1DOT2 Professional Beard Shaving Apron Hair Clippings Catcher & Grooming Cape Apron bib+ Styling Template + Suction Cups Perfect Gift for Men (black/new)

What make our product different from others?
1,Selected materials, classic colours and exquisite workmanship.1)High quality polyester pongee of 300 t, one of the highest density materials in textile fabric. Antistatic treatment on surface. This is why our product is anti sticky and durable.2)High density nylon.One of the finest water repellent fabric.It surly has excellent anti-sticking and durability.Please choose your favorite material according personal demand.

2,Pursuit of excellence. From the material, design, packaging of produce to the selection of accessories, We all strive for perfection. This is why we can ensure that our product is practical and durable.

What should you pay attention to when you use it? Please read the instructions in vice pictures carefully.Furthmore, do not attach the suction cup to uneven surfaces such as wallpaper and stucco walls. please clean the glass or marble with a towel before using it.

Size: 109*79cm(L*W)

Material: polyester pongee or high density nylon.

Colour: Black/White


Beard Shaving Apron*1

Beard comb*1

Suction cup*2

Round stainless steel scissors*1

Product Features

  • · 【High performance-price ratio】You just need to pay the price of a beard apron,but you will get 5 pieces of high quality products.That will provide a one-stop service for shave and style your beard.
  • · 【Remarkable for particular materials, elaborate crafts】We choose polyester pongee of 300 t or high density nylon,to make sure that it will not catch beard and easy to clean. The curved design will prevent the slipped beard from flying out.
  • · 【Practical accessories 】1)beard comb- make beard styling simple and easy .You can get professional accurate shave lines in no time. 2)High quality TPR sucker: strong and durable, perfect in adsorption, does not slip off even if it encounters water. 3) Round stainless steel scissors: Accurate bite, shall never rust, safety, not easy to hurt the skin.
  • · 【Convenient to use,easy to look after 】Firstly,install the suction cups onto the mirror or marble.Secondly, attach the cape to your neck ,then enjoy your time. If you need to stop and step away during grooming you can attach the neck straps to the hooks on the suction cups. Thirdly, lower to the trash bin,let the Scraped beard sliding off the can.You don’t have to do the secondary cleaning.
  • · 【 Perfect gift for men 】Exquisite packaging,easy to carry.A perfect gift for your lovely husband,your dear brother,your respected facher and ect.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    if you got black hair I would order White First thing I’d like to say only because I wish I would have thought about this before I ordered is if you have black hair you might want to order White my black hair Blended in with the black material so good I had a hard time telling if all my hair was off when I dumped it…Now to the actual reviewpros – comes with little Sharp scissorsA plastic trimming aligning toolAnd a nice little bag to store it all inthe suction on the suction cups sticks to the…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Okay so, my husband has a beard and he takes a trash bag and lays it over the sink to trim his hair. I hate that he does that because it doesn’t capture all the hair! I found this device here and figured I’d give it a shot.This is very cool. My husband was very skeptical, as he always is, but actually loves it! So here’s a breakdown …Pro list:- long apron with good coverage- sharp scissors- alignment comb device thing (with instructions)- bag to…

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