HAIRCUT AND SHAVE CO. Proven Synthetic Shaving Brush – 100% Synthetic Materials – 26mm Extra Dense Tuxedo Knot And 57mm loft – Fast Drying Pre-Shave Brush perfect for home and travel

Do you want to know the secret to having a perfect shaving experience? It doesn’t only depend on the shaving lather or razor used, but more so on the professional shaving brush you select.

Dense Cruelty-Free Shaving Lather Brush

No animals were harmed to create our shaving brush. We use 100% synthetic and eco-friendly materials to create our densely packed shaving brush. With dense bristles, a rich lather can be created to ensure each hair strand is lifted.

Cleaner Shave And Smoother Skin

When each hair strand is lifted, it is easier to get a clean shave. Each hair strand is cut cleanly without tugging, which can irritate the skin. With our soft brush, the skin on the face is gently exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and show more radiant and smooth skin.

Ergonomic And Stylish Handle

Our shave brush is ergonomically designed to fit the hand and make it easier to control while applying the lather. With two available designs, you get to choose whether you want a classic solid ivory color or a more vibrant barber pole design.

Key Features:

-100% Synthetic Bristle

-Ergonomic And Stylish Handle

-Densely Packed Soft Bristles

Product Features

  • 100% PROVEN SYNTHETIC SHAVING BRUSH FOR MEN – No animal products were used in creating this shave lather brush. Why choose to harm another animal for the benefit of using their fur when you can use synthetic materials that are equal in quality and performance? Our synthetic hair shaving brush is made from a 100% cruelty-free process while retaining comparable quality.
  • USE THIS LATHER SHAVE BRUSH FOR AN IMPROVED SHAVING EXPERIENCE- Our synthetic lather brush is capable of creating a lather that will successfully lift the beard to make it easier to shave. Whether you are using a multi-blade razor or an old fashioned double edge safety razor, you’ll have an improved experience while shaving.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE SMOOTH FINISH SHAVING CREAM BRUSH- With an ergonomically designed handle, it is easier to grip the shaving brush and make sure that it doesn’t accidentally slip out of the hand while being used. It has a smooth finish, which is a joy to hold. With 4 designs and size, either barber pole, faux ivory and red and black there is so much to love about our beard shaving cream brush.
  • FAST DRYING BRISTLES OF OUR SYNTHETIC SHAVING BRUSHES MAKES THEM EASIER TO CLEAN- Using our shaving cream applicator brush makes wet shaving a better experience but one must not forget about regularly cleaning your shave brush. With fast drying bristles, our brushes are easier to keep clean and ready for another session of shaving.
  • OUR WET SHAVING BRUSH HELPS GENTLY EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN. – Not only is our dense shave brush great for applying lather for shaving but it is also great for gently exfoliating skin on the face. Our beard lather brush brings adequate moisture to the face for a wet shave. You’ll get a cleaner shave and smoother skin when you use our wet shaving brush.

Wax Warmer Waxing Hair Removal Kit Wood Grain Electric Wax Heater with 1 Extra Filter Heater Pot, 4 Flavors Hard Wax Beans and 10 Wax Applicator Sticks for Women and Men Home Waxing Spa by INFELING

From now on, save your money, save your time.

INFELING BRAND WAX WARMER, let you be elegant and charming at the summer of 2018!

Simple Directions for Use:

1.Cleansing Skin.

2.Apply moisturizing essential oil to the skin.

3.Turn on the wax warmer, the pilot lamp lights up and the heater starts working.Take appropriate amount of wax beans into adepilatory wax heater to melt.

4.Heat the wax to a softening temperature, after the wax melted, spread a layer of wax with a spatula on the skin along the course of the hair development. 

5.After 15-20 minutes, feel the wax temperature disappears when the wax stripped,against the direction of the hair growth quickly ,coated with skin cream.

6.Put a few drops of fragrance/color free oil onto pot.

7.Use towel or tissue to wipe out the inside of the wax pot to get rid of any residue.


Ensure the wax is not too hot before applying to skin.Do not use it on broken or irritated skin.Do not use it if your skin suffered any adverse reactions to wax in the past.Do not use it within 2 hours after taking a shower,or sunbathing.Do not adjust the temperature too high for a long time, so as not to damage the machine.If you are on medication that affects skin or you have a skin related disorder,consult your doctor before use.

