100 PCS Hair Removal Depilatory Non-woven Epilator Wax Waxing Strip Paper

Superior waxing strips for use with all professional waxing systems.

When used in conjunction with warm or creme waxes, they will provide a professional finish to guarantee client satisfaction.

How to use:

This item is the accessory of the waxing treatment.

After applying the wax on the skin, put on this paper and press until it strongly sticks to the wax layer.

Peel it off in 30 seconds.

Package Including:

1 Bag 100Pcs paper(not come with the wax)

Product Features

  • * High quality fibre strip paper * Soft and flexible
  • * Great tensile strength * Ideal for all depilatory waxes
  • * Perfect for professional use in the salon
  • * Color: Same as the picture * Material: Non-woven Cloth.
  • * Size:20*6cm * Quantity: 100Pcs

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