Bosidi IPL Hair Removal System, Pro Permanent Hair Removal for Women

How to Use
1.Shave the skin before treatment.
2.Select your preferred energy setting and place the skin contact surface on your skin. The skin tone sensor automatically senses if the hair and skin tone are suitable and ensures device only activates if IPL will work on your skin tone. The ready warning light will start blinking.
3.You can then press the flash bottom and use the slide and flash motion for continuous application.
4.Apply the IPL hair removal every two weeks for the initial three treatments. In between treatments, hair sheds naturally and growth is inhibited. Repeat the treatment when needed (time between treatments may vary based on your individual hair regrowth).
5.When following this treatment regimen up to 96% users experience permanently hair removal after only two months.

Who Can Use It?
Avoid using on naturally dark or recently tanned skin. This hair remover is ideal for use with lighter skin tones and brown-to-black hair. For additional safety, this hair removal system has a built-in smart sensor that detects if skin tone is too dark for treatment and will not work if the skin has too much pigment for treatment.

Product Features

  • Up to 96% hair reduction in just 3 treatments
  • Permanently remove unwanted hair at home after 2 months use
  • Safety skin tone sensor to prevent any adverse reactions or side effect
  • Clinically tested effective for full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back, face and chest
  • Quick and easy to use at home, never need to pay much at beauty salon

Nose Hair Trimmer for Men, Wet Dry Facial Ear Hair Clipper with Vacuum System & Hypoallergenic Dual-edge Blade Battery Operated Waterproof NT11

The Veagins NT11 person hair trimmer is equipped with uniquely curved, hypoallergenic, dual-edge stainless-steel blades. Perfect for clipping and trimming individual stray hairs on the face, nose, ear, upper lip hair and for use as a mustache and beard detail trimmer, without irritating skin or pulling hairs.

A powerful motor gives clean, efficient and smooth cut.

Veagins men’s nose trimmer features an advanced micro-vacuum system designed to quickly and neatly collect and deposit nose, ear and other trimmed hair particles into an easy-clean collection chamber, and keep the ears and nose free of debris.

The quality nose hair trimmer equipped with built-in bright LED light that lets you see exactly what and where you’re cutting.

The detail trimmer allows you to comfortably trim your neck, sideburns, stubble and beard.

Simply rinse the blades under warm running water for quick and hygienic cleaning. A cleaning brush is included to easily clean away stubborn hair particles.

For portability and convenient, the nose trimmer is powered by one AA battery (not include, runs up to 80 minutes), for use anytime and anywhere.

Veagins nose trimmer set includes lifetime replacement warranty, buy with confidence, Add to cart now!

Package includes:
1 * Quality Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
1 * Detail Trimmer Attachment
1 * Cleaning Brush
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • Lifetime replacement warranty, buy with confidence!
  • Veagins nose hair trimmer for men comfortably removes nose, ear and unwanted facial hair plus details beards and sideburns with dual-edge blades and detail trimmer.
  • Curved, hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades cut safely and cleanly, without irritating skin or pulling hairs.
  • Men’s grooming trimmer features a smart micro-vacuum system and powerful motor cleanly and efficiently whisks away clipped nose, ear, mustache and facial hair particles as you trim.
  • Completely waterproof men’s personal groomer for wet/dry nose and ear trimming convenience, safely use dry anytime or in the shower.

Schick Quattro Titanium 4 – Four Blade Razor Shaving System- Value Pack (10 Cartridges + 1 Handle)

The Schick Quattro Titanium – a durable razor with 4 titanium-coated blades that stay sharp to reduce irritation. An edging blade provides extra precision in hard-to-reach spaces, and an ergonomically designed handle gives added control.

