ACRIMAX Premium Badger Hair Shaving Brush Set with Luxury Brush Stand and Brush holder for Soap Bowl and Manual MACH3 Razor Gift Kits for Men (MACH3)

Can A Single Accessory Reveal So Much About A Man’s Style And Attitude?

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The answer is pretty clear, YES IT CAN!

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Presenting the exclusive men’s grooming set by ACRIMAX, the one and only shaving kit that will certainly exceed even your highest expectations!

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What You Get In Our All-Inclusive Luxury Solution!

• An exclusive shaving brush made from 100% pure badger hair. Due to its soft bristles, your skin will be perfectly protected and the lather cream created will be richer and thicker than ever!

• A premium chrome soap bowl, which is extremely easy to clean and can hold the appropriate amount of shaving cream for your old-school shaving experience!• A heavy-duty polished chrome metal stand for your shaving brush and soap bowl. Rest assured that your accessories are going to be steady and neatly organized due to its innovative magnet technology.

• The jaw-dropping Gillette Mach3 razor, which will offer you unique precision and unmatched control. Due to its woodenish chrome, ergonomic handle, it will simply glide on your skin, removing your facial hair, while protecting your pores.

The Perfect Gift For Every Modern Man!

Give your husband, boyfriend, brother or father the opportunity to enjoy a celebrity-like shaving experience with the ACRIMAX premium shaving set!

Shaving will never be a dull part of his daily routine with our exclusive, badger hair brush and ultra-precise and comfortable Mach3 razor!

Plus, we proudly offer a luxury gift box, so you don’t have to worry about anything, not even wrapping it!

100% Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority!

We, at ACRIMAX, confidently provide a 30-day, hassle-free money back guarantee on our luxury shaving set, just to set your mind at ease!

Why Wait Any Longer? Indulge Yourself! Order Now While Supplies Last!

Product Features

  • • THIS IS A GROOMING SET FOR TRUE MEN! – Designed with maximum comfort and unparalleled precision, this jaw-dropping shaving kit by ACRIMAX is what every man needs right now! Classic, minimal and with subtle touches of contemporary design, our premium facial hair shaving set is a truly affordable luxury.
  • • YOUR SKIN DESERVES THE BEST TREATMENT! – Our exclusive badger hair brush is the highlight of the grooming set. Due to its 100% natural badger hair bristles, you can rest assured that your skin will get top priority treatment! It’s lightweight, soft and will create rich lather cream for an unmatched shaving experience!
  • • MAKE YOURSELF IRRESISTIBLE TO WOMEN! – The elegant design of the luxury brush stand will have you ecstatic! We have skilfully utilized magnet technology to keep the premium stainless steel shaving bowl steady under any conditions! Plus, you will impress everyone, once they see this old-school grooming kit!
  • • SEPARATES MEN FROM BOYS! – The cornerstone of every shaving set is the razor. We have choses a Gillette Mach3 exclusive razor for our elite grooming set. The extreme precision, ergonomic woodenish handle and incredibly sharp yet gentle blades will offer you a true barber-like experience in the comfort of your own home!
  • • THE IDEAL GIFT FOR EVERY MAN! – Nothing says class and elegance more than a clean-shaven face! This ACRIMAX shaving kit is worthy of royalty! Give your husband, boyfriend, father or brother the opportunity to enjoy an amazing shaving experience! Plus, our stunning shaving set comes in a luxury gift box, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it!

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