control. (Equipped with a Yellow Tender Lamp for Skin Smooth and Whitening)
  • Package including: IPL Hair Removal *1, Charger *1, Adapter *1, Instructions *1 and gift box. (Please you follow our instructions to use)

Remover Shaver,Hair Remover,NOMENI 2018 Flawless Women Painless Hair Remover Face Facial Hair Remover

Eyebrow hair wax removal

18-Karat Gold Plated
Safe on All Skin Types and Tones
Dermatologist Approved
No More Cuts from Razors
No More Redness and Irritation
Use it Everyday
No Need for Hair to Grow Back

Easy to Clean

1 Hair Removal Unit with Cap
1 AA Battery
1 Head Cleaning Brush
18-Karat Gold Plated
Safe on All Skin Types and Tones
Dermatologist Approved
No More Cuts from Razors
No More Redness and Irritation
Use it Everyday
No Need for Hair to Grow Back

Easy to Clean

1X HOT Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover

Product Features

  • Electric epilator hair removal electric epilator hair removal-Gentle Enough to Use Every Day – No Downtime Waiting for Regrowth
  • Eyebrow facial razor hair shaving trimmer-Requires 1 AA Battery – Included
  • Eyebrow trimmer finishing touch-18K Gold-Plated in Beautiful Rose Gold, Discreet and Portable
  • Removes Facial Hair Instantly and Painlessly from Lip, Chin, Cheeks; Built-in Light So You Never Miss a Hair
  • Gentle Enough to Use Every Day – No Downtime Waiting for Regrowth