Beard Shaping Tool Template. Beard shaper tool PLUS comb for line up & edging, Men’s Facial Hair Hairline Perfect Symmetric Lines and Trim with Beard Trimmer Hair Clipper or Razor.

The Beard Mate Shaping tool comb is an invaluable item for any discerning beardsman, providing him with one tool that enables the perfect beard finish to any style. This tool includes a beard comb allowing you to accurately shape and style your adored man mane. With precisely designed curved and shaped edges, it’s the perfect accoutrement for cheek, jaw and neckline styling. The Beard Mate Shaping tool is also a portable tool, allowing the you to retain a pristine beard whilst on your travels.

Product Features

  • ✅ BEARD SHAPING, STYLING TEMPLATE COMB / TOOL – Style your Beard with ease and achieve that barber finish look with our Beard Shaping Tool / Styling Template Comb.
  • ✅ PERFECT SHAVE LINE SYMMETRY / EASY TO USE – Simply place the Shaping and Styling Template Comb/Tool onto your face and shave over the edge, ensuring perfect lines and symmetry every time.
  • ✅ INNOVATIVE CUSTOM DESIGN – Create many different looks and styles. Ensures your beard, moustache or goatee can be trimmed and styled with ease.
  • ✅ BEST BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND GIFT 2017 – One size fits all. Comes complete in its own nylon wash bag.
  • ✅ SAVE TIME AND MONEY – Avoid unnecessary trips to your barber and create your perfect beard look from the comfort of your own bathroom.

The BEARD NINJA – Beard Shaping Tool Template. Beard shaper guide for line up & edging. TRANSPARENT styling stencil +ANTI-SLIP GRIP. Curve/Step/Straight Cut, Goatee & Perfect Neck Line

When your beard starts taking liberties by creeping up your face in an attempt to sabotage your awesomeness. You need to follow these guide lines and become a beard czar.

Discerning gentlemen can now tackle their burly friend at home, and gain grooming prowess in a quest to tame those unruly whiskers. This beard shaping template, will empower you to force rogue hairs into submission whilst shaving stubble fuzz into perfectly cut shapes.

Embrace your journey to becoming a BEARD NINJA.

Start by repeating the BEARD NINJA mantra: Don’t just grow your beard, OWN YOUR BEARD.

This unique, groomer definer beard shaving tool, stencil accessory, is the ultimate weapon against bad beards. Master the fine arts of beardjitsu and you will soon be trimming randomly placed shoots of facial hair with deadly precision and cutting edge skill. Do not go to your grave before you shave using this product.

Your passage to perfect symmetry and beard enlightenment has the potential to bring men of full beard growth to tears as you harness the power of mind and beard. With template in one hand and trimmer or razor in the other, you will no longer be lurking in the 5 O’Clock shadow but standing tall and walking proud.

The Beard Ninja is your #1 best buddy for all Beard Shaping styles. Make no mistakes with a transparent body and anti-slip grip, it’s loaded with style for many angles of attack.

Don’t limit your shaving options by choosing inferior products. Choose your weapon carefully and remember, the perfect beard accessory is not just a gift for Christmas, it’s just for men. Finish off your look with Beard Ninja, beard oil for the ultimate combo attack.

BEWARE: Legend has it, results of the perfect beard shape can increase a masters attractiveness. Be on your guard bro, and prepare to become the envy of men.

Product Features

  • MORE STYLING OPTIONS, including Curve Cut, Step Cut, Straight Cut, Goatee (straight or curved), Sideburns, Mustache & Perfect Neck Line.
  • PERFECT SYMMETRY, shave along the edge guide of this beard styling ruler stencil using razor or clipper tool.
  • LUXURY GIFT, with present quality packaging. This grooming styler includes, a complete user guide and beard maintenance hints & tips.
  • NO MISTAKES, with a TRANSPARENT edger tool, +ANTI-SLIP GRIP and TAPERED EDGE, for awesome look, feel, comfort and control.