Wax Warmer, Hair Removal Hard Wax Warmer Home Waxing Kit with LCD Display Screen, 500ml Removable Wax Pot, 5 Packs Hard Wax Beans, 10 Wooden Wax Applicator Sticks

Directions For Use:

Just plug inand rotate the knob to adjust temperature, the pilot lamp lights up and the heater starts working. Take appropriate amount of wax beans into adepilatory wax heater to melt. Heat the wax to a melting temperature,after the wax melted,spread a layer of wax with aspatula on the skin along the direction of the hair growth. After 15-20 minutes, feel the wax temperature disappears when the wax stripped,against the direction of the hair growth quickly ,coated with skin cream.  the container heating dissolved away the wax until it becomes liquid Use makeup remover scraper and paper towel to wipe out the inside of the wax pot to get rid of any residue.Or Pour a little oil on paper towel and then wipe the sides or rim of your sticky wax pot, you will find the wax quickly disappears.

Package Include:

1 x Wax Heater 3 + 2 Wax Beans in the pot 10 x Sticks

Product Features

  • ★Rapid melt: Heating coil for a fast wax meltdown, Just need 10-minute melt hard wax beans, you can Operation fast. You can make a depilatory at home by yourself.This is an ideal kit for hair removal needs for men and women
  • ★Convenient & Easy to Use : Just heat the wax in the pot for 10 minutes and use the included wooden applicator to put the melted wax beans on the target skin area. Wax professionally adheres to the hair, firmly gripping each strand, gently removing it from the root without pain and leaving the skin smooth and silky.
  • ★Auto Shut Off Safety Feature:The wax heater have a wide range of temperature from 86℉ to 275℉.It will stop working and light off when the temperature to 275℉,and it will start working again when temperature under 86℉. (But there are 3°F error, that is means when you set a temperature, it will display this temperature ±3°F. It’s a normal situation)
  • ★Wax Kit Includes :1 wax warmer (500ml), 10 wooden applicators, and a set of 5 scented wax beans made from natural wax ingredients. Each bag is 100g(3.5oz).
  • ★ Place your order with confidence and enjoy the really great product. If you are not satisfied or have any doubts about our product, please feel free to contact us for an absolute satisfying solution.

MIYAY Hard Wax Beans, Hair Removal Hard Body Waxing Beans Painless Waxing, Natural Wax Beads for Women Men Home Waxing Best for Bikini Arms, Legs, Armpit, 300g/10 oz(Yellow)

This kind of hard wax beans is the best for body beauty.
Using a stick, spread a layer of wax onto the area to be treated.

It has Honey odor and not a terrible smell.
Can be used for other wax heater melts.
Storage way: Cool, dry place.

Specification: 300g/10.59oz
Package:1Pcs x Hard Wax Beans

Product Features

  • Use hard wax beans remove hair, you can achieve the desired effect, you no need use it again within 2 weeks.
  • Simple to use, wait until Beans are completely melted, then with a stick paint it on the hair, wait for the wax to harden, and remove it with a torn hand. Clean, quick hair removal.
  • Do not worry, bees wax beans dries quickly,you can save time, unlike the time-consuming use of a razor and razor removal hair incompleteness.
  • This wax is used on many areas, just like legs and calf. and it’s the best for face, mustache,upper lip, chin, arms, underarms, and bikini.
  • It does not cause skin irritation. When removing hair, tearing will have a slight pain, but do not worry, this is normal. After removing the wax, use moisturizing products to shrink the pores.

LangDeng IPL Beauty Hair Removal Kit For Body, Face and Bikini, Home Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Device

If you feel that the beauty salon hair removal cost are high, we provide you with a cost-effective hair removal solution.
It will bring you smoother and smoother skin!

How does it work?
Replaces traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, creams, gels and epilators, Lang Deng Series Hair Removal Device
uses professional intense pulsed light to target precisely melanin in hair follicles to disable the hair regrow abilty .
the new high-tech design allows users to correctly target any area that needs treatment,No area is too big or too small!

Who can use it?
Avoid using on naturally dark or recently tanned skin. It is ideal to use with lighter skin and hair color such as white, blond, gray, brown.

