Convenience Kits Man On the Go Premium 15-piece Travel Kit

15 pc Travel Kit Contains: Grooming– Barbasol Shave Cream 2 oz., Gillette Good News Razor–Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner 1.7 oz., Comb, Palm Brush,–Degree for Men A/P Deodorant .5 oz. –Oral Care: Crest 3D Toothpaste .85 oz., Toothbrush, Toothbrush Cover, Dentek Flossers 3 ct. Misc: Nivea Pod .25 oz., 2-Dude Wipes, Kleenex Tissue Pack 15 ct., TSA Compliant Quart Sized Zip Top Bag in Blue and Black Striped Travel bag with handle.

Product Features

  • TSA Compliant Travel Sizes
  • Popular National Brands: Shaving, Grooming, and Oral Care
  • Ideal for: Carry-On Airline Travel, After-Gym Workout Shower, Busy College Student, Father’s Day and or Birthday Gift.
  • Grooming and Hygiene Travel Kit

TAROMAING 4 in 1 Pink Roll on Roll-on Refillable Depilatory Wax Heater Waxing Hair Removal Tools Machine Kits

This roll on wax heater gives you all the benefits of waxing, but with an easy to roll on applicator. No more spatulas and sticks!
Waxing gives your skin that smooth and flawless feel you’ve always wanted.
Since its small and portable, its easy to take anywhere you travel. The wax cartridges are disposable making most of the clean up an absolute breeze.
The protective cover prevents dust so it lasts longer. This little unit makes a great addition to any home or salon!

Before use, make sure the skin is absolutely clean.
Insert the wax cartridge into the wax machine.
Plug it in and turn on the power.
Heat the wax machine for about 20-30min then begin
Roll the product over skin in the direction that the hair grows in small areas that you want depilated.
Place the non-waven fabric strip firmly over waxed area
Tear off the hair-removal paper in the reverse direction that the hair grows.
After hair removal, use the cleanser to clean off any residues the wax may have left behind.
After cleaning, use a moisturizer for the smoothest skin you’ve ever had!

Turn off the power before cleaning the machine.
Don’t use on sensitive skin.
Don’t expose depilated skin to sunlight and UV for 24 hours after the wax treatment.
Don’t soak in water to clean.

Package Including:
1 x Depilatory heater
1 x Cable
1 x Guide
2 x 110g Wax
1 x 100PCS Wax Paper

Customer service: any questions,please contact us through messages,and we will reply in 24 hours.Thanks!

Please click on our storefront or search TAROMAING for more choice.

Product Features

  • Small and flexible, easy to carry, Can give your skin comfort and calming feeling.
  • Refillable, automatic heating. Rolls wax on skin without using brush or spatula.
  • Used for hair removal nursing, beauty care and maintenance.
  • Color: Pink. Voltage : 110V. Consumption: 40W.
  • Heater size: 197 * 75 *45mm. Wax volume: 110g / net wt 3.6 oz

WildGrow Travel Multi Compartment Hanging Toiletry Bag Kits for Men, Women (Dark Blue)

This small travel kit bag is perfect for long journey.
Everything you need will be easy to fit into this bag. It has a lot of compartments for all the necessities such as toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste and more.
Multiple pockets let you store all your necessities in one bag.
With small, medium, large, and long pockets, everything is easy to find! And thanks to the good quality zipper you will be able to open it easily.
Hang it in a garment bag (or on the towel bar) or fold it to stow easily in your suitcase.
With a secure closure and easy-to-clean lining and pockets, you are always ready to go with all your necessities you need.