Product Features

  • FOUR TITANIUM-COATED BLADES for a smooth, clean, effortless, easy on the wallet, shave
  • Easy-to-Grip Handle for Comfort
  • FLEXIBILITY to use all Schick Quattro for Men Razor on all Schick Quattro for Men Razor Blade Refills
  • LUBRICATING STRIP with Aloe, Vitamin E & B-5 for exceptional glide

DEESS Permanent Hair Removal Device iLight 3 plus, 35,0000 Flashes, IPL Hair Removal System for Face and Body at home[Non-rechargeable], [device+1 HR lamp] with Ladies Facial Hair Razor

It is an IPL permanent hair removal system, it really takes time and patience to see result. You need to insist on the treatments at least 6-10 times to see results. Please use it per week, and please repeat 1-2 times for each treatment, you have to do it again after you finish all area to allow your skin to calm down. Results could vary on different skin tone and style. The energy of short intense pulse light is absorbed preferentially by the pigment in root hair follicle, after continuous treatments, hair is prevented from growing back. Please insist on regular use, you will see result! Where can I use it? You can remove hairs from the upper lip, chin, sideburns, armpit, arms, legs, tummy, and bikini area. If you want to use this device to do a brazilian,we suggest starting with Level 1 for such darker areas then turning up the intensity if there is no burning. Treatment schedule: For permanent hair removal, suggest at least 6-12 treatments. Month 1: One treatment per week; Months 2-3: One treatment every two weeks. To maintain results, touch-up every four to six weeks. 24-hour customer service( Contraindication Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or during menstrual period; Not for individuals with scar diathesis; Not for individuals with photosensitization history or diabetes; Not for individuals who has depilated in other methods in the past 6 weeks and used skin whitening products or products with vitamin A in the past 1 week; Not for individuals who has taken essential oil treatment at the same time; Not for individuals who has taken Aspirin, immunosuppressant; Not for individuals who has been exposed to strong sunlight in the past 2 weeks; Not for sensitive areas, like mucosa, etc.; and private positions, like upper eyelid, lip, nipple and private parts etc.; Not for individuals with hirsutism and other diseases that may trigger complications.

Product Features

  • 95% HAIR REDUCTION AFTER 6-12 TREATMENTS IN 2-4 MONTH: this is not a instant hair remover device like razor or epilator, patience is required! Actually you have to shave in advance before the treatment so that the light can effect root hair follicle the most! The energy of short intense pulse light (IPL) is absorbed preferentially by the pigment in root hair follicle, after continuous treatments, the hair is prevented from growing back, it disables the hair follicle for permanent results.
  • 350,000 FLASHES PER LAMP, 20-YEAR LIFESPAN, AND WORKS QUICKLY: With a large 3.1 sq. cm lamp window and 25 flashes per minute, you can finish the treatment for the lower leg in eight minutes, underarm in two minutes, bikini area in four minutes, arm in six minutes, and whole body in 20-40 minutes. It takes about 15,000-20,000 flashes for a whole body treatment (in two to four months) with permanent results, so you do not have to buy a replacement lamp.
  • HOW TO USE?[NOT BATTERY OPERATED] 1. Shave hair 2. Wear glasses and plug in the device ( a red light is blinking)3. Hold the button for 3 seconds to start/power off ( red+green light blinking) 4. Click the button to adjust levels. The default is level 1. 5. Put the device vertically on your skin and click the button to flash after all lights turn green. 6. You will see a flash after you click the button correctly.(if press it too long ,it will shut down)
  • PAIN-FREE, SAFE, AND EASY-TO-USE PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL AT HOME AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE: This device uses the same clinically proven IPL technology used by professional salons and top spas. IPL light is much more painless than salon hair removal. You will see a bright flash and feel some heat. The higher level, the more heat you will feel. You do not have to go through long sessions at a dermatologist’s office, spa, or salon. Do it at home for a small part of the cost of in-office treatments.
  • •NO HIDDEN COSTS FOR GEL,NON BATTERY OPERATED : DEESS IPL hair removal system is safe with a gentle light that can be used without gel for cooling. The lamp is durable with a high-quality quartz tube and UV filters. Five energy levels cater to different demands. The device features a wired design without downtime. We provide 24-hour customer service ( and a one-year warranty with a 30-day money back guarantee.

COSBEAUTY IPL Permanent Hair Removal System, Face&Body Hair Removal System,FDA Cleared

Permanent Hair Removal:
Replaces traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, creams, gels and epilators,COSBEAUTY Hair Removal Device uses professional intense pulsed light to target precisely melanin in hair follicles to disable the hair regrow abilty, which results in permanent hair removal at home,It’s perfect for sensitive areas like bikini lines but versatile enough for larger areas like legs and arms. It includes a skin tone sensor to ensure your skin and hair tone are suitable, as well as five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment.