When will I see the results?
With just 4-5 times self-treatment sessions, most users experience visually diminished hair that is comparable to results
done by professional administered laser procedures. Optimal results require at least continued use for 6 months .

Fast, gentle and easy to use:
Lang Deng with an ultra-fast flash rate lets you treat areas like your underarms and bikini line in about a minute.
Most people find the treatment sensation comfortable and you never have to take a break between treatments to charge your device.
Lang Deng features a unique skin color sensor that measures the skin tone of the treated skin at the beginning of each session
occasionally measures skin tone during skin safety.

Package Content:
1 * Main Body (1 Year Warranty)
1 * Hair Removal Head (together with the main body)
1 * Skin Rejuvenation Head
1 * Razor
1 * AC Adapter
1 * Safety Glasses
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • IPL hair removal system for men and women provides a safe, convenient, cost-effective and long-term hair removal solution.
  • Level 5 energy setting, 300000 flash replaceable HR lamp,quick and easy to use at home, never need to pay much at beauty salon.
  • Put skin color sensor window close to the target skin, when the side light display is flashing green light, it means that the skin is suitable for using this equipment, and the equipment is ready to work.
  • How to use it : 1.Shave off the hairs unneeded 2.Clean the lamp 3.Press and hold for 2 seconds 4.Wear Goggles 5.Touch the skin vertically 6.Apply skin care gel or serum for 15 minutes after treatment.
  • Safe and non-irritatin,without any adverse reactions or side effects,approved by security certification from European Union CE,1 year warranty, lifetime VIP after-sales service.

Innovative WPL Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device for Women Home Use

WPL Hair Removal Technique
WPL is a kind of innovative technique in order to solve the 3 disadvantages of traditional hair removing methods: weak pulses light provides safe and soft shining experience, which solves the risk of making epidermis hot and dry in the process of traditional IPL hair removing and thus causes skin red and swollen; WPL pulses light breaks the melanin in follicles directly, gets to the root, and achieves permanent hair removing; WPL enhances the elasticity of skin, tighten pores, removes wrinkles, softens skin, and removes hair without black dots.

Cool Care New Technique
All the effort is for better painless hair removing. Desquamating or frequent hair removing method is not what we want. We dedicate to provide you, who is afraid of pain and have delicate skin, more permanent and cooler experience of hair removing with cool hair removing technique. The special ice compress plate can decrease the local temperature to 5 ¡æ, calm your skin and relieve redness and swell.

Suitable for Whole Body
Pulses light hair removing has been proved to be harmless to human sweat glands and skin for many years. Our laser hair removal system is as safe as the professional salons. It’s perfect for 49 areas of human body, such as face, lips, underarms, legs and bikini area easily. You can enjoy the salon-like effect with this home use hair removal device. Get silky skin in 8 weeks and say goodbye to hair problems forever.

Note: Hair removing requires certain cycles and latter enhancement. In fall and winter, we wear more clothes and get less sunshine, so skin can recover faster and gets better effect of hair removing.

Package Include:
1 x WPL Main Body
1 x Skin Cool Head
1 x Goggles
1 x Shaver
1 x Power Adaptor
1 x English User Manual

Product Features

  • Innovative WPL hair removal painless permanent technique: especially for sensitive skin
  • Pulses of light hair removal has been proved for many years to be harmless to human sweat gland and skin; Dermatologists also use this technique
  • Clinical tests have proved that whole body hair removal is safe and efficient, including face, arms, underarms, legs, back, and bikini area
  • Enjoy the salon-like effect at home; Get silky skin in 8 weeks and say goodbye to hair problems forever
  • Cool laser hair removal technique can tighten your pores and relieve the swollen and painful skin in order to make skin permanently silky

Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Smooth Skin Home Kit Treatment Pads

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. This electrolysis hair-removal system sends gentle electrical currents through treatment pads and into to skin to eliminate hairs

Product Features

  • ELECTROLYSIS: Safely destroys hair follicles with electrolysis.
  • STORAGE COMPARTMENT: Storage compartment with all necessary peripherals & Tweezers on a retractable connector wand.
  • TREATMENT PADS: Treatment pads for large areas, small areas, and upper lip.
  • AUTOMATIC TIME DISPLAY: Automatic time display, Self-contained control unit, & Virtually painless process.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We provide quality service to our customers. We check products before shipping and we eliminate broken and faulty products.