Material: 300D waterproof oxford fabric
Size: 26.5×12×21(cm)/10.43×4.72×8.27(in)
Net Weight: 245g/0.54lb Package included: 1× Travel accessories organizer

Product Features

  • ROOMY FOR PACKING&SORTING: The toiletry travel bag features with a large main compartment with 8 see-through mesh pockets for cosmetics, shaving cream, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, beauty products, travel size bottles, medications and other travel accessories. On top, there are 2 pockets for small items such as cotton swabs and pills. Travel packing and sorting has never been easier.
  • CONVERTIBLE HANGING TOILETRY KITS: With a hook, the travel accessories organizer can be easily hanged in most shower bar or towel rack in hotel bathrooms. Everything needed is easy to access.
  • WATER REPELLENT&EASY TO CLEAN:The waterproof fabric lining keeps your toiletry kit clean and dry from accidental splashes of water. Even when your travel bottles leak inside, you don’t have to worry about moistening your luggage.
  • ONE SUITABLE FOR ALL: No matter you need a cosmetic bag, men toiletry bag or even a baby necessities bag, the toiletries organizer can fulfill your need.
  • COMPACT&ELEGANT: The hanging toiletry kit lays flat on your luggage, duffel bag, backpack, or other travel bags without the unnecessary added bulk, and looks great! It is the best gift for a busy traveler, those out camping with the kids, on family vacation or an international business trip.

Wax Warmer Hair Removal, Electric Waxing Heater Pot Kit, Hard Wax Warmer Melt Beans Kits, Professional Painless Melting Beads Applicators Sticks(Home Use) by Moolia – Purple

Directions For Use
If it is your first time to using this product, please take some tests on a small patch of the skin, if after 24 hours there is no adverse reaction, you can proceed with the full application. If you suffered an adverse reaction, please do not use this product in future.

Hair Removal Waxing Instructions
1.Wash the skin that will be waxed. Don’t apply any oils, gels or lotions as they may prevent wax from properly adhering to the hair.
2.Put an appropriate amount of wax beans into pot.
3.Heat until wax beans are completely melted. After wax is melted turn the temperature dial to the middle.
4.Using a wooden applicator spread a layer of wax on the skin along the direction of hair growth. (Make sure to test the temperature of the wax before pouring it onto your body!)  When applying the wax leave the edges slightly thicker for easy removal.
5.Wait until wax is hard then holding the skin taut, peel it off rapidly against the direction of hair growth. Before the wax is removed, tap it a couple of times to check it has set and is ready to be removed.

1.Don’t put water in the pot.
2. Make sure the wax is not too hot before applying to the skin.
3. Don’t wax broken or irritated skin. 
4.The thickness of spreading wax should be among 0.2cm to 0.5cm to insure its using result.
5.Wait 2 hours after waxing before you take a shower, exercise, or sun bathe.
6.If you are on medication that affects skin or have a skin related disorder, consult your doctor before use.
7.Keep the wax beans out of reach from children.

Package Included
1 x wax heater (US plug)
20 x pcs Applicators Sticks
4 x 100g hard wax beans

Product Features

  • Rapidly melt :Heating coil for a fast wax meltdown, Just need 5-8 minutes melt hard wax beans, you can Operation fast. You can a depilatory at home by yourself and don’t need to go to salon.
  • Four different flavors wax beans: Natural wax Ingredients Chamomile, lavender, chocolate, original flavor. Widely used For Body multiple parts. Can remove 95% your body hair.
  • 20 Pcs Wax applicator sticks and safety: Our package including 20 Pcs wooden wax applicator sticks that can be used for face or body waxing applying. No worrying about burning your skin while using the melted wax. Just concentrate on enjoying your beauty care and skin care at home.
  • How to use? 1. Melt the wax beans in the wax warmer 2. Spread the melted and suitable temperature wax on the skin 3. Wait wax dry and then peel off. You will feel soft and smooth of your skin.
  • Transparent cover and 100% guarantee: It is convenient for you the see wax melting process and better control the melting time through the transparent visible cover. 100% replacement or 100% money back if don’t feel satisfy in anyway.