Who can use it?
Avoid using on naturally dark or recently tanned skin. This beauty tool is ideal for use with lighter skin tones and brown-to-black hair. For additional safety, COSBEAUTY has a built-in smart sensor that detects if skin tone is too dark for treatment and will not pulse if the skin has too much pigment for treatment.

When will I see results? what is the treatment and schedule ?
With just two to four self-treatment sessions, most users experience visually diminished hair that is comparable to results produced by professionally administered laser procedures.
1.For the first four sessions: treat each area once every two week.
2.After the fourth session, treat each area once a month.
3.Most women will need 6 to 8 treatment sessions for permanent hair removal.
4.Most men will need an average of 8 to 10 treatment sessions.

What should I pay attention to when using?
Note1: Keep the power cord being plugged in, do not pull the plug out during using it. The device don’t need to be charged in advance, just use it directly since connect the power cord.
Note2: 20% battery means standby status (indicates the device has been connected to the power cord well), 100% battery means hair removal available status.

Product Features

  • COSBEAUTY PerfectSmooth IPL Hair Removal Device uses professional intense pulsed light to target precisely at melanin in hair follicles to disable the hair regrow ability, which results in permanent hair removal.
  • Fast and safety treatments: CosBeauty IPL Technology replaces traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, creams, gels and epilators, and allowing you to treat a full body in just 30 minutes. Over 75% hair ingrown in just 8 weeks. After 4-6 month usage, the hair is visibly less and hair-growth is prevented, achieving a long-lasting and efficient hair-removal experience.
  • If you are care about quality, safe, fast and simple, this product exactly for you. It’s includies up to a long life lamp. Ideal for full body hair removal, including arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, back and chest. It includes a skin tone sensor to ensure your skin and hair tone are suitable, as well as five adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment.
  • Please find the ENGLISH OPERATION VIDEO by searching “Cosbeauty IPL hair removal” on YouTube. In this way you will understand step by step How to use or Who can use this device.
  • CosBeauty PerfectSmooth IPL Hair Removal Device ranked first in Japan market and have been very successful in hair removal product category. We are recommended in popular beauty magazines and also received thousands of good comments from consumers which makes us very proud of our products.

no!no! MICRO Hair Removal System for Lasting Results – Basic Kit (Lipstick Red)

Facial hair? NO! Leg hair? NO! no!no! MICRO gives you a hair removal treatment with professional-like results in the palm of your hand. Treat and remove hair simultaneously with this micro-sized hair removal device powered by patented ThermiconTM Technology. Thermicon Technology works based on the scientific principles of gentle heat transference, making it safe and effective on all skin tones and hair colors. With one treatment level, no!no! MICRO can be used virtually anywhere on the face and body. Simply chose the Thermicon Tip size for the area you are treating and press it into the device, go over the area, making sure the Tip comes in contact with the hair stubble in the opposite direction of the grain of hair and buff after treatment. If any hair remains report the process. This kit includes: 1 MICRO, 2 Thermicon Tips (Wide and Narrow), Charger and Cleansing Brush.

Product Features

  • Simultaneously treats and removes hair, Weeks of lasting results with continued use
  • Uses patented Thermicon Technology, Can be used virtually anywhere on the face or body
  • Cordless, rechargeable, designed for a hair removal treatment at home (or on the go)
  • Safe on all skin tone (and tattoos!)
  • Effectively treats all hair colors (including blonde, red and gray)

DEESS permanent hair removal system for face and body 2 in 1 iLight 2 , IPL light speed-up version home use.[Device+1 big hair removal lamp+1 small hair removal lamp],Non-Rechargeable.

Color: flower | Model: iLight 2 | 700000 flashes | No hidden cost for media gel

2 in 1 Kit
1 lamp of 4.5 sq cm, 350000 flashes for leg, tummy, arm hair removal ?

1 lamp of 2 sq cm, 350000 flashes for up lips, fingers, private parts etc.

Manual operation (flash one by one) &Automatic operation (continuous flash each 2 seconds)

DEESS—–Your 24 hours Personal Beauty Expert, products and service from the manufacture directly.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the most popular technology applied in hair removal application. First used at professional dermatology and top salon, spa. It has been proved as safe and effective around the world for more than 20 years, owns millions of good feedbacks from users. Based on DEESS’ 17 years experience in products research and substantial clinical research data from the chain-salon customers and users worldwide,90% women are satisfied with DEESS products and service.