Yeelen Hard Wax Beans Brazilian Pearl Hard Wax Beads Hair Removal for Women Men Home Waxing

Product Features

  • The First Brand thant combine wax beans with Natural Plant Ingredients from Tee Tree / Lemon / Peppermint / Rosemary / Eucalyptus. Apart from painless hair remeval, Yeelen essential wax beans will also have health benefits. Like help heal skin irritations, including acne and dandruff.
  • 5 Kind of Natural Ingredients (Tee Tree / Lemon / Peppermint / Rosemary / Eucalyptus) Applied into Wax Beans, Which Inspired from 5 Most Popular Essencial Oils. Taken from the leaves & fruit in Australia China Japen. These natural ingredients improve the quality of wax beans and plant smells no more plastic smell.
  • More Painless & Smooth. These wax beads or pellets can be easily heated and melted for smooth at-home application. The tee tree bikini wax beans is perfect for sensitive, due to the soothing and revitalizing properties of the essential oil. Painless Wax hot wax helps the skin to relax and open up the pores, unlike shaving, which exposes the entire surface breadth of the skin to the sharp edge of the razor.
  • New Stylish Packing. Made of matt lamination, aluminium foil and PE that will last wax beans longer than any other wax beans on Amazon. 1n 2018, Yeelen makes all efforts to keep innovating from packing, new wax beans…more humanized service.
  • If you want smooth skin but still spending time in an appointment with a salon,have you explored some of the best home waxing kits? If you haven’t, it’s worth it.Yeelen 5 packs of wax beans set.We thought of all aspects for you,the face, bikini, and whole body that’ll leave you stubble-free in a pinch, and at a mere fraction of the salon price.

Wet Dry Men’s Shaver Trimmer Grooming Kit,Professional Cordless Electric Waterproof Razor Rotary Shaver Trimmer Grooming Kit for Man with 5 floating head,fast USB Recharge Shavers for Travel Or Home

This new electric razor allows you to shave your hair and beard easily,you can move this shaver over all areas of your hand as easily as running your fingers through your head,all-in-one hair trimmer can shave your beard, mustache,head and sideburns.Quintuple head rotary electric razor can effortlessly create your unique style.3D contour-following system adjusts seamlessly to skin of the face and head. Whether you’re clipping your hair,trimming your beard or grooming your body,and this mens electric shaver is the best option.
LED indicator status:
Blue light shows the shaver is operating.
Red light shows the shaver charging.
Green light shows charging is complete.
How to use travel switch lock:
Switch off state and push the switch for 2 seconds,the shaver will be locked.If you press the switch again,the light flash one time.The same way,push the switch for 2 seconds and release the lock state,and switch work normally.
How to clean the blade:
Open the four rotary heads with two fingers.
Remove hairs in the hair pocket with cleaning brush.In the middle of the cutting head can also remove for clean,first with your fingers hold the outside blade,twist in counterclockwise direction,and then pull up.
Rinse the head of the shaver in running water.Close heads assembly.
Package included:
1*electric Shaver
1*USB Charging Cable(AC adapter not included)
1*Cleaning Brush
1*Storage Bag

Product Features

  • ✪【New Design】The innovative design allows the entire head to adjust to any angle, helping to reduce irritation and provide a smooth, comfortable finish.The shaver’s smart design fits comfortably in your hand, with a rubberized grip that gives you total control.Slots and holes comfortably shave both long hairs and short stubble at the same time.
  • ✪【MAX Lithium Power】The long-lasting lithium battery provides 45 minutes of cordless runtime after just 3 hours of charging.
  • ✪【100% Waterproof】This shaver is 100% waterproof, giving you the freedom to shave with foam, in the shower, or dry. Plus, cleaning it is fast and easy.
  • ✪【USB Fast Charge and LED Charge Indicator】Farewell to the fixed charger, as long as there is a USB hole, which can be recharged, Easy and fast to Charge(Charge 10 minutes can be finish one time shave). The Shaver with LED Charge Indicator can remind you about the battery capacity and charging status.
  • ✪【Safety Lock Switch Desing】Two seconds Long press enter the security lock mode, two seconds long press to exit the security lock mode.This Design can prevent touch switch when traveling And prevent young children to open the razor