BSW-001 Men’s Electric Shaver Replacement Head, Accessory Set, Electric Razor Parts Kits

Shaver head should be replaced regularly in order to maximize shaving performance and comfort, to keep your closer shave.

Product Features

  • Shaver head should be replaced regularly in order to maximize shaving performance and comfort, to keep your closer shave.
  • Replacement blades compatible with BSW electric shaver series BSW-001

Waxkiss Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit with Hard Wax Beans for Woman & Man Hard Wax Kits ( 1 wax warmer machine 4 Bags Wax beans and 10 wooden spatulas )

Direction for Use:

1.Clean your skin before use it . 

2.Put the hard wax beans onto the wax warmer machine , turn on the power to heat for about 20 – 30 mins . 

3.Using a spatula, spread a thick layer of melted wax onto the area to be treated follow the direction of hair growth. 

4. Allow a short period to cool and then holding the skin taut, remove wax with a firm action against the direction of hair growth.


1.Make sure the wax beans is completely melted , ensure not too hot before use it .

2.Do not use it on broken or irritated skin.

3.Do not use it if your skin suffered any adverse reactions to wax in the past.

4.If you are on medication that affects skin or you have a skin related disorder,consult your doctor before use.

5.Keep it away from Children.

Tip :

1.All hair removal causes some pain , you can press the edge to reduce painful , remove it fast and it will not have much feeling , you might feel pain only on the edge and the begining of removing it . 

2. 100g wax bean can be use for a pair of shins , but it depens on different people’s hair . 

Package include :

1  Wax Warmer Device 

4  100g/Bag Hard Wax Beans

10  Wooden Spatulas

Product Features

  • Are you still go to the Spa for depilatory every month ? You can stop that paid now ! you can totally remove your hair by yourself
  • Complicate ? NO ! This full set is enough for you , This set include a hard wax warmer , 4 bags hard wax bean and 10 stickers . You can do that easily by these !
  • Don’t know how it work ? You just need to put the hard wax beans on the pot and you can see through the plastic cover , heat it for 15 minutes ,and then use a stick spread a thick layer of wax onto the area to be treated follow the direction of hair growth ,allow a short period to cool and then holding the skin taut, remove wax with a firm action against the direction of hair growth . Is done !
  • Sensitive skin ? Don’t worry , this wax made by natural ingredient , is workable for sensitive skin , we have different flavor of the wax for you to choose !
  • Is it safe ? Yes , It can auto-shut off after the tempurate over high , and we have CE & FCC cetification for this device also ! Notice : Do not test the temperature of the wax with the finger but use sticks!

500ml Adjustable Temperature Wax Heater + Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal Tool Kits Used for Facial Armpits Hands Legs Bikini Line Depilatory (Cream)

Heater Material: Plastic
Optional Plugs:US(110V)
Power: 80W
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Capacity: 500ml
Weight: 936-1000g
Type: Waxing Supply

Usage of Hand Care:
Cut the hand wax into small pieces and put it in the wax heater.
Apply it to your hands with the brush after being melted, and you can put your hands into the wax liquid if you can resist high temperature.
Wrap your hand with plastic wrap or disposable plastic gloves after finishing applying, then wear insulated gloves for better effect.
Peel off the wax after 20-30 minutes and apply hand cream.

Usage of Facial Care:
Cleanse your face.
Apply nutrition, eye and spot cream to your face, eyes around and spots skin. Cover the face (not including nostrils and lips) with gauze of the same size as face while keep.
Test the temperature by applying the melted wax to the inside part of arm, then apply 2-3 layers of wax liquid to the gauze, including neck.
Peel off wax in 15-20 minutes.
Apply facial lotion and cream after cleansing the wax.

Usage of Depilatory Wax:
Heat the depilatory wax to make it become liquid with proper temperature. Keep skin clean and dry with skin care products.
Apply a thin and even layer of depilatory wax liquid from the same direction of hair growing with hair removal rod.
Stick the wax paper and press gently back and forth to make the paper, wax and hairs stuck together tightly.
Tear off the wax paper quickly from the reverse direction of hair growing. Clean skin and apply skin care products.