You can use the device on upper lip, chin, sideburns, armpit, arms, legs, tummy, bikini line, genital etc.

What skin and hair is suitable for hair removal function?

Applicable skin color: White, Ivory, Beige, Light brown
Noticeable skin color: Brown
Not applicable/Unsafe: Dark brown and black

Not for white hair, grey hair, red hair and blond hair.
Built-in sensor will active the device after confirm your skin tone.

Treatment schedule:

For permanent hair removal, suggest 6-10 treatments at least.

1 month: 1 treatment/ week;

2-3 months: 1 treatment /2 weeks

To maintain results, touch-up every 4 to 6 weeks. Results could vary on different skin tone and style.

Please insist to use it until you get a smooth, silky skin.

Product Features

  • Clinical studies show up 70% hair reduction after the third treatment of IPL light.
  • Hair coming back slowly and thinner after 5 treatments.
  • 90% hair is gone after the 6-10 treatments with permanent hair removal results at home.
  • 2 hair removal lamps in total 700000 pulses [1 large size of 4.5 sq cm for body ]+[1 smaller size of 2 sq cm for targeted zones such as face,upper lip ]
  • Manual operation and automatic continuous operation• LCD display, built-in skin sensor, five energy levels.

Laser Hair Removal System Painless Laser Hair Remover For Whole Body Hair Removal Including Face, Armpit, Bikini, Leg etc.

Product Features

  • Automatic hair removal/manual hair removal: using the automatic hair removal way can improve the efficiency of unhairing 30%;
  • Permanent and safe Painless depilation at home. Results clinically proved: up to 82% less hair 1 month after 6 sessions.
  • 30 Minutes quickly hair removal: the body hair removal, each time it only takes 30 minutes; If it is only a partial alopecia required ,it used less time;
  • A+ quartz lamp: the depilatory efficacy of a higher quality. Let you in after depilation,and you will have smooth skin;
  • Designed for both women and mens whole body hair removal including armpit, bikini line, legs, back, chest etc.

Braun Series 9 9290CC Wet & Dry Electric Shaver for Men with Clean & Charge System with $40 Gift Card

Product Features

  • Braun Series 9, the World’s most efficient and comfortable shaver, proven on 3-day beards vs leading premium tier products. Tested on 3-day beards vs. leading premium tier products. Details on
  • Five specialized shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke for fewer strokes and less skin irritation
  • Gift Card is affixed inside a blank greeting card with a separate mailing envelope
  • Gift Card has no fees and no expiration date

SUPRUS Men’s Electric Foil Shaver Razor Electric Shavers for Man Beard Trimmer Razor Pop-Up Trimmer Patented Sensor System Linear Motor

SUPRUS Foil Shaver go in straight, making it even easier to get a clean shave in one swipe, so you don’t need to circle over the same spot twice, that means no more painful yanking or pulling.
You can conveniently rinse them under running water for easy and hygienic cleaning.
The Unique Smart shaving elements is designed to capture hair that grows in different directions, doing a very thorough job with little effort. Professional Services you can feel every day.
Why choose foil shaver?
– Close shave
– Kinder to the skin than rotary shavers
– It’s possible to do more precise shaving with foil shavers
Chargeable long life lithium battery(90 minutes rapid charge Up to 50 minutes cordless shaving) with Mens Electric Razor LED Charge Indicator that will let you know when the juice is running low.
High-performance electric razor motor designed to shave at speeds of 14000 cycles per minute (cpm) shaver. Triple speed than normal rotary shavers.
With Pop-up Grooming trimmer, thick growth, sideburns, and facial hair can be managed quickly and easily.
Package Include:
1 * Electric Foil Shaver
1 * Blade cover
1 * Charging stand
1 * AC Adapter
1 * Travel pouch
1 * Cleaning brush
1 * Oil
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • 【KINDER TO SENSITIVE SKIN THAN ROTARY SHAVER】Foil refers to the thin layer of metal that covers the blades therefore it’s gentle to sensitive skin. The foil captures the hair with its slots, cutting it close to the skin, offering a closer shave compared to rotary shaver. They also deliver a more precise finish when defining straight edges, such as trimming around sideburns.
  • 【INTELLIGENT PATENTED SENSOR SYSTEM】Unique Patented Sensor Technology will automatically adjust power according to the hair thickness, so it adjusts perfectly to the curved surfaces of any face.
  • 【AFFORDABLE PREMIUM ATTACHMENT】Hexagonal geometry foil(Made in NETHERLANDS) with irregular size hexagonal mesh design delivers efficient shaving with less pressure, minimizing skin irritation. The Independently Floating Heads with High Quality Cutting Blade(Made in JAPAN) for a close and gentle shave.
  • 【WASHABLE RAZOR DESIGN】IPX7 waterproof allows you to use the electric shaver wet and dry, with foam or gel for a better shaving result, convenient to clean it.
  • 【PERFECT TRAVEL PAL】Travel Lock Switch ensures the shaver won’t turn on and drain the batteries while stored away for travel. Automatic Worldwide Voltage Adapter(100-240V)for travel and storage with its automatic worldwide voltage you can bring the shaver anywhere.