Wax Warmer, ESARORA Hair Removal Waxing Kit Electric Hot Wax Warmer With 4 Different Flavors Hard Wax Beans Wax Applicator Sticks 20 Pieces Perfect for Home Waxing Spa for Face Arm Armpits Legs Bikini

Package Include:

1 x Wax Heater

4 Different Wax Beans 

20 x Sticks


1.No cellophaneor non-wovenstrip needed

2.Hard wax bean shave types of different formulas ,different formulas as different smell fordifferent use

3.Can be used on all areas of the body: armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, beard and other growtharea.

Where It’s Normally Used

Bikini and Brazilian waxes. It works well on coarse hair and smaller sections.

Facial waxing. Since it shrinkwraps the hair, it’s often gentler to delicate facial skin and can remove the short noticeable hair.

Nose. Soft wax can be used on the outer portion. But hard wax is put on an applicator in a ball formation, 

allowed to cool a bit then placed in the nose up to the ball portion. After about five minutes or so it’s pulled out.


1.Capacity: 500 CC

2.Box Size: 20 *20 * 15cm

3.Aluminumcontainer: D10.5cm * 6.5cm

4.Rated power voltage:100W,110-120V,US Plug


6.Weight: 1kg /pc

7.Adjustable Temperature:Maximum 240F


1 Ensure the wax is not too hot before applying to skin.

2 Do not use it on broken or irritated skin.

3 Do not use it if your skin suffered any adverse reactions to wax in the past.

4 Do not use it within 2 hours after taking a shower,or sunbathing.

5 If you are on medication that affects skin or you have a skin related disorder,consult your doctor before use.

6 Keep away from Children.

Product Features

  • Natural Ingredients: ESARORA Wax Beans is 100% safe to your sensitive skin and can remove 99% unwanted body hair, from stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz, in armpit, bikini area, face, above upper lip, eyebrows, arms and legs. Leaving your skin smooth and glowing.
  • Rapid Melt : Heating coil for a fast wax meltdown, Just need 11 minute melt hard wax beans, you can Operation fast. You can make a depilatory at home by yourself and don??£¤t need to go to salon.
  • Convenient: Temperature Control automatic-shutoff feature ensures the wax melts perfectly without pot getting too hot and becomes the optimal texture for spreading evenly onto your skin, the wax warmer equips a wide range of temperature from 160?¡ìH to 240?¡ìH. It will stop working and light off when the temperature to 240?¡ìH,and it will start working and lighting again when temperature under 161?¡ìH.You can choose the melt temperature for the specific wax you use.
  • Perfect Waxing Kit: Suitable for melting any type of wax including wax beads, hard wax, soft wax, 15 ounce wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax, microwavable wax and hair wax. ESARORA Wax Warmer set is so popular among professional esthetician.
  • Safe: See-through Cover ,Removable Liner Bucket can avoid burning your skin while lifting it. Accelerating the wax melting and preventing the wax contamination by dust. And you can see wax melting process more intuitive. The bucket also helps it easy to clean up the wax without dripping.

IPL Hair Removal System-Life Basis 400,000 Flashes Light Hair Removal Device Permanent Hair Removal Epilator with LCD Screen for Home Use

IPL Hair Removal
1. Prevent hair regrowth, making you enjoy silk smooth skin every day with the professional IPL removal system.
2. Five adjustable level settings can provide 98% hair reduction after 6-10 treatments.