Package Includes:
1 x Wax Heater
1 x Bag of 300g Wax Bean
5 x Spatulas
1 x Manual

1. The wax paper may not be necessary.
2. Please don’t add water to the container.

Product Features

  • FAST WAX HEATER – Heats all wax types such as hard wax, soft wax, Paraffin wax, cream wax and more,adjustable temperature,easy to use with a removable insert pot and a lid cover to prevent contamination
  • NO NEEDED Strip: this hard wax does not require the use of strips so makes it much easier to use. It is significantly smoother on the skin than the traditional wax used at the salon with strips, the wax mask has perfect effect on the normal and dry skin,It can soften the epidermis and tone the wrinkle to make the facial skin lustrous
  • EASY TO APPLY & REMOVE: this is an excellent wax, heats evenly, applies smoothly and dries super fast. It is very easy clean up once it hardens and removed all hair effortlessly, almost pain free, If it leaves fragmented pieces of wax, use olive oil with cotton ball to remove the residue
  • WORKS ON ALL HAIR TYPES: It does not pull the skin, only the hair, It including coarse, short hair,figuring out which direction your hair grows, pull all of the hairs out and didn’t hurt,Removing unwanted hairs in arm, leg, armpit and bikini line easily, quickly and conveniently without irritation or harm to skin
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: no longer spending all of money at salons to get a brazilian wax done any more,the wax contained in the nutrients delivered to the skin deep to pay, to remove aging skin cells,effectively improve the skin rough, dry and so on

Yartar Permanent Hair Removal Device Portable Body Shaver Bikini Trimmers Hair Remover Kits For Men and Women

Net weight: 100g
Size: 124x45x23mm
How to use: as shown in the instructions
Temperature: 5-30 degrees Celsius
Humidity: 30% -80% RH
Input: 100-240V AC / 50-60Hz, 0.2A
Output: 8.4bvDC 0.5A

1. Do not use on eye area
2. Do not use for wounds
3. Please keep out of the reach of children
4. Do not use for any other purpose than that described in this manual
5. Do not use flammable anesthetic mixed gas

Product Features

  • Multiple Application:3 modes can give a good ideal for full body hair removal, including face, arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest
  • Latest Version:Thermal-move technology prevent hair regrowth black/thicker;90%hair is gone and after the 9-10 treatments with permanent results at home
  • Smart design:Sense-light,work when touch the skin, auto off when leave the skin
  • Unisex:Designed for both women and mens’ hair removor
  • Sincerely and trustworthy service:Each one is quality checked to ensure high performance and expert workmanship.And we also supply 90 DAYS WARRANTY.

Wax warmer – waxing kit – hair removal wax kit – hard wax beans – hot hard scented wax warmers electric kit for women – Brazilian eyebrow home body waxing kits – hair remover

Perfect hair removal wax kit to help you wax quickly, effortlessly & with way less pain when compared to cold wax or soft hot wax –
get that glamorous skin in a hassle-free way & flaunt your legs, mustache, brazilian, eyebrow, facial and bikini area.

Pearl and Blue Wax warmer electric kit

– Home body waxing could be daunting especially when you have to deal with messy cloth strips and unbearable pain –
hard scented wax depilation technique is innovative & allows you to remove hair with a spa-professional like dexterity

– No more running around or searching for hours to individually identify every important item for hot waxing –
Our waxing kit offers a set of best essentials

– Easy to use small wax warmer that can melt up to 500ml of hard wax beans in a breeze –
with easily adjustable temperature, you can quickly melt the beans when compared to a usual hair remover

– Sturdy & Reliable ABS, PC & PP build that’s CE, ROHS & FCC certified and a new-design plug-in – lets be 100% sure of safety when it comes to your sensitive skin

– Hair Removal from root ensures that hair regrowth is slow and you can flaunt your glamorous skin longer. It is suitable for women, men, girls and boys.