Package Include:

1 x Wax Heater

1 x Removable Pot

1 x Filter Pot

4 x Hard Wax Beans

10 x Sticks

1 x User Manual

1 x Customer Service Instructions


No Questions Asked! If you are not 100% satisfied with your diamond painting tools kit, a refund or a new package will be issued. Click “BUY IT NOW” and ENJOY QUALITY of OUR Diamond Embroidery Painting Accessories.

Product Features

  • 👙Let Your Wax Reusable:On the basis of the removable pot,We added our latest design’s “Filter Pot”. This pot have nearly 100 tiny holes that hot wax can flow through but hair cannot. Heat the used wax and lift the filter pot, you will see that hair will stay in the filter pot, and the hot wax flow to the next pot. With this Filter Pot, think about how much money you can save.
  • 👙Trendy Wood Grain Design & Safety ABS Material: The more trendy Wood Grain Design, it is also a beautiful decorations for your home when you are not using it. Under the beautiful appearance, we use durable ABS, a nonflammable, hard, great surface performance material. Supports a wide range of temperatures from 160℉-240℉. No scalding hazard, safe to use every time.
  • 👙Temperature Regulatoe Control & Auto Off: Adjustable Temperature from 140℉ to 180℉ allows you to choose, perfect temperature to melts the wax completely and quickly. Automatic turn off function, the warmer will stop working and light off when the temperature to 180℉, also have overheat protection function.
  • 👙4 Flavors Hard Wax Beans: Includes 4 bags wax beans containing chocolate,aloe, lavender and honey based ingredients, 100% safe to your skin and removes unwanted body hair from your arms, armpits, bikini area and legs, leaving your skin soft and glowing. 14 oz wax melting pot container and melt most wax format including hard wax, soft wax, paraffin wax, cream wax.
  • 👙REFUND or RESEND GUARANTEE: No Questions Asked! If you are not 100% satisfied with your Wax Warmer Waxing Hair Removal Kit, a refund or a new package will be issued. Click “BUY IT NOW” and ENJOY QUALITY of OUR Hair Removal Wax Warmer.

UltiSmart(TM) Kemei KM-1981 3-IN-1 Women Electric Callus Remover With Extra Epilator Shaving Head Set

1.Callus remover is an innovative device that uses customized rollers to help you quickly and easily buff-your way to soft, smooth feet.
2.Removes short hair (form 0.5mm), so you can use it even as soon as one day after shaving.
3.Select-able, two-speed operation to accommodate different hair types.
4.Triple epi-heads design for pain reduction and efficient.
5.Pivoting head function for comfort of use.
6.Light illuminates be convenient for see hairs.
7.Cord and cordless function can be use anywhere anytime.
8.Virgulate rubber massager attachment provide more comfortable.
9.Diamond switch to appear more fashion&grandeur.
10.Removes unwanted hair from legs, face, underarms, bikini line and other sensitive areas.

Color: Red
Body Size: 11.5 x 6 x 3.5cm
Adapter Size: 4.2 x 6.5 x 8cm / Cable Length: 180cm
Brush Size: 2.8 x 4.5 x 0.5cm
Pouch Size: 9.5 x 12cm
Charging Time: 10 hours
Lasting: 40min
Input: AC 220-230V 50Hz 7W
Output: 3V 900mA
Plug: EU Plug
Package Size: 19.5 x 20 x 5.5cm

Package Include:
1x Body With Callus Remove Head
1x Shaving Head With Protect Cover
1x Two-wheeled Head With Protect Cover
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Adapter
1x Pouch
1x User Guide

Product Features

  • 1.Callus remover is an innovative device that uses customized rollers to help you quickly and easily buff-your way to soft, smooth feet.
  • 2.Removes short hair (form 0.5mm), so you can use it even as soon as one day after shaving.
  • 3.Select-able, two-speed operation to accommodate different hair types.
  • 4.Triple epi-heads design for pain reduction and efficient.
  • 5.Pivoting head function for comfort of use.