Single Flash Mode and Slide Mode Setting
1. Single Flash Mode:
Using the single flash mode, when you press the flash button, a flash is emitted every time. Factory setting is the single flash mode. This mode is for precision areas like underarms, bikini and face.
2. Slide Mode:
Press and hold the flash button down for 3 seconds, the slide mode will be activated. Then you can release it. The device will emit flash repeatedly whenever you place the Flash Window firmly on your skin. Slide mode is for easy and fast treatments on straightforward areas such as legs and stomach.

Preparation Before Use:
1. Before use, please scratch the treatment area of hair, clean and wipe clean treatment area.
2. Before use, wear eye protection glasses to avoid flashing eyes.
3. Keep the hair removal area dry.
4. Remove the wear of metal jewelry to send watches, etc., to avoid the use of metal jewelry in the process of reflection on their own harm.

Lamp tube: Xenon quartz tube
Light source: Intense Pulsed Light
Adaptor: AC100~240V@50/60Hz
Foucs size: 4.5 c㎡
Size: 176*74*46*mm
Rated power: 36W
Weight: 280g

Package Included:
1 x IPL machine
1 x Power adaptor
1 x Safety Glasses
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Patent Technology: The technology of closed lossless of light make the pulse light source become more concentrated, large energy light directly to the hair follicle site, significantly enhance the effect of hair removal.
  • 2 modes of Slide Mode and Single Flash Mode: Press and hold the flash button down for 3secs to activate the slide mode, the optical frequency becomes high at the same light energy, the hair removal efficiency increased by 30%. Slide mode is for fast treatment on straightforward areas such as legs and stomach; Single flash mode if for precision areas like underarms, bikini and face.
  • 5 Levels of Energy: You can choose level as needed. For first use, recommending to use the Level 1, the higher level the better effect.
  • The Extended Flash Window to Prevent Light Leakage: The length of the flash head lengthened to 30mm. The distance from the filter to the exit port is longer, effectively prevent light leakage. Do not burn for a long time use.
  • LCD Touch Technology: Bid farewell to mechanical buttons. Simple to use, just touch the LCD screen with your fingertips, experience more intelligent.

IPL Hair Removal Tool Laser Hair Removal Device,Permanent Hair Removal,Whiten skin Acne- Repair Machine for Face and Body Painless ,Suitable For women men Home Use Personal Care

quick, painless and almost permanent hair removal. High repetition pulse rate,safe depilation at home.

IPL works on skin, stimulates fibroblast to produce new collagen and elastic fiber,which can enhance skin elasticity.

IPL works on skin and gets absorbed by hair and pigment group first, temperature rises.

Under the circumstance of not hurting normal skin, pigment groups get disintegrated or crushed, then get eliminated from the body by circulatory system.

It includes a build-in skin tone sensor to ensure your skin and hair tone are suitable, as well as five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment.

A simple and gentle treatment once every two to four weeks will prevent hair roots from becoming active again and prevents new hair from growing back.

Package Include:

1 * Hair Removal Device

1 * Hair Removal Flash Head(together with device)

1 * Skin Rejuvenation Flash Head

1 * AC Adapter

1 * Safety Goggles

2 * Replaceable plugs

1 * User manual


Do not use the IPL on Dark Brown and Black skin,or over tattoos or dark spots on your skin.

Wear the goggles which comes with product, avoid light hurt to your eyes.Sunglasses you usually use are also effective.

Product Features

  • Designed for both women and mens Ideal for full body hair removal, including face, arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest.the depilatory efficacy of a higher quality. Let you in after depilation,and you will have smooth skin
  • Non-stimulating, Hair removal is not awkward – IPL light goes deep into the hair follicle, the heat is absorbed by the hair follicle melanin, the pigment is disintegrated or crushed, allowing the hair to peel off naturally, to inhibit regeneration, soft and gentle.
  • LCD 3 IN 1 Laser IPL Permanent Hair Removal Machine, Hair Removal?Whiten skin?Acne- Repair function,Epilation 5 stalls. IPL treatment is safe and gentle to use even on sensitive skin and sensitive body areas. Quick and Easy to use at home. (Equipped with a Yellow Rejuvenation Lamp for Skin Smooth and Whitening)
  • Five Treatment Levels – Five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment. You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth. Used correctly, IPL treatment is safe and gentle to use even on sensitive skin and sensitive body areas. Quick and Easy to use at home. (Equipped with a Yellow Rejuvenation Lamp for Skin Smooth and Whitening)
  • Before laser hair removal before use off certain parts of the hair, hairy first scrape, because it will hinder the laser energy to the hair follicle and melanin combustion. about 60 days to see the effect of you!To achieve permanent hair removal is a time, depending on the degree of personal bushy hair, and 3-6 months for the efficacy period.