– 3 hard wax beans package of 100g that comes with a pleasant lavender fragrance

– Superior performance as the melted hard waxing beans don’t stick to your skin but only to hair, and thus proves more efficient in painless hair removal


So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW and get this Incredible Home Body Waxing Kit Delivered to you in just 3 to 5 days!

Product Features

  • GENTLE and
    VERSATILE – More gentle hair remover, remarkably slower regrowth comparing to
    razors, and no messy cloth strips, unlike soft wax. Our depilatory wax kit is
    suitable even for eyebrow and Brazilian.·
    SETUP – Our Hot Wax Warmer offers adjustable temperature function (160-240 F),
    DURABLE and FLAMELESS ABS, PC and PP construction and a new-design plug-in that
    fits FCC and CE standards.·
  • СONVENIENT and PAINLESS – Experience less pain during
    professional hair removal – compared to traditional depilation methods our body
    waxing kits are simple and effective both for women and men.·
    Electric Wax Warmers with generous 500ml capacity, 10 large wooden spatulas for
    safe and effortless application, 3 packs of natural scented hard wax beans –
    your unwanted hair has no chance.


    Our set gives easy spa-grade performance, stripless & hassle-free home
    self-waxing and, including THE RISK-FREE CONTENTMENT GUARANTEE, it gets your
    expectation and money worth.

Shaving Set for Men, Ocathnon Shaving Kits 5 in 1, Shaving Brush Stand + Badger Brush + Safety Razor + Razor Blade + Elegent Gift Box

Shaving set is a great solution for mens’ shaving, safe and effective.

Razor and brush, brush stand are packed in shaving set. It is not only functional but also fashionable design, with beautiful graceful stand and noble safety razor, you will enjoy your shaving more fun and noble. You deserve it!

5PCS high quality sharp platinum blades are presented and it makes razor hair-removal easily. With perfect all-closed razor design, it don’t hurt your face skin. In addition, we provide a safety storage for blades, it has two level storages,( front side & back side), you can place used blades into the backside after shaving and keep it away from your children to ensure safety.

What you get:
1 X Shaving Brush Stand
1 X Badger Brush
1 X Safety Razor
1 X Razor Blade
1 X Elegent Gift Box
24 hours service

Using Guideline:
(1) Please kindly keep blades placed well where children can’t touch.
(2) Please kindly take it care, Don’t make strong force to this brush stand.
(3) Please kindly use 2 silicones hoses to keep it stable when the brush slip-down easily.
(4) Please kindly overall clean your brush before hanging on the brush stand to prolong the lifespan of brush.

Product Features

  • 5 in 1 Shaving Set: Shave stand + Safty Razor + Badger hair shaving brush + 5 PCS platinum razor blade + Gift Box, it makes your shaving more conveninence. Most of shaving kit are included, time-saving and Economy.
  • Graceful Shave Stand: Acrylic Beauty-statue stand makes your bathroom more graceful, clean and tidy, it will do a favor to enjoy your shaving and weighted transparrent base keeps your razor and brush stand stable.
  • Badger Hair Brush: High-grade Badger hair bristles whips up lather easily and Zinc Alloy handle of brush shows a wonderful touch-feeling which makes your shaving more comfortable.
  • Long Handle Safety Razor: The handle of razor is 4.56 inch, you can hold your razor easily and comfortably. It is made of Zinc Alloy with classical style and shows your man’s charm, a real man’s razor, for a real man’s shave.
  • Gift for Men: Comes with a perfect packing, Functional and fashionable shaving set can be an exquisite gift to your father and lover. Please contact us without hesitation if you need some assistance.

Sandalwood Shave Soap w/ Shea Butter Argan Oil & Aloe for Wet Shaving Straight Razors, Double Edge Safety or Disposable Razors. 4oz Shave Puck. Handmade in USA. Gifts for Men – Use in Dopp kits!