Remington Men’s Ultimate Shave Bundle: Men’s Electric Foil Razor with an extra replacement screen & 2 replacement cutters

Product Features

  • The ultimate Shave bundle pack for every Man’s bathroom.
  • Remington SPF-300 Screens and Cutters for Shavers F4900, F5800, and F7800, Silver
  • Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver, Men’s Electric Razor, Electric Shaver, Black
  • Bundle Pack includes a Remington Mens Foil Shaver, one replacement screen and two replacement cutters

Vremi 3 Pack Replacement Blades for Back Shaver Body Groomer – Easy Replaceable and Extra Wide Safety Blade for Personal Painless Hair Shavers – Manual Cordless Hair Remover for Men – Wet or Dry Shave

Got a hairy situation? The Vremi Hair Force One Back Shaver Replacement Blades has your back – literally. This back shaver blade head is a men’s life saver to get the closest, smoothest shave. Body grooming tool includes 3 pieces of easily replaceable wide blades that allow you to switch from a new blade conveniently when needed. These blades are sharp so no hair will be left behind, but they are safe for your skin to avoid a cut or a nick. Made extra wide to shave larger area of your back in one stroke to make shaving quicker. Simple to use, no need for batteries or to be plugged to an electric source. This shaver blade can even be used either wet or dry. With the Vremi Hair Force One, no back hair is out of reach.

Product Details: Set of 3 replacement blades Size: 5 x 2 inches Materials: Plastic base, Stainless Steel blades How To Replace Blades: Press the two release tabs under the blade to pop the blade out. Reinsert the new blade by snapping it into the shaving head until both blade tabs click. We recommend you replace your blades after 3-4 uses. How To Use: Extend the shaver over and behind your shoulder or around the side of your back. Then use an up and down or side to side motion to remove the hair. For best results before shaving, take a warm shower, steam, or soak your back to soften the hair. After shaving, rinse your back with cool water to close the pores, soothe the skin, and rinse off any remaining hair.

Product Features

  • SET OF 3 SAFETY BLADE HEADS – Includes pack of 3 sharp blades to replace dull blades from your manual back shaver. These blade heads are easily replaceable and durable for multiple use helping you reach hard-to-reach areas of your back providing the closest, cleanest shave
  • EXTRA WIDE REPLACEABLE BLADES – Extra wide blades to cover larger hairy areas of the back to make shaving quicker so you have more time for dressing up. Has 3 sharp safety blades so you can conveniently change the blade from the razor handle with new ones after many uses
  • LEAST PAINFUL WAY TO SHAVE – This backshaver blades can be used either wet or dry and is less painful than other shavers thanks to its wide safety blades that leave your back smooth and hair-free. It’s manual to give you the total control in removing that unwanted hair from your back and shoulders
  • SAFE AND SIMPLE TO USE – Safety blades are sharp for a cleaner shave and safe not to cut your back. It is non electric to eliminate the chance of electrocution and doesn’t run on batteries so you can use it anytime either in the shower or as a dry shaver
  • COMPACT AND ECONOMICAL – Blade head measures 5 x 2 inches. With these blades, you don’t have to buy multiple back shaver products, just replace using these new blades and your back shaver will work just like the first use. Designed to make shaving easy, no batteries or electricity required

Yuebo Epilator Cordless Hair Removal Wet and Dry Electric Shaver for Women with 3 Extra Attachments (Pink)

ACEVIVI 3 in-1 Epilator gives you soft, smooth skin from head to toe . 43% wider Tweezers,time-saving,can help you to remove more hairs in one time.

It was developed with an ergonomic design and an angled cap to ensure optimal hair removal effectively catching even the shortest hairs.

How to Use:

1.Clean epilating head before epilation.

2. Make sure the battery is full and when it is not,recharge it plugging the adapter to the electricity.(New device should be charged)

3. Slide the switch to speed to start the appliance( Lower speed is more suitable for the beginner)

4. Massage your skin to pull the short hairs,to achieve optimal results,ensure the appliance in good contact with your skin,and move slowly.please don’t insert pressure against the direction of on/off button . Hold epilator at a 90 degree angle and your skin taut, using small circular steady motions gently glide the epilator over the skin against the direction of hair growth.

