SensiLight Mini100 Permanent Hair Removal Device 100,000 Flashes – FACE & BODY – Women & men – FDA Cleared – NEW!

SensiLight™ Mini 100

The most advanced permanent hair reduction system makes expensive salon hair removal treatments a thing of the past. The high-capacity lamp can produce up to 100,000 flashes, which means you’ll never have to worry about refill cartridges! SensiLight™ Mini 100 is an affordable introduction to the most advanced system for at-home pulsed-light hair removal for women and men.

FDA-cleared RPL™ Technology

FDA-cleared and clinically proven RPL™ technology takes the widely known IPL technology one step further, incorporating unique sensors that continuously react to your skin’s specific needs with every single pulse. Sensica’s hair removal device SensiLight™ Mini 100, is the ideal solution for achieving silky-smooth skin on target regions of the body. It’s never been easier to receive professional, salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.

Who is it suitable for?

SensiLight™ Mini 100 epilator facial laser works best on dark hair or hair that contains more melanin. Red hair may show some response. White, grey or very blond hair shows a limited response. Nevertheless, some users have noted hair reduction after a longer period of treatment sessions. For further information on the skin types it’s suitable for, please refer to the picture of the Fitzpatrick scale.

Product Features

  • Sensica hair removal for men and women, professional hair removal device. Safe – Advanced Double-Safety Mechanism – FDA Cleared and Clinically proven!
  • Permanent Hair Reduction – Full Body and Face Treatment including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back, and chest. Suitable for facial use as well!
  • This Hair removal device includes 100,000 Flashes, which means you’ll never have to worry about refill cartridges!
  • SensiLightTM Mini 100 permanent hair removal requires a minimum of eight treatments. First 1-5 treatments: Wait two weeks between each treatment; After you can use once every 4 weeks until you achieve your desired results.
  • Clinically proven RPL technology takes the widely known IPL technology one step further, incorporating unique sensors that continuously react to your skin’s specific needs with every single pulse.

IPL Hair Removal System-Life Basis 400,000 Flashes Light Hair Removal Device Permanent Hair Removal Epilator with LCD Screen for Home Use

IPL Hair Removal
1. Prevent hair regrowth, making you enjoy silk smooth skin every day with the professional IPL removal system.
2. Five adjustable level settings can provide 98% hair reduction after 6-10 treatments.

Single Flash Mode and Slide Mode Setting
1. Single Flash Mode:
Using the single flash mode, when you press the flash button, a flash is emitted every time. Factory setting is the single flash mode. This mode is for precision areas like underarms, bikini and face.
2. Slide Mode:
Press and hold the flash button down for 3 seconds, the slide mode will be activated. Then you can release it. The device will emit flash repeatedly whenever you place the Flash Window firmly on your skin. Slide mode is for easy and fast treatments on straightforward areas such as legs and stomach.

Preparation Before Use:
1. Before use, please scratch the treatment area of hair, clean and wipe clean treatment area.
2. Before use, wear eye protection glasses to avoid flashing eyes.
3. Keep the hair removal area dry.
4. Remove the wear of metal jewelry to send watches, etc., to avoid the use of metal jewelry in the process of reflection on their own harm.

Lamp tube: Xenon quartz tube
Light source: Intense Pulsed Light
Adaptor: AC100~240V@50/60Hz
Foucs size: 4.5 c㎡
Size: 176*74*46*mm
Rated power: 36W
Weight: 280g

Package Included:
1 x IPL machine
1 x Power adaptor
1 x Safety Glasses
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Patent Technology: The technology of closed lossless of light make the pulse light source become more concentrated, large energy light directly to the hair follicle site, significantly enhance the effect of hair removal.
  • 2 modes of Slide Mode and Single Flash Mode: Press and hold the flash button down for 3secs to activate the slide mode, the optical frequency becomes high at the same light energy, the hair removal efficiency increased by 30%. Slide mode is for fast treatment on straightforward areas such as legs and stomach; Single flash mode if for precision areas like underarms, bikini and face.
  • 5 Levels of Energy: You can choose level as needed. For first use, recommending to use the Level 1, the higher level the better effect.
  • The Extended Flash Window to Prevent Light Leakage: The length of the flash head lengthened to 30mm. The distance from the filter to the exit port is longer, effectively prevent light leakage. Do not burn for a long time use.
  • LCD Touch Technology: Bid farewell to mechanical buttons. Simple to use, just touch the LCD screen with your fingertips, experience more intelligent.