Lucky Franc’s Brand Classic Sandalwood Shaving Soap

Not all shaving products are created equally! Wet Shaving is and art and using quality products makes the experience a pleasure and provides the best results. 

This Lucky Franc’s Brand glycerin based shave soap is handmade in the USA. You’ll love the classic scent and the large 4oz size will last for many wet shaves. 

Comes packaged in a handy black tin that allows you to store your shave soap when traveling. This is a great addition to your shave kit.

Infused with Argan Oil, She Butter, Aloe, Chamomile, and Kaolin to provide a smooth glide and reduce razor burn and irritation. 

Directions: Place shaving soap in your favorite shave bowl or shaving mug. Use warm water and a shaving brush to whip up a rich lather. Apply lather to you face using upward motions to lift facial hair with your brush. Use a double edge safety razor, straight razor, disposable, or dollar club style razor to shave. Reapply if you wish to make a second pass with your razor. Rinse with cold water and apply after shave gel, lotion, splash, or tonic.

Makes a great gift for men! Handmade in small batches in the USA. Never tested on animals, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right. 

Product Features

  • Classic Sandalwood Glycerin Shave Soap. Amazing scent! Wet shaving is an art! Use the best hand crafted products for the closest shave and feel like you just came form the barber shop. Smooth Shaves for Days!
  • Use your favorite shave brush and shaving mug or shaving bowl to whip up a great slick lather for your next shave! Add this classic shaving puck to your shaving set or travel kit!
  • Infused with Argan Oil, She Butter, Aloe, Chamomile, and Kaolin for smooth glide with less razor burn & bumps. Comes in a handy tin that can be used to store your soap when traveling. Add to your dopp kit!
  • Use with straight razors, double edge razors, safety razors, or your favorite disposable or shave club type razor for a smooth glide and close shave everytime.
  • Makes a great gift for men. Perfect man’s gift for Father’s Day, Birthday, or Holidays. Easy to gift wrap and a gift a man will love.

Wax Warmer Hair Removal, KINIVA Electric Waxing Warmer Kit, Professional Wax Heater Pot, Painless Hard Wax Melt Beans Kits, Melting Beads Applicators Sticks – Black

Net Weight:
Package Weight:
Voltage: 110 V – 220 V, 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Plug: US plug
Volume: 500 ml
Size: 19.5×11.8×16.5cm
Color: Black
Material: ABS+Staineless Steel

Package Included
1 x wax heater (US plug, can work probably at any voltage during 110-220v )
1 x user manual
1 x user manual
4 x 100g hard wax beans

Product Features

  • SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS WAXES AND RAPIDLY MELT: This wax heater can melt most wax, such as hard wax, soft wax, loose wax, bricks bikini wax kits, 15 ounce wax cans, spa wax and so on. Heating coil make it a fast melt and only need about 10 minute to melt the hard wax beans.
  • 20 PCS WAX APPLICATOR STICKS AND SAFETY: Our package including 20 pcs wooden wax applicator sticks that can be used for face or body waxing applying. No worrying about burning your skin while using the melted wax. Just concentrate on enjoying your beauty care and skin care at home.
  • COMPLETELY HAIR REMOVAL: Beans hair removal adopts hair root rational removal principle, strongly and completely. Most hair would instantly be pulled out from the hair follicles by the dry melted wax. It won’t remain black hair root after this kind of hair removal.
  • HOW TO USE? 1. Melt the wax beans in the wax warmer 2. Spread the melted and suitable temperature wax on the skin 3. Wait wax dry and then peel off. You will feel soft and smooth of your skin.
  • Transparent cover and 100% guarantee: It is convenient for you the see wax melting process and better control the melting time through the transparent visible cover. 100% replacement or 100% money back if don’t feel satisfy in anyway.