Tezam Multi Grooming Kit for Men, Hair Clipper, Precision Hair / Beard Trimmer , Nose Trimmer, Cordless Shaving System

Everything You Want For A Perfect Trim in one package!

This professional men’s personal trimmer set is perfect for precisely trimming your hair, beard, mustache, and body, ideal for men’s daily grooming.
This professional wireless men’s trimmer set will provide you a excellent cutting experience. No more expensive bills for facial and body trimming and you can do it in an easy way.
Hair Clipper – Ultra-sleek rechargeable hair clipper is designed for Beard Trimming, Hair Clipping, Body Shaving and precision Facial styling. It is adopted with strong battery and sharp rounded cutting attachments ensuring effective trimming and long-lasting performance. Use the trimmer, conveniently create different hair styles. Sharp rounded cutting attachments trim through trick hair effectively and evenly. It comes with charging base and power adapter.
Nose Trimmer – With speedy motor of high rotation speed and high-grade steel cutting head, the nose trimmer effectively and quickly trims unwanted hair in nose, ears, and eyebrows. It equipped with LED grooming lights, makes accurate trimming so easy, even in hardly reach area. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included).
USB shaver – USB recharging, compact and lightweight design, the men shaver is easy to carry and travel, groom yourself at anytime and anywhere. Smooth and low-friction blade to minimize irritation. Far away nick and cuts, give a comfortable shaving experience for you, you would enjoy it!
Warranty – 1 years warranty. If there is any problem under warranty, please email us, we will take full reprehensibility for it and provide the best solution for it.

Product Features

  • 3 tools for all in one set – Cordless hair clipper, USB shaver and Nose trimmer – provide precise results no matter your style.
  • Precision electric, waterproof trimmer set cleanly and comfortably trims and grooms hair, beard, mustache and body hair .Chromium steel self-sharpening blades ensures long-lasting performance, while prevent skin irritation.
  • 100% washable head, easy to clean and maintain, just rinses clean in seconds under running water. Attached cleaning brush.
  • Ultra Slim and ergonomic design make it ease and portability.
  • Lightweight, Quiet, Smooth shaving, Precise trimming. This all in one set is perfect gift for men’s daily grooming. Backed by 1 years warranty.

Braun Silk-epil 9 Skinspa 9-961V 5-in-1 Epilator/Epilation Exfoliation & Skin Care System

Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa is our best 5-in-1 epilation, exfoliation and skin care system, featuring 12 extras. In addition to Braun’s best Wet & Dry epilator, the set comes with a deep massage pad to improve skin tone, two exfoliation brushes for gentle and deep body exfoliation, and a shaver head and trimmer cap.

Product Features

  • Wet & Dry epilator removes more hair in one stroke vs other Braun epilators
  • Epilation removes 4x shorter hair than wax. Plus 12 Extras
  • Deep massage pad helps improve skin appearance
  • 2 body brushes exfoliate and help to reduce ingrown hairs; Shaver for bikini and sensitive areas
  • 100% waterproof: Easily clean under running water, comfortably use in bath or shower
  • 2 speed settings: Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, Speed 2 for an extra efficient epilation
  • Micro-grip Technology Efficiently removes hair by the root for long lasting smoothness