5. Epilation is the removal of hair from the root, for long lasting smooth skin, with the use of an electric tweezing system,All epilation may skin cause reddening,which is up to different people. This phenomenon is absolutely normal and quickly disappears.

Warms Tips :

1>Also can be used for wet skin,the epilator head is washable,the main body of epilator is not completely washable.Hence if possible,you can use it After a hot bath at night,that time,our skin is completely relax,it is better to to use some bath cream on the skin it will reduce the pain

2>Any doubts,please read the user guide carefully or feel free to contact us via email,thank you in advance.
Package Includes:
– 1 x Epilator
– 1 x Shaver Head
– 1 x Epilator Head
– 1 x Callus Remover
– 1 x Cleaning Brush
– 1 x UK Plug
– 1 x user guide

Product Features

  • 3 in-1 Epilator is an ideal choice for easy hair removal in a comfortable way while massaging your skin.The New Micro Grip Technology equipped with 43% wider, longer and deeper tweezers, which increases epilation performance and helps you to remove very short hair thoroughly and quickly. The smart LCD light helps you see every fine hair, so no zone or area is missed.
  • Practical and Exchangeable Head: Epilating head,grinding head shaving head, the epilator head is completely washable,But the main body of epilator is NOT. Simple and hygienic to clean. Cordless and has battery operation,therefore flexible to use, even on holiday!
  • For long hair, first you can choose the shaver head, and then use tweezers head to remove the remaining hair,With Tweezers System,Efficiently removes hairs for long-lasting smoothness ,Almost painless with regular use.
  • Super wet / dry technology :The 3 in 1 Wet / Dry epilator also can be used for dry skin,also for wet skin.The wet application with foam is particularly gentle and soft to the skin.
  • Micro Grip Epilator Tweezers also can remove even 0.5 mm short hair.It also has 2 speed levels. The high speed is perfect for advanced users and the soft mode is especially suitable for beginners. This extra speed setting helps you work on more sensitive zones like underarms or the bikini line.

Saaqaans BSR-01 Straight Edge Cut Throat Razor – Professional Barber Manual Folding Shaving Razor for Men with a Stylish Black Pouch + 20 Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

Excellent Top Quality Brand New Professional Barber Shavette Razor

Cut throat shave the way with this replaceable blade shavette. The shavette is a close relative to the straight razor with the difference being that the blades can be changed, just like a safety razor. This means you don’t have to worry about stropping and sharpening yet enjoy the closeness of a straight razor shave. This shavette uses standard safety double edge razor blades like Derby, Gillette 7 o’clock, Astra Superior etc. which are readily available in most supermarkets as well as online – a quick and simple process.

How To Use Saaqaans Shevette Razor

★ With the blade still in its wrapping, carefully bend lengthways until the blade snaps. Remove wrapper and place to one side.
★ Open the top hinged cover of the Shavette until it is pulled back completely.
★ Split the blade holder so that the Shavette is now fanned out into 3 parts.
★ Carefully take one half of the snapped blade and place in line with the location pins.
★ Carefully close the other side of the blade holder over the blade until the pins go into the holes. If the blade moves slightly at this point then push lightly back into position (but don’t use your fingers to do so as it is going to be sharp). Push the hinged cover back over the blade holder. A small portion of the edge of the blade should now be showing evenly.
★ Congratulations! You are now ready to commence the best shave of your life.

Package Contains

♣ 1 x Shaving Razor
♣ 20 x Double Edge Razor Blades
♣ 1 x Black Case/Pouch

Buy With 100% Confidence!

All Saaqaans products come with 100% money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with our products or for any reason, you may return it in original condition (unused) within 30 days and get a full refund.

