Choice Fun Acrylic Makeup Organizer 3 Drawers Jewelry display Case Large

Product Details
Color: Clear
Material: Pure heavy duty high quality clear acrylic
Type: Makeup organizer
Product Dimensions: 11.8″X7.48″X7.8″
Top Tray:11.2″ x 6.9″x 3.9″
Each bottom drawer: 10.17 “X6.38″X1.57”
2 pieces set It contains 3 drawers and 15 varies grid

Our Brand
Our makeup and beauty product organizers make a great gift idea for friends & family.Inspired by professional makeup artists, you will notice the difference in all Choice Fun products when compared to the industry standard.From design to durability to functionality.
Imagine owning a high quality and durable makeup organizer that you will be instantly satisfied with and every day after.
Our products are tailored to match a wide range of decor, whether it be in your personal bathroom, a vanity area or your salon
Please note beauty makeup products inside acrylic storage container shown are not included.Choos us, have fun!

Manufacturing capacity

Our factory has been certified by accredited bodies like S G S, B S C I and TüV.
We have been placing great emphasize on our R&D competitiveness,our products have won 8 5 certificates on Design and 4 certificates on Utility Model by S I P O so far.

Our Products

Our clutter free organiztion series covers a wide range of capacity and usage.
the small size ones would be perfect for lipsticks, brow pencils, eyeliners, mascaras, and makeup brushes,manicure.
The medium type would be great for storing primer,eye shadow palettes, bronzer/blush palettes, and press/loose power.
The large cases are made to accommodate large foundation bottles,full size perfume or products close in size and more.
What’s more,the acrylic storage organizer is not limited to only storing makeup. It can also be used to store and display skincare products, jewelries,nail polishes,beauty tools, office suppliers, sewing notions and more.

Product Features

  • This lovely organizer is your perfect mate for storing all your essentials and beloved pieces. It will add an elegant and romantic touch to your room, bedroom, bathroom, living room and retail store.
  • Our product is made up of 2 items: 1 holder on the top and 1 box at the bottom. They stand out for they big size and multiple compartments making them ideal for storing a great quantity of items and beauty products.
  • Thanks to their numerous compartments, you can collect many stuff like lipsticks, brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, lipliners, blushes, brushes, skincare products, foundations, bronzers, eyeshadows as well as accessories like sunglasses, watches, nail polishes, bracelets, rings and even more.
  • Thanks to their innovative design, you can easily see what’s inside the organizers without any struggle. All your items will be kept neat and tidy and your room uncluttered.
  • All our products are made of acrylic, a kind of plexiglass famous for being transparent and sturdy. They’re waterproof, they require almost no maintenance, just use warm water and that’s it!