Life Basis Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device for Face & Body-300,000 Flashes Professional Salon Hair Removal Machine for Home Beauty Use

Professional IPL Technology
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is one of the most popular technologies applied in the hair removal. First used at professional dermatology and top salon, spa. It has been proved as safe and effective. Around the world for more than 20 years, it has a number of good feedbacks from users.

1. Please wear the safety glasses, included in the interlayer between the box and plastic box.
2. Please keep the device plugged in at all times during use.
Using the IPL hair removal is long-term treatment. Generally speaking, using 6-10 times is hair removal cycle.
1. Using one time every 2 weeks from first to sixth treatment.
2. Using one time every 4 weeks after sixth treatment.
3. If you find it comes into new hair after 6-10 treatment, you can use one time every 2-3 months at this place to get satisfying results.
4. To gain the best results it is suggested that on areas of thick hair you use many times over a period of time.

How to use?
Firstly, Shave your hair and dry your skin. Use a medical alcohol wipe to clean the flash window.
Secondly, Plug in power and the power button start to flash, which shows it is in the standby mode. Press the power button for 2-5 seconds, the machine is starting up. (Note: The power button is also the Flash green light.)
Thirdly, Select your preferred intensity level and place the flash window cling to your skin in vertical. You will see the warning light flickering and then click the flash button, the device will flash one time. You need to wait for 1-3 seconds to use again after the red indicator light turn off.

Weight: 186g
Focus size: 33*10mm²
Adaptor: AC100~240V@12VDC 3A
Operating temperature range: 5~30°C

Package Included:
1 x IPL machine
1 x Power adaptor
1 x Safety goggles
1 x Manual Instruction

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY & SAFETY – Provide customer an effective of hair naturally and regrowth is inhibited experience. The newest 300,000 Flashes is a revolutionary innovative light-based system hair removal device. We combine the IPL technology with the quartz Lamp, the wave length of pulsed light ≥550μm, overheat protection avoid skin hurt, ensure Painlessly and safety.
  • FAST, GENTLE and EASY TO USE – Life Basis is the fastest IPL technology hair remover on the market. Underarm can be treated just in 1 minutes and half-leg can be treated in just 8 minutes! Using Life Basis IPL results in PERMANENT hair growth reduction in as little as 5 weeks.
  • A COST EFFECTIVE – Compared to professional laser or wax treatment, Life Basis IPL hair removal device uses the same principles as professional salon IPL treatments. It is more Affordable compared to professional clinics which costs a lots of money or other brand IPL system.
  • ONE HAIR REMOVAL FOR FULL BODY – Removes unwanted hair with permanent results, laser-smooth skin from head-to-toe. Epilators for women to remove hair on face (upper lip, chin and sideburns) and body parts, including legs, underarms, bikini area, belly and arms at home.
  • ADVANCED FEATURES – Like laser lights cover area and faster treatment times, 5 levels of pulse adjustable light energy settings allowing you to choose different measure of COVER area so that you can treated a leg or arm in just few minutes and also make sure you get the best possible results.

Bosidi Permanent Hair Removal Device for Women

How Does It Work

Daily shaving just removes hair at the surface – hair keeps growing and you see the black dots.
A gentle pulse of light is applied to the skin.
Light energy is absorbed by the hair follicle, disrupting the growth circle.
After 1-2 weeks, hairs begin to fall out leaving you with smoother clearer looking skin.

