Andis Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper/Trimmer Comber Kit

Andis barber combo powerful clipper/trimmer comber kit includes 6 clipper attachment combs and 4 trimmer attachment combs. Sleek housing is lighter and fits comfortably in your hands.

Product Features

  • Includes 6 clipper attachment combs
  • Includes 4 trimmer attachment combs
  • Sleek housing is lighter and fits comfortably in your hands


Difference between the Andis and Wahl Clippers

I just wanted to show the difference between an Andis and Wahl open clipper.
January 16, 2015 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Andis Barber Combo-Powerful Clipper/Trimmer Comber Kit

  1. Adrian Venegas says:

    This is great A lot better than I thought, though for some strange reason I got sent a grey clippers and grey outliner. When I wanted the white one. Though since I truly liked and turn it on to check it out & sounded real good. What I’ll do is just do some type of airbrush art work on it to hide the grey. Love that is has all the attachments. The only place on Amazon that has attachments. Wish other clippers came with the attachments, I am sure they will get more purchases. Hate that I had to buy attachments…

  2. Larry S. Cannon "Hunter" says:

    Best I’ve owned yet! Okay first of all I have not used the clippers yet. Haven’t had the need or opportunity but if they work half as well as the trimmers.. I’ll be a happy man.The trimmers are the exact same pair that my local barber uses. That’s where I learned about the brand and got the idea to buy my own. I figure if he uses them daily over and over again then they should last me the rest of my life as long as I take care of them.The trim? Sweet! Beats the crap out the any of the…

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