ACTOPP Wax Warmer Hair Removal Electric Wax Warmer with 4 Different Flavors Hard Wax Beans and 10 Wax Applicator Sticks DIY Depilatory Machine Ideal for Home Waxing Spa in Face Arm Armpits Legs Bikini

Product Features

  • 【Effective and Safe】:The Wax Beans of our hair removal tool is 100% safe to your sensitive skin.They will remove up to 98% unwanted body hair from stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz in armpit, bikini area, face, above upper lip, eyebrows, arms and legs. Leaving your skin clean and soft from head to toe.
  • 【Saves You Money and Time】:The depilatory machine offers you a spa-like home hair treatment with easy, quick and safe operation.4 packages of beans, each with a different aroma( Lavender, Rose, Honey, Aloe), and 10 wax applicator sticks.The easy clean wax warmer pot allows you to wax easily and efficiently.
  • 【Intelligent Temperature Control】:This wax melt warmer uses state-of-the-art engineering to heat wax quickly and evenly; only takes 8 to 10 minutes to melt wax.Six adjustable temperatures ranging from 160 F to 240 F depending on the type of wax you’re heating. Automatically shuts off when the temperature is too high, no scalding hazard.
  • 【Easy to Use】:Our wax heater has a transparent cover which allows you to observe the wax and can also protects the wax from contamination.The easy-to-remove bucket liner enables you to clean up the wax without dripping after using the wax heater.
  • 【Durable and Efficient】: Our hair removal machine is made of durable ABS heat resistant materials.The large-capacity 17oz wax warming container is suitable for all types of waxes including hard wax, strip wax, paraffin wax, etc. We strive to provide only the best service and products to our customers. Your Health and Beauty are our priority.

Lementa Wax Beans Hair Removal Kit – Your Secret to Silky Smooth Skin All in One Starter Kit 5 Flavors of Hard Wax Beans + 10 Spatulas Painless Waxing at Home for Women & Men

Redefine Your Aesthetics Discover a New Way to Feel Sexy Confident & Desired. Recreate Serene Experience of Luxury Spa at Home. This All-in-1 kit will change your life! Trust the Experience of Seasoned Aesthetician. One solution: Head-To-Toe. Formulated for your sensitive skin, designed to conquer even the most coarse & stubborn hair.



Natural Hard Wax Beads [2018] Easy On & Off Formula 5 Best Selling flavors 3.5OZ x 5 10 Wooden Spatulas

Proven by thousands of 5 star reviews to get you great results!

Oder yours today by clicking ⬆️ADD TO CART⬆️ button above to brighten up Your routine with this all-in-one starter kit. Buy 2 or more & have a waxing party with friends.

Product Features

  • BRINGING YOU THE ULTIMATE SPA TO HOME EXPERIENCE wax at your leisure without paying a fortune. Enjoy results that last up to 6 weeks, no maintenance required
  • ALL IN ONE SOLUTION Only with our hard wax beans you will get consistent results from head to toe. Thousands of Happy Customers are already using hard wax beans. You will enjoy selection of 5 best selling flavors: Lavender Chamomile Honey Milk & Aloe Vera
  • PEEL AWAY YOUR DAILY STRESS with our Easy On & Off solution. Enjoy the feeling of vibrant smooth skin that inspires confidence & desire
  • OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU** We are committed to create finest experience. From the moment your kit gets carefully packed & delivered to you till the first smile. Get Your Lementa Wax Warmer today by clicking ⬆️ADD TO CART⬆️ button NOW & in just a few days you will rock smooth vibrant, skin. **Comes with 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee.