Andrea Naturals Hair Removal System Brazilian Bikini Wax – Blueberry Banana, 4-Ounce

Andrea Naturals Blueberry Banana Brazilian Bikini Wax removes unwanted hair in your intimate areas without the use of muslin strips. Specially formulated with Blueberry and Banana fruit extracts which are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Iron. These extracts contain antioxidant and anti-aging properties that nourish the skin and fights off free radicals that cause cell damage. Vitamin A and Potassium also add soothing and moisturizing benefits for dry skin. Our all-natural microwaveable formula removes even the coarsest hair and is gentle enough for all skin types. Kit contains: 4 oz Blueberry Banana Brazilian Microwavable Hard Wax, 0.125 fl oz Pre-Epilation oil, 0.25 fl oz Calming Botanical Oil, 4 Spatulas in different styles, Instructions. Andrea Naturals Hair Removal Systems