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Perfect hair removal wax kit to help you wax quickly, effortlessly & with way less pain when compared to cold wax or soft hot wax –
get that glamorous skin in a hassle-free way & flaunt your legs, mustache, brazilian, eyebrow, facial and bikini area.

Pearl and Blue Wax warmer electric kit

– Home body waxing could be daunting especially when you have to deal with messy cloth strips and unbearable pain –
hard scented wax depilation technique is innovative & allows you to remove hair with a spa-professional like dexterity

– No more running around or searching for hours to individually identify every important item for hot waxing –
Our waxing kit offers a set of best essentials

– Easy to use small wax warmer that can melt up to 500ml of hard wax beans in a breeze –
with easily adjustable temperature, you can quickly melt the beans when compared to a usual hair remover

– Sturdy & Reliable ABS, PC & PP build that’s CE, ROHS & FCC certified and a new-design plug-in – lets be 100% sure of safety when it comes to your sensitive skin

– Hair Removal from root ensures that hair regrowth is slow and you can flaunt your glamorous skin longer. It is suitable for women, men, girls and boys.

– 3 hard wax beans package of 100g that comes with a pleasant lavender fragrance

– Superior performance as the melted hard waxing beans don’t stick to your skin but only to hair, and thus proves more efficient in painless hair removal


So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW and get this Incredible Home Body Waxing Kit Delivered to you in just 3 to 5 days!

Product Features

  • GENTLE and
    VERSATILE – More gentle hair remover, remarkably slower regrowth comparing to
    razors, and no messy cloth strips, unlike soft wax. Our depilatory wax kit is
    suitable even for eyebrow and Brazilian.·
    SETUP – Our Hot Wax Warmer offers adjustable temperature function (160-240 F),
    DURABLE and FLAMELESS ABS, PC and PP construction and a new-design plug-in that
    fits FCC and CE standards.·
  • СONVENIENT and PAINLESS – Experience less pain during
    professional hair removal – compared to traditional depilation methods our body
    waxing kits are simple and effective both for women and men.·
    Electric Wax Warmers with generous 500ml capacity, 10 large wooden spatulas for
    safe and effortless application, 3 packs of natural scented hard wax beans –
    your unwanted hair has no chance.


    Our set gives easy spa-grade performance, stripless & hassle-free home
    self-waxing and, including THE RISK-FREE CONTENTMENT GUARANTEE, it gets your
    expectation and money worth.

Rapid Melt Portable Electric Hair Removal Hot Wax Warmer 14 oz Easy Waxing Warmers 160℉ – 240℉ Control Mini SPA Warmer Wax Heater

Product description

1.Cleansing Face,Exfoliating.

2.Apply moisturizing essential oil to the skin.

3.Just plug in and rotate the knob to adjust temperature, the pilot lamp lights up and the heater starts working.

Take appropriate amount of wax beans into a depilatory wax heater to melt.

4.Heat the wax to a melting temperature,after the wax melted,spread a layer of wax with a spatula on the skin along the direction of the hair growth.

5.After 15-20 minutes, feel the wax temperature disappears when the wax stripped,against the direction of the hair growth quickly ,coated with skin cream.


 Voltage: 110-120V,50HZ, US Plug

 Power: 80W

 Adjustable Temperature: Maximum 80°C

 Capacity: 500ML

 Item Weight: 736g

 Box size: 20 * 20 * 15cm


When the wax has melted,lower the temperature of the wax warmer by turning the tempetaure control dial to MED(60 or 70 Celsius).

The device will automaticlly work when the temperature is lower than the temperatur you selected,the light will be”ON”,when the temperature is higher than the one you selected,the device will stop working,the light will be “OFF”. 

Tips: How to clean your waxing pot?

 1)Pour some of Water into the container and allow some of the wax to be Heated and dissolved away.

 2)Use a scraper or spatula to remove stubborn bits of wax.

 3)Once all the wax is dissolved away, use makeup remover or paper towel to wipe out the inside of the wax pot to get rid of any residue.

Package included:

1 * Wax Warmer (Wax not Included) 

Product Features

  • Multipurpose:It can melts all types of depilatory waxes including those canned, broken, or in block form. Can remove 98% your body hair,Widely used for facial, Bikini, arms, legs, under arms, and eyebrow hair removal.
  • Rapid melt:Heating coil for a fast wax meltdown,Just need 10 minute melt hard wax beans,you can Operation fast.From stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz, leaving your skin soft and glowing.
  • Safe:See-through Cover,Removable Liner Bucket can avoid burning your skin while lifting it.accelerating the wax melting and preventing the wax contamination by dust.And you can see wax melting process more intuitive.The bucket also helps it easy to clean up the wax without dripping.
  • Adjustable Temperature:Various Warm-up Setting.It heats up quickly and has a nice range of temperature settingsfrom 160℉ to 240℉ allows you to choose.And you can choose the melt temperature for the specific wax you use. Auto-shut-off function in high temperature remains the wax in liquid but not overheat.
  • Convenient:Perfect for waxing in salons,at homes,at your friends,on vacation or anywhere you go.Stylish addition to any home beauty set.Save your time and money.Perfect waxing tool for mobile technicians.