No Side Effects

Most patients report no pain associated with IPL treatment for pro permanent hair removal system. Unlike traditional methods such as waxing, shaving, creams, gels and epilators, you won’t experience bruising, swelling, irritation, or scaling of the skin.

Suitable For

It’s the most effective at-home hair removal system. For those who want professional-grade IPL treatments for long-lasting hair reduction. Treatment areas include face, arms, underarms, legs, and bikini area.

Product Features

  • 96% hair reduction after 3 treatments, removes unwanted hair with permanent results after 8 weeks’ usage
  • Use similar technology as dermatologists, easy to operate and use well on face, arms, underarms, legs, and bikini area
  • Built-in skin tone sensor for the safest and most effective treatment
  • High safe laser hair remover, permanently remove unwanted hair with no force pulling, zero harm to the pores
  • The professional permanent hair removal features a compact design that is perfect for use in your home or on the go

Wax Warmer Hair Removal Device Kit For Women Face Body With 4 Flavors Hard Wax Beans And 10 Wax Applicator Sticks

1 *wax warmer
4pcs *wax beans(blackberry, lavender, strawberry, greentea)
10pcs* wood-sticks

CE Approval
Voltage: AC 110 V, 60HZ, US Heavy Duty PLUG
Power: 100W
Capacity: 400cc
Weight 750g/1.65 lbs
Size: 20*20*15.2cm/7.9*7.9*6.1in

Directions For Use:
1. Clean the area you want to to be dealt with.
2. Take appropriate amount of wax beans into a depilatory wax heater.
3. Heat the wax to a melting temperature until it melted totally. Spread the melted wax on the skin along the direction of the hair growth.(Always test the temperature of the wax before putting the melted wax on your skin )
4. Let the melt wax have a short period cooling (about 20 minutes) and then holding the skin taut, remove wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth quickly and strongly.
5. Clean the skin with skin cream after hair removal waxing.
Cleaning Instructions:
a.Cleaning the wax pot while it is still warm is much easier than when it completely cooled down.
b.Turn the electric wax warmer off, unplug it and let the wax stay until the wax pot is not hot and safe to touch. Put a few drops of fragrance and color free oil onto a paper towel and wipe out the pot/ machine as well as the rim.The oil will dissolve the wax and it simply disappears. Any oily residue left behind can be wiped off with a clean, dry cloth. Using oil will also prolong the life of your wax pot or machine.

The colors of our hair removal wax accessorize may different in photo and real life due to variations between the computer monitors and naked eye color difference.

Product Features

  • EFFECTIVE : This is an ideal kit for hair removal needs for men and women, home self-waxing or any waxing spa salon, for total body depilatory needs, including bikini area, back. legs, arms, facial and brazilian waxing.
  • Auto Shut Off Safety Feature: Adjustable heat options from medium to high. 158?-212?.Electric wax heater will automatically turn off when the temperature reaches 212? and will start heating again when temperature reaches 158?.
  • Convenient & Easy to Use : Safe for both men and women to use for removing hair from legs, face, arms, armpits .Made for at home or professional use. Just heat the wax in the pot for 10 minutes and use the included wooden applicator to apply. Wax hardens by itself and you simply pull it off smoothly, without applying strips on top. Wax professionally adheres to the hair, firmly gripping each strand, gently removing it from the root without pain and leaving the skin smooth and silky.
  • Wax Kit Includes: 1 wax warmer (400ml), 10 wooden applicators, and a set of 4 scented wax beans made from natural wax ingredients. Each bag is 100g(3.5oz). Scents include Aloe, lavender, chocolate, and honey.
  • Perfect Waxing Kit: Suitable for melting any type of wax including wax beads, hard wax, soft wax, 15 ounce wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax, microwavable wax and hair wax. Wax Warmer set is so popular among professional esthetician.