Product Features

  • YOUR SHAVE WILL LAST LONGER: When you use a normal safety razor, you need to shave every day. But using this shavette razor your skin only needs to be shaven every other day. You will look cool and by using a straight razor you will impress most of your friends and probably also yourself.
  • BETTER FOR YOUR SKIN: Three or five blade razors irritate the skin much more and you need to press it hard against your skin to use them. This is why this shavette razor is so great and often using for better skin care products than the average shaver. Your face will thank you later.
  • LOT OF BEARD TO SHAVE OFF: When you have a lot of beard to shave off, it is much easier to shave with this razor than other expensive razor because the beard gets stuck between the multiple blades razor and you often get a tugging sensation that irritates you. But with this shavette razor you can go much closer to your skin without sticking.
  • WHICH BLADES NEED TO BUY: This shavette uses half of a double-edge razor blade so you can buy any standard double edge razor blades like (Derby, Astra, Gillette 7 O’ clock etc) which are readily available in most supermarkets as well as online. For blade installation please see below in the description.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: You will get one branded straight edge shavette razor with 20 Extra double edge razor blades in a beautiful pouch with a manual instructions included in the package PLUS you will get FULL 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in case if you are not satisfied with the product.

Heavy Duty Chrome Plated Long Handle Safety Razor Lengthen Version with Handle Stand Extra 10 Double Edge Dorco Blades + Mini Cleaning Brush & Pouch Manual Shaving Kit Set in Gift Box

Package include:
1x razor, 1x razor stand, 1x mini brush, 1x black pouch, 10 x double edge safety razor blades
Size: 44.1×115.8mm, Weight: 100g / 3.5 oz
Premium quality heavyweight safety razor,
mirror finish in classic silver tone,
ergonomic design long handle provides a secure ands comfortable grip
Micro-Comb System helps to PREVENT accidental cuts
10 platinum coated stainless steel super sharp blades for a fast and close wet shaving ever
Mini size nylon brush, easily clean razor after or before use
comes with a black velvet gift bag also
keep your shaving kit in a compact storage
Excellent razor set to use at home, campus, during business trip and fits tourists also
Special shipping statement:
Phone number is very important.
Sometimes parcel might be returned if you left us incorrect phone number.

Free shipping to America buyers on orders over 29.99 USD
and Free expedited international shipping on orders over 99.00 USD!!!
Free shipping on orders over 39.99 USD to other counties
and Free expedited international shipping on orders over USD!!!

Shipping time to UK, US, Australia 10-20 days
Shipping time to canada: 12-35 days. Notes for Russian buyers,
Name and address must wrote in ENGLISH.
Shipping time: 20-35 days.

Product Features

  • Package include: 1x razor, 1x razor stand, 1x mini brush, 1x black pouch, 10 x platinum Dorco blades
  • Razor Size: 44.1×115.8mm, Weight: 100g / 3.5 oz
  • Premium quality heavyweight safety razor, mirror finish in classic silver tone, ergonomic design long handle provides a secure ands comfortable grip
  • Micro-Comb System helps to PREVENT accidental cuts
  • 10 platinum coated stainless steel super sharp blades for a fast and close wet shaving ever, mini nylon brush help clean razor easily after use; comes with a black velvet gift bag also

Callus Remover CHAINER 5 in 1 Rechargeable Women Razor Bikini Trimmer Hair Removal Epilator Cordless with 5 Extra Attachment for Feet and Hair Care US plug (White+Purple)


Before using the feet callus remover, please soak feet few minutes to soften dead skin and horny, then removing from forefoot to the heel. Two power models adjustable for efficient removing. After grinding dead skin, washing and rubbing suitable moisturizer, moisturize the skin.

When epilating, hold your facial hair epilator so that it feels natural. Making the hair erected, hold at a 90 degree angle to your legs or arms and run the epilator in an upward motion, against the direction of hair growth. There’s no need to press down too hard, simply touch the epilator lightly on the skin.

Hair removal depilator is easier and more comfortable when the hair is at the optimum length of 2-5 mm(0.08-0.2 in). If hairs are longer, we recommend that you either shave first and epilate the shorter re-growing hairs after 1 or 2 week, or use the shaver head with the Opti Trim attachment to precut to this ideal length.


