ACRIMAX Men’s Fusion5 Razor, Shaving Razor Blades Refills and Razor Handle for Men


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Online Beauty Products

Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

Online Beauty Products

Net Weight of Razor: 74g, Measurement: 11CM total length.

Pakage contents: 1 x Nostalgic Long Handle Version Razor / 5 X Stainless Blades / Instructions

Simple quick and safe blade replacement.

This is a beautiful safety razor for either your own use or a gift.

Cean it up with water after each use, open the razor blade chamber then rinse the razor blade until all debris is cleaned from the blade and blade chamber. Close the blade chamber then shake dry, put it in a dry place.

Getting Started

“Shaving with safety razors is unlike shaving with cartridge razors. It may take you a few shaves to get used to it, but once you do I’m sure you’ll love it.”

1.Use as little pressure as possible. Let the weight of the razor do the work for you.

2.Hold razor by the tip of the handle.

3.Angle the blade at a 45 degrees angle.

4.Shave with the grain of your beard.

Product Features

  • ★ Pakage Contents: 1 x Manual razor handle, 1x Fusion5 blade.
  • ★ Easy to Change Blade: This Fusion5 Razor can use regular fusion 5 blade which are easy to change.
  • ★ Rust Proof: Deluxe razor handle made of chrome metal and Acrylic. Imitation wood texture.
  • ★ Safe and Easy Shaving: They give a smooth, close, nick-free shave without any irritation. Perfect for wet shaving in the shower. Quick rinse technology keeps the blades clean, giving you a close shave every time.
  • ★ After Sales Service: 100% satisfaction money back guaranteed!

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