Hair Remover for Women and Men Facial Hair Removal Tool Nose & Ear Trimmer 2 in 1 Rechargeable Shaving Device Waterproof Body Facial Shaver Portable Epilator & Razor AS SEEN ON TV

The Easiest Way To Safely Remove Facial Nose & Ear Hair With ZERO Pain , do you want to get rid of unwanted hair from your facial and body? Stop spending money on waxing or on other products that irritate your skin, 4 Reasons for Why Should You Choose ANNA TOSANI Facial Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer:
1 .Multi-functional : Facial Hair Removal Tool Nose & Ear Trimmer is 2 in 1 Rechargeable Shaving Device ,Ladies and Gentlement just need to buy this one package , which can help you to remove any unwanted hair , don’t need to buy more machines , 1 package include 2 devices, that is convenient and great deal
2. Waterproof : Many of Hair removal machine for women and men is only support Dry use , but what we supply is Wet Dry Use, it can be used in shower or bath with soap lather or use dry anytime , that is perfectly and comfortably to use at anytime and anywhere
3.Rechargeable ability :Rechargeable battery supply you more powerful to shave your body and facial hair so can get more smooth and longer using time , you don’t need to buy addtional battery , when you want to use it , just take it to charge, USB interface is easily and convenient to use .
4.MINI Size and Beautiful Design : The compact and portable size makes facial shaver easy to store at home and carry, it is so small that fits easily in your purse, pocket or toiletry bag and doesn’t take up a lot of space

Package Included:
1 x Lady Electric Epilator
1 x Nose Hair Trimmer Head
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • 2 IN 1 Hair Remover for Women and Men: Includes Hair Remover and nose Hair Trimmer
  • Instant & Painless- Sharp blades and high speed trimmer system of women’s painless hair remover gives you a quick and smooth trimming experience, the blades are not direct contact with skin, but cut hairs from the root fast and quickly, with no force pulling, zero harm to the pores, comfortable shave legs, underarms and other areas, Stainless steel Nose trimmer head enables you to safely trim nose
  • Rechargeable For lifetime – Never worry about constantly replacing batteries for your shaver again! Rechargeable battery just allows your charge when needed
  • Waterproof:the whole body of epilator could be washed(cleaning brush included), easy to clean to ensure the hygiene of the shaver,Wet/dry use is convenient for men and women, easily and comfortably trims in the shower or trims dry anytime, anywhere.
  • Guarantee: We offer a lifetime warranty and 24 hours customer service, please direct to contact us if there is any question, we will help you solve it. You can easily get your money back if you are still not satisfied with our service or product

Rechargeable Electric Epilator, Scheam 4 in 1 Callus Remover Shaver Hair Clipper Pedicure Foot Care Tool Womens Trimmer Hair Removal Hair Cutting Device

Luxurious Epilator and Callus Removal System
Still buying an Epilatior, a Callus Remover, a Shaver, and a Hair Clipper one by one? Stop now and choosing our 4 in 1 Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover, Epilator, Shaver& Hair Clipper to bring yourself a perfect you in this summer!
Quick and easy to remove callus to soft and smooth feet
4 heads are interchangeable and washable
Remove unwanted hair from legs, face, underarms, bikini and other areas
Can remove short hair (from 0.5mm)

4 Head Replacement in 1 Device
CALLUS REMOVER: Easily roll the hard, dry and coarse skin from your feet away
EPILATOR: for smooth non-irritating short hair removal, even the shortest, finest hair, in the underarms, bikini line and hard-to-reach areas, such knees and ankles. Simply lift even flat-lying hairs and help guide them to the tweezers for removal.
SHAVER: Quick and easy shaving with foil and dual integrated hair trimmers. Perfect for bikini line and underarms or the upper lip, the chin…
CLIPPER: for previously trimming your long hair to around 5mm before the epilation to prevent hurt.

Package Included:
1 x Callus Remover
1 x Epilator Head
1 x Shaver Head
1 x Haircut head
3 x Transparent cover
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual

When using the Hair remover for the first time we suggest that you test the unit on area that has light gair growth in order to get accustomed to the epilator process.

