The Blades Grim & Satin Tip – White Synthetic Shave Brush & Smolder Soap Kit

We bring you two of our most beloved products in one unbeatable combination.

The Blades Grim 4 oz Luxury Shaving Soap “Smolder” Scent and The Satin Tip The Purest White Synthetic Shaving Brush.

These two items go hand in hand. For a long time we’ve offered them with other items in our kits. Now thanks to customer demand, we are offering them as their own combo.

The Blades Grim , Smolder Shaving Soap has been tough to keep on the shelf, it is highly praised for its rich lather, subtle yet masculine scent and overall comfort during the shave. The shaving soap comes in our gold screw top tin. Everything about this soap is luxurious and we want our customers to enjoy this with the finest synthetic brush on the market.

Satin Tip , The Purest synthetic brush has garnered a lot of attention and for good reason. The quality and feel of the brush is hard to match, especially when price is considered, then it becomes unbeatable. Each brush comes with an attractive paper slip case for storage and travel. You can also use your synthetic hair brush without guilt, knowing that no animals were harmed in the manufacture of these products.

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Product Features

  • A Superior Way to Shave – Better Shave, Cheaper and Less Waste
  • Ultra-Soft knot – For a brush that rivals the best Badger Hair version
  • Soft Touch Handle – A premium feel wall providing excellent non-slip grip
  • Thick Lather – For perfect glide with any razor
  • All Natural – No harsh chemicals for reduced irritation


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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