Electric Hair Removal Waxing Warmers Depilatory Machine with 4 Packs Hard Wax Beans and 50 pcs Wax Applicator Sticks Home Waxing Kit(White)

Waxing your leg at home! New Wax Warmer Kit!

-Do your waxing at home from now on! Never waste your time and money in a spa for long-time depilatory therapy!
-Wax warmer kit in one package! Includes a waxing warmer and 4 packs of hard wax beans, 50 pieces of wax applicator sticks.
-Different flavor of wax beans! Let you enjoy different kinds of smell experience for different mood.
-Controllable temperature for wax warmer, melt the beans to perfect conditon.

Rated Voltage: 100V-127V
Power: 100W
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Capacity: 400cc
Item Weight: 15.2oz
Item Dimension: 7 x 6 inches

Package includes:
1 x Wax Warmer Machine
4 x Hard Wax Bean Pack(Different Flavors)
1 x Wax Applicator Sticks Bumper(50 pieces)

How to use the waxing warmer kit?
1. Put the wax beans into inner bucket, heat beans until it to flowing state and suitable temperature.
2. Clean your skin and find out the hair growth direction.
3. Use wax applicator stick and dip some wax, stick to your skin along with the hair growth direction.
4. Wait until the wax become concretionary, grip the edge of the wax and tear off it against the hair growth direction quickly.
5. Use some protection solution to clean your skin.


1. Please keep the wax beans away from heat source. If weather is too hot, please store it in your freezer.
2. Do not use it on the skin which has varicosity, abscess, wound, sunburn or other damage.
3. Before using please try on your skin to make sure no irritability.
4. Do not keep the wax on your skin for too long.
5. It is not suitable to use water or alcohol to clean the rudimental wax on your skin after use. And do not swim or be under the blazing sun for quite a long time within 24 hours after use.

Product Features

  • HOME WAXING KIT – Fast and efficient at-home hair removal! The waxing hair removal kit offer you a quick and easy way to wax your leg. Kit includes an electric wax warmer, 4 x 100g packs of hard wax beans and a bumper pack of 50 wax applicator sticks. Wax warmer is feminine design and portable.
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME – No more costly and long-time wasted in salon hair removal treatments! The waxing kit has humanization design and easy to use for anyone! Just simply melt the wax beans in the warmer, spread on your skin and peel it away, it will recover your smooth, soft and beautiful skin, remove all the annoying hair.
  • DIFFERENT FLAVOR OF BEANS – Kit included 4 packs of hard wax beans: Aloe, Strawberry, Chocolate and Lavender. Also this no-strip, hard wax professionally adheres to the hair, firmly gripping each strand, gently removing it from the root. Delivering a painless experience and leaving the skin silky smooth.
  • CONTROLLABLE TEMPERATURE – With a knob on the front, you can control the temperature of wax warmer at anytime. It ensures the wax melts to a perfect condition, neither to hot which makes your skin feel pain nor too cold to not melt down totally. Makes the wax into a optimal texture for easily spreading on your skin.
  • REMOVABLE INNER BUCKET – A safe removable bucket with handle, avoid to burning your skin while using the wax. Also it is easy to seperate and clean to protect the main body from dripping.

Wax Necessities Depilatory Soft Wax – Rose 14 Oz (397g) New Tin Fits Most Warmers

-Professional use ONLY -Use with strips. -High titanium dioxide concentration. -Protects from irritation. -Ideal for short, coarse hair. -Advanced adhesion. Created for removal of short, coarse hair. Non-transparent. Temeperature: max 39 degrees C (102.2 degrees F). Use with strips.

Product Features

  • -Formulated with Titanium Dioxide -Use with strips -High density soft wax.
  • -Protects from irritation. -Ideal for short, coarse hair.
  • NEW TIN ! Fits most warmers on the market
  • Made in Italy

Wax Necessities Depilatory Soft Wax – Olive 14 Oz (397g) New Tin Fits Most Warmers

-Professional use ONLY -Use with strips. -High density wax. -With moisturizing olive oil and vitamin E. -Ideal for short, coarse hair. -Not transparent. High density wax. Contains natural olive oil, vitamin E, moisturizes the skin during depilation procedure, characterized by advanced adhesion. Created for removal of short, coarse hair. Characterized by advanced adhesion level. Non-transparent. Temeperature: max 39 degrees C (102.2 degrees F). Use with strips.

Product Features

  • -Use with strips -High density soft wax.
  • -With moisturizing olive oil and vitamin E moisturizes the skin during depilation procedure
  • -Characterized by advanced adhesion to the hair . Created for removal of short, coarse hair.
  • NEW TIN ! Fits most warmers on the market
  • Made in Italy