Product Features

  • 4 in 1 Rechargeable Device: Rechargeable ensure you always use the device at optimal power. All in one set. no need to buy separate solutions to your hair and foot callus removal personal care accessories
  • 4-in-1 Attachments Include: Epilator head, callus remover head, shaver head and Hair Clipper. Exfoliates Dead, hard dry skin on feet; Removes Undesired hair on legs or arms, Unwanted ugly hair on other sensitive areas
  • Rechargeable & Cordless: Rechargeable ensure you always use the device at optimal power. All in one set. Save a lot of money from purchasing batteries and no need to buy separate solutions to your hair and foot callus removal personal care accessories. It operates cordless and wire-free, allows you conveniently use it anywhere
  • Safe & Easy to Use: Safe during your taking care on your face or body. EASY to change header for different using purpose
  • Beauty SPA Perfect Gift:beauty spa results in the comfort of your home, or on travel. Perfect gifts for friends, family and children

Hair Removal Pads, Depilator Paper Portable Body Depilation Depilatory Sanding Device Hair Removal Tool Set

Are you still annoyed unwanted hairs? This depilation set is a good choice for you. Adopting high quality material, which is durable and non-toxic to use. It can help to
remove unwanted hairs and exfoliates on legs, forearms and other body parts. Portable size makes it can be used anywhere.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Hair Removal Tool
Material: Plastic + Abrasive Paper
Color: As Pictures Show
Package Weight: Approx. 79g
Function: Help to remove unwanted hairs

Package Include:
1 x Small Backing Pad
1 x Large Backing Pad
5 x Small Abrasive Papers
5 x Large Abrasive Papers

Product Features

  • This depilation set contains 1pc large and 1pc small backing pad, 5pcs large and 5pcs small abrasive paper
  • Adopting high quality material, which is durable and non-toxic to use
  • It can help to remove unwanted hairs and exfoliates on legs, forearms and other body parts
  • The abrasive paper is self-adhesive, you can change the abrasive paper when it becomes old, this will be more healthy
  • Simple and easy to use, very convenient tool for hair removal. Portable size makes it can be used anywhere

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device iLight 3 plus, 35,0000 Flashes, IPL Hair Removal System for Face and Body at home[Non-rechargeable], [device+1 HR lamp] with Ladies Facial Hair Razor

It is an IPL permanent hair removal system, it really takes time and patience to see result. You need to insist on the treatments at least 6-10 times to see results. Please use it per week, and please repeat 1-2 times for each treatment, you have to do it again after you finish all area to allow your skin to calm down. Results could vary on different skin tone and style. The energy of short intense pulse light is absorbed preferentially by the pigment in root hair follicle, after continuous treatments, hair is prevented from growing back. Please insist on regular use, you will see result! Where can I use it? You can remove hairs from the upper lip, chin, sideburns, armpit, arms, legs, tummy, and bikini area. If you want to use this device to do a brazilian,we suggest starting with Level 1 for such darker areas then turning up the intensity if there is no burning. Treatment schedule: For permanent hair removal, suggest at least 6-12 treatments. Month 1: One treatment per week; Months 2-3: One treatment every two weeks. To maintain results, touch-up every four to six weeks. 24-hour customer service( Contraindication Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or during menstrual period; Not for individuals with scar diathesis; Not for individuals with photosensitization history or diabetes; Not for individuals who has depilated in other methods in the past 6 weeks and used skin whitening products or products with vitamin A in the past 1 week; Not for individuals who has taken essential oil treatment at the same time; Not for individuals who has taken Aspirin, immunosuppressant; Not for individuals who has been exposed to strong sunlight in the past 2 weeks; Not for sensitive areas, like mucosa, etc.; and private positions, like upper eyelid, lip, nipple and private parts etc.; Not for individuals with hirsutism and other diseases that may trigger complications.

