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Badger hair naturally preps your skin for the perfect shave. The WowE Bamboo shaving brush does multiple things at once, it creates a rich lather for the perfect balance of shaving cream, lifts and softens your beard, and opens your pores. All of this preps your skin for the best shave possible and helps reduce irritation. A true aficionado will always choose badger bristles.

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Online Beauty Products

Bamboo is environmentally friendly because it grows super fast, over a yard per day that’s over 3 feet every single day, plus bamboo can grow in close proximity to each other. Bamboo works great as a shaving brush because it naturally repels water, doesn’t splinter and is antimicrobial. Now why would you use anything but bamboo?


WowE is today’s choice for environmentally and style conscious men. It’s bamboo handle is biodegradable and designed with a perfect weight and ergonomic shape. WowE’s 100% Pure Badger Bristles is perfect for creating a ultra creamy and rich lather that lifts and gently exfoliates your beard.


We love our shaving brush so much we guarantee you will too or your money back. (Some bristles may fall out since we use real badger hair.)

Product Features

  • 100% PURE BADGER BRISTLES for the shaving aficionado in all of us
  • SMOOTH AND NATURAL BAMBOO HANDLE for a sleek modern look. Bamboo is also environmentally friendly, repels water and won’t splinter
  • CREATES A RICH LATHER, gently lifts your beard and exfoliates your skin
  • PACKAGING IS MADE from 100% recycled material

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