Material: ABS, Plastic

Charging Time: 1.5 Hours

Working Time: 40 Minutes

Rated Voltage: 100V-240V

Rated Power: 2W

Charge Line Length: 80cm/2.6ft

 Package Include:

1 x Epilator Body

5 x Extra Attachments

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Uk Plug

1 x Instruction Manual

1x Pouch

Product Features

  • 【HAIR EPILATOR】Efficient Shaving with dual-disc hair trimmers. Wide and gentle two epilator heads for smooth short and soft hair removal, even the shortest, finest hair on the underarms, bikini line and hard-to-reach areas, such knees and ankles.
  • 【CALLUS REMOVER】Quartz grinding head 360 °rotation. Easily and efficiently remove dead, hard, dry, cracked and calluses skin and the horny. Wet and dry epilator. Can also massage your feet with the roller head, reduce fatigue, give you a new spa experience at home.
  • 【ELECTRIC SHAVER】Curved hair removal head fit the body curve. Easy to epilate thick and short hair on armpit, Buttocks, legs, chin and cheek etc. Accurate to remove body hair from roots and lasts for a long time. Do not hurt the pores, help you solve the trouble of thick hair.
  • 【SAFETY RAZOR】Floating knife head fit the skin safely, double razor blades. Perfect for fine and bushy hair on facial, upper, lower lips, fingers and toes or sensitive area hair remover. The efficient epilation systsem removes hair from root making your skin smoothly like silk.
  • 【EPILATOR CORDLESS】 Rechargeable and cordless epilator for women. Always use the device at optimal power. An anti-slip grip for easy hold. User tip: Hold the epilator handle at a 90 degree angle and against the direction of hair growth for the most efficient hair removal.

Hair Epilator for Women Man CHAINER 5 in 1 Rechargeable Hair Removal Kit Electric Cordless Lady Shaver Bikini Trimmer Wet and Dry with 5 Extra Heads for Feet and Hair Care

Instructions for Use

When epilating, hold your epilator so that it feels natural.

Hold at a 90 degree angle to your legs arms and run the epilator in an upward motion, against the direction of hair growth

Because the hair is too long is not easy to completely remove it clean, it is recommended to cut the hair first

Before the hair with a hot towel in the corresponding parts of the hot for 3 minutes, or the use of hair removal foam on the hair softening

Along the hair growth direction of hair removal, it is recommended as far as possible to smooth the surface of the skin smooth

After the completion of the use of emollient or convergence of water for maintenance, to prevent skin redness, so that the skin is more smooth and shiny

Product introduction

Name: 5-in-1 Epilator


Cutter head type: Multiple cutter head-Epilator Head, Shaver Head, Callus Remover Head, Razor Head

Time of charging: 4 hours in first time using, then every time only charging 1.5 hours

Length of use: >45mins

Rated Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ8

Rated Power: 2W

Safety Warning

If the shaver or adapter has problems, do not deal with own

Please put in places where are children can not reach

The power adapter can not enter the water

Should be AC-220V power supply, 50HZ frequency use

Package Include

1 x Epilator Body

5 x Extra Attachments

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Uk Plug

1 x Instruction Manual

1x Pouch

Product Features

  • [ Multifunction Function in 1 Set ] Each head have different function, total 5 heads ( 2 epilator heads, 1 electric shaver head, 1 callus head, 1 razor head ) it’s a good hair removal kit for body personal care.
  • [ Bikini Trimmer ] Summer is coming, don’t be shy to show your sexy bikini line, just use with the electric shaver head smooth and gently remove the hair in bikini line.
  • [ Hair Epilator Removal ] CHAINER have 2 epilator heads, perfect fit for legs and arms smooth short hair removal, even the shortest, finest hair and hard-to-reach areas, such knees and ankles.
  • [ Callus Remover ] Use the callus head ,easily and gently roll the hard, dry and coarse skin from your feet away, smooth & massage your feet with the roller head. Provide a perfect professional salon pedicure results.
  • [ Shaving Razor ] Use with the manual shaver razor head would help you to remove the beard on face, also would remove the long hair on legs or arms.

Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Epilator, Catcher Silk-smooth Comfyperfection Electric Shaver, 5-in-1 Bikini Trimmer with 5 Extra Attachments for Women Ladies

100% Brande New and High Quality!
Material: High-quality ABS, Plastic
Color: Purple
Size(L x W): 10 x 7 cm / 3.9 x 2.7 inch
Head type: a variety of heads
Charging time: 4 hours
Duration of use: more than 45 minutes
Rated voltage: 100V-240V
Rated power: 50Hz-60Hz
Rated power: 2W
Speed Personalization: Speed 1 – extra gentle; Speed 2 – extra effcient. Choose the right one for you.
Package Content: 1x Hair Catcher

Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures

We assure you that our products are extremely cost-effective, user-friendly, eco-friendly in nature.
We wish you would have a happy shopping experience with us!

