Andis 24870 Andis Trim ‘N Go Palm Trimmer, Silver

Very handy between haircuts

This has turned out to be very handy. I have been looking for something that let’s us keep my and the kid’s hair a little neater between haircuts. This does the trick superbly. The whole cordless aspect is particularly handy. It is reasonably quiet and it comes with a bag to stuff everything into. I run on a AA battery which is included It has plenty of trimming attachments. Just by spacing out family haircuts a bit it should pay for itself in no time. The build quality seems decent and it’s easy to use. For the price it’s hard to go wrong.

Product Features

  • Compact trimmer is ideal for beards, mustaches and necklines
  • Equipped with T-blade for closer shaving definition
  • Cordless feature makes it convenient to use anywhere
  • Runs quietly, great for trimming and light touch-ups
  • 14 piece kit

August 4, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Andis 24870 Andis Trim ‘N Go Palm Trimmer, Silver

  1. JSanz says:

    Fool me twice or more times, shame on me! I was very much looking forward to this trimmer. I think the Size, Styling, and Components of this trimmer are pretty on point.I didn’t like however, the over all performance of the trimmer.First, this trimmer is battery operated and I am okay with that. I’ve had some battery operated trimmers in the past and no problems there. The problem I had with this one is that It kept draining batteries, new batteries mind you. I bought a pack of new energizer batteries as a supply to…

  2. Gary Stillman says:

    Andis Trim N Go I bought these because I am deployed overseas right now. My regular T outliners don’t do too well with the power difference out here, and I bump up if I use a straight razor, so I found these as a replacement. They have the same blade as my T outliners back home. They work pretty good just may have to go over a couple more times than normal. I just adjusted the blade with a screwdriver and they work like normal. They take a little to get used to because these are really small, so my hands…

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