Product Features

  • 95% HAIR REDUCTION AFTER 6-12 TREATMENTS IN 2-4 MONTH: this is not a instant hair remover device like razor or epilator, patience is required! Actually you have to shave in advance before the treatment so that the light can effect root hair follicle the most! The energy of short intense pulse light (IPL) is absorbed preferentially by the pigment in root hair follicle, after continuous treatments, the hair is prevented from growing back, it disables the hair follicle for permanent results.
  • 350,000 FLASHES PER LAMP, 20-YEAR LIFESPAN, AND WORKS QUICKLY: With a large 3.1 sq. cm lamp window and 25 flashes per minute, you can finish the treatment for the lower leg in eight minutes, underarm in two minutes, bikini area in four minutes, arm in six minutes, and whole body in 20-40 minutes. It takes about 15,000-20,000 flashes for a whole body treatment (in two to four months) with permanent results, so you do not have to buy a replacement lamp.
  • HOW TO USE?[NOT BATTERY OPERATED] 1. Shave hair 2. Wear glasses and plug in the device ( a red light is blinking)3. Hold the button for 3 seconds to start/power off ( red+green light blinking) 4. Click the button to adjust levels. The default is level 1. 5. Put the device vertically on your skin and click the button to flash after all lights turn green. 6. You will see a flash after you click the button correctly.(if press it too long ,it will shut down)
  • PAIN-FREE, SAFE, AND EASY-TO-USE PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL AT HOME AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE: This device uses the same clinically proven IPL technology used by professional salons and top spas. IPL light is much more painless than salon hair removal. You will see a bright flash and feel some heat. The higher level, the more heat you will feel. You do not have to go through long sessions at a dermatologist’s office, spa, or salon. Do it at home for a small part of the cost of in-office treatments.
  • •NO HIDDEN COSTS FOR GEL,NON BATTERY OPERATED : DEESS IPL hair removal system is safe with a gentle light that can be used without gel for cooling. The lamp is durable with a high-quality quartz tube and UV filters. Five energy levels cater to different demands. The device features a wired design without downtime. We provide 24-hour customer service ( and a one-year warranty with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Yartar Permanent Hair Removal Device Portable Body Shaver Bikini Trimmers Hair Remover Kits For Men and Women

Net weight: 100g
Size: 124x45x23mm
How to use: as shown in the instructions
Temperature: 5-30 degrees Celsius
Humidity: 30% -80% RH
Input: 100-240V AC / 50-60Hz, 0.2A
Output: 8.4bvDC 0.5A

1. Do not use on eye area
2. Do not use for wounds
3. Please keep out of the reach of children
4. Do not use for any other purpose than that described in this manual
5. Do not use flammable anesthetic mixed gas

Product Features

  • Multiple Application:3 modes can give a good ideal for full body hair removal, including face, arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest
  • Latest Version:Thermal-move technology prevent hair regrowth black/thicker;90%hair is gone and after the 9-10 treatments with permanent results at home
  • Smart design:Sense-light,work when touch the skin, auto off when leave the skin
  • Unisex:Designed for both women and mens’ hair removor
  • Sincerely and trustworthy service:Each one is quality checked to ensure high performance and expert workmanship.And we also supply 90 DAYS WARRANTY.

IPL Acne Pimple clear Lamp, 350,000 flashes, replacement for DEESS iLight 3 plus Permanent hair removal device. Not a stand-alone item,it needs to be installed in a device.

Who is DEESS?
The DEESS company focus on supplying professional medical aesthetic device, personal-use beauty device,
cosmetics and running hundreds of top SPA in more than 80 countries.

Professional IPL Technology
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the most popular technology for hair removal. First used at professional dermatology clinics and top salons and spas,
it has been proven to be safe and effective around the world for more than 20 years with millions of good feedback from users.Light is applied to
the skin’s surface and absorbed preferentially by the root of the hair follicle where melanin is concentrated. After continuous treatments,
the hair follicle is disabled for permanent results.

How does IPL affect acne?
The specific spectrum will improve the release of singlet oxygen ions from porphyrins that exist in human blood,
which will affect the Propionibacterium (anaerobion) in acne. It assists in the recovery of acne-prone skin.

DEESS IPL Spectrum:
Hair removal light 510-1200 nm: Heat energy effect on root hair follicle that full of pigment.
Skin rejuvenation light 560-1200 nm: increase partial circulation, improve collagen regeneration and reduce wrinkles.
Acne clear light 400-700 nm:  Anti-inflammation, speed up the recovery of acne.

Suitable skin colors: White, Ivory, Beige, Light Brown;
Potentially suitable skin colors: Brown;
Unsafe skin colors: Dark Brown and Black;
Not suitable for white, gray, red, or blond hair.

Acne clearing schedule:
Let the lamp window touch your skin tightly and vertically. Treat acne areas repeatedly for two to three shots.
If the acne area is inflamed, clean the pus areas first. Adjust energy from Level 1-5 gradually according to skin tolerance.
One treatment every two to three days.

Product Features

  • Easy replace operation. Compatible for DEESS iLight 3 plus.
  • 350,000 FLASHES PER LAMP, 20-YEAR LIFESPAN, AND WORKS QUICKLY: With a large 3.1 sq. cm lamp window and 25 flashes per minute.
  • HOW TO USE: Before change the lamp,please plug-out then take the lamp out and install the new one.
  • Quartz tube,UV filters. Excellent safety and durability.
  • Why my iLight 3 plus doesn’t flash after I replace the lamp ? Occasionally it seems doesn’t work due to loose contact of the lamp.Please clean the metal contact of the lamp with eraser then install properly and try again! 24-hour customer service(

LangDeng IPL Beauty Hair Removal Kit For Body, Face and Bikini, Home Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Device

If you feel that the beauty salon hair removal cost are high, we provide you with a cost-effective hair removal solution.
It will bring you smoother and smoother skin!

How does it work?
Replaces traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, creams, gels and epilators, Lang Deng Series Hair Removal Device
uses professional intense pulsed light to target precisely melanin in hair follicles to disable the hair regrow abilty .
the new high-tech design allows users to correctly target any area that needs treatment,No area is too big or too small!

Who can use it?
Avoid using on naturally dark or recently tanned skin. It is ideal to use with lighter skin and hair color such as white, blond, gray, brown.

When will I see the results?
With just 4-5 times self-treatment sessions, most users experience visually diminished hair that is comparable to results
done by professional administered laser procedures. Optimal results require at least continued use for 6 months .

Fast, gentle and easy to use:
Lang Deng with an ultra-fast flash rate lets you treat areas like your underarms and bikini line in about a minute.
Most people find the treatment sensation comfortable and you never have to take a break between treatments to charge your device.
Lang Deng features a unique skin color sensor that measures the skin tone of the treated skin at the beginning of each session
occasionally measures skin tone during skin safety.

Package Content:
1 * Main Body (1 Year Warranty)
1 * Hair Removal Head (together with the main body)
1 * Skin Rejuvenation Head
1 * Razor
1 * AC Adapter
1 * Safety Glasses
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • IPL hair removal system for men and women provides a safe, convenient, cost-effective and long-term hair removal solution.
  • Level 5 energy setting, 300000 flash replaceable HR lamp,quick and easy to use at home, never need to pay much at beauty salon.
  • Put skin color sensor window close to the target skin, when the side light display is flashing green light, it means that the skin is suitable for using this equipment, and the equipment is ready to work.
  • How to use it : 1.Shave off the hairs unneeded 2.Clean the lamp 3.Press and hold for 2 seconds 4.Wear Goggles 5.Touch the skin vertically 6.Apply skin care gel or serum for 15 minutes after treatment.
  • Safe and non-irritatin,without any adverse reactions or side effects,approved by security certification from European Union CE,1 year warranty, lifetime VIP after-sales service.