Product Features

  • ✿20 Tweezer System: Gently removes hair at the root- for smooth skin. Gently lift even flat lying hairs at the root and guide them to the tweezers.
  • ✿Wet and Dry usage in the bath or shower for a more comfortable epilation. Efficiently removes hairs by the root for long-lasting smoothness. With two alternative speeds to regulate the removing/shaving speed for your individual needs.
  • ✿When epilating for the first time, it is advisable to epilate in the evening, so that any possible reddening can disappear overnight. To relax the skin we recommend applying a moisture cream after epilation.
  • ✿Epliation is easier and more comfortable when the hair is at the optimum length of 2-5 mm (0.08-0.2 inch). If hairs are longer, we recommend that you either shave first and epilate the shorter re-growing hairs after the OptiTrim attachment(10a) to precut to this ideal length.
  • ✿The regular use of massage sponges(e.g.after showing) or exfoliation peelings helps to prevent ingrowing hair as the gentle scrubbing action removes the upper skin layer and fine hair can get through to the skin surface. Package Content: 1x Hair Catcher. 1 Year Warranty and 6*26h Online Support! Plz read more details in the product description.

24mm Extra Dense Tuxedo Knot, Solid Resin Handle, Synthetic Men’s Shaving Brush By Haircut & Shave Co.– Durable, Stylish Lathering Brush- Ergonomic Handle, Cruelty-Free Soft Bristles,

24mm Extra Dense Knot X 68mm loft. Here’s How You Can Look 007-Sharp & Well-Groomed Every Single Day!

Have you ever wondered what the secret to a perfect shaving experience is?

It’s not the razor, it’s not the hot towels, and it’s not the soap. It’s the shaving brush.

And now you can finally own an old-school, barbershop-like, true gentleman’s shaving brush!

Introducing The Ultimate Synthetic Men’s Shaving Brush By Haircut & Shave Co.!

Enhance your grooming arsenal with the most durable and ergonomic men’s shaving brush and your morning ritual will never be the same.

Our mess-free men’s lathering brush is made of soft and sturdy synthetic bristles, so you can use it with any shaving cream or soap without skipping a beat!

No Animals Were Harmed In The Creation Of This Shaving Brush!

Why torture those beautiful boars or badgers, when you can have an even more durable and practical shaving brush 100% cruelty-free?

We take great pride in crafting a sleek, stylish and eco-friendly handheld shaving brush that takes care of your sensitive skin and protects animals at the same time!

Regain Your Lost Confidence With Your Flawless Skin!

Not only will our premium shaving brush create a fluffy cloud of lather for a perfect shaving experience, but it will also help massage and exfoliate your skin at the same time!

And when it’s cleaning time? All you have to do is rinse it with water and you’re done!

No funny odors and it will dry up way faster than regular brushes, which makes it a perfect travel shaving brush too!

What Are You Waiting For? Indulge Yourself Now!

Click “Add To Cart” While Supplies Last & Invest In Your Style!

Product Features

  • SUCCESS FAVORS THE WELL-GROOMED! -24mm Extra Dense Knot X 68mm loft. When it comes to your morning grooming ritual, you cannot afford to settle. Shave like a true gentleman with the premium synthetic men’s shaving brush by Haircut & Shave Co.!
  • A TRUE GENTLEMAN’S CHOICE! – Our exclusive men’s shaving brush is durable and sturdy enough to pass the test of time, while the soft synthetic bristles will help you lather up perfectly for a magnificent shaving experience.
  • CRUELTY-FREE LUXURY! – The Haircut & Shave Co. elite synthetic men’s shaving brush is the best way to make sure that no animals are harmed for your morning shave. You don’t need to harm boars and badgers for a soft shaving brush!
  • LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT GIFT IDEA? – Surprise your boyfriend, husband, father or brother with our stunning, durable and ergonomic synthetic lathering brush and help them enjoy a barbershop-like experience at home every single day!
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