Aavexx 300 Microlysis Cost Effective Home-Use-System, Non Invasive Hair Removal!

This system is outstanding for the small salon or home user. Now the technician can treat a full 2 inch wide area effortlessly and effectively. This package comes with 2 Oz. of each electrophoresis gel. Complete Starter Kit Includes: Standard 20,000KµV (10V-6) 400mA (0-100)(10A-3) driver unit, 2 Oz. supply of Phase 1 salicylic acid electrolyte gel paste, 2 Oz. supply of Phase 2 synthetic anti-androgen formula, 2 Oz. supply of Phase 3 .02M sodium hydroxide electrolyte, Passive electrode with dual banana plug attachment assembly, Standard Micro-Wand instrument with quick release banana tip, two inch anti-corrosion electrophoresis applicator tip, one inch applicator tip, complete instructions. A gentle electrical current is emitted from a special ‘micro-head’ wand through three separate gel formulas containing synthetic anti-androgens, mild acids and caustic electrolytes. The electric current carries these ‘bio-active’ chemicals through the highly resistant skin barrier, down to the dermal papilla (from which all hair grows). The Microlysis treatment causes a reaction that severely traumatizes, weakens and dissolves the hair… permanently, for life. Virtually any area of the face or body can be treated and results can be seen after as few as 3 treatments. The Treatment Procedure: Microlysis works in three easy steps. During each ‘electrophoresis’ phase, a highly conductive electrolytic gel (containing anti-growth substances) is placed on the hair growth area. It is then massaged across the skin with the electrified micro-head attachment.

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Product Features

  • If you are serious about permanent hair removal, this is your system.
  • For skin as smooth as silk.
  • Professional grade results in a compact and affordable home use machine.
  • 1 year warranty. 110-240 Volt System with International Style Plug.
  • Detailed production information for this item, data sheets, PDF instructions and usage videos may be found on the manufacturer’s (Biotechnique Avance) technical support page.


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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