14Oz Hair Removal Wax, HoBeauty 50pcs Wax Applicator Sticks, Stripless Depilatory Hard Wax Beans for Women and Men (Lavender Scent)

How to use:1. Pour beads into a professional wax warmer. Within 20 to 30 minutes, wax should be warm and creamy like yogurt. 2. Test temperature of wax on the inside of your wrist with spatula. Wax should be close to body temperature. 3. Prepare the area to be waxed with lotion, or wash the area of skin to waxed with 104℉ water. Massage one drop of pre depilatory oil. Blot with tissue to remove excess oil from skin. 4. Using a wooden disposable wax applicator stick, take a quarter sized amount of wax (the thinkness of nickle), smooth the underside of the spatula against the tin, turn spatula evenly for several rotations to less dripping. 5. Deposit wax onto skin using edge of spatula and spread. Apply pressure in the direction of the hair growth. The narrow section of wax should be applied thinly and evenly with an edge around the perimeter for easy wax removal. 6. Lift the ridge and remove the wax parallel and close to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. Be sure to allow time to let wax set before removal 7. Apply perron rigot after wax gel and/or moisturizing lotion for a cooling, soothing, and hydrating finish.

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Small Tips: 1. Quickly pull up wax along the direction of hair growth  2.Peel-off time: 20-30seconds  3.Recommended Thickness : 2mm ( about the thickness of nickel ) 4. Watch educational waxing video if it is your first waxing at home

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Warnings: 1.Put the wax against the hair growht direction.  2.Test the wax temperature before usage. 3. Pre/Po-wax put some oil or lotion over skin   4  Smell: when wax is melting, natural resin smell will come out,  not quality problem at all  5.Some wax beads will stick to each other because of heat, but it won’t affect proper function. 6.This product is uneatable. Keep it away from children’s touch 7.  stored at cool, dry and ventilated place

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Packaging: Wax beads: 14 oz  Spatulas: 50pcs

Product Features

  • No Strip Required- hard wax beans hardens by itself. You can pull it off smoothly without strip on top; you can clean easily when it become hard
  • Excellent on Removing Unwaned and Stubborn hair- hot and melting hard wax can grap 90% unwanted hairs firmly at one time and then you can use tweezer to remove the remains or wax twice
  • Bonus Size-compare to similar brands, ours is a generous 14oz and jar package is easier to store and clean
  • Less Skin Irritation- hard wax bean are ideal for full body; it adheres to the hair and not the skin, reducing the ‘ouch’ factor and making for a more comfortable hair removal experience.
  • Easy Operation-50pcs wooden wax applicator sticks inside. Now you only need a wax warmer to heat it and then follow our instructions to do waxing at home

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I’m not the best at waxing – my hair is like a horse’s mane. It’s hard to get it to wax properly. It also grows in about 40 different directions… Now that you know way more about me than you wanted….I’m trying this hard wax b/c it’s supposed to be better.Well, it is better!As you can see from the pictures, there was hair, I applied it pretty thick – several people said a thin layer, that doesn’t work for me on the extra course hair.As you can see, where it was…

  2. Anonymous says:

    love the smell, I am by no means a professional and I purchased this for my own personal home use and bought wax warmer. am not professional but this is a lot great than i use at salon.The texture of the wax is totally different and it is very, very stringy. Some wax getting on my fingers. However, after a bit of trial and error, I learned how to twirl my wooden spatula so there is no drip or drizzle or stringiness coming from the pot. I have to say, I like this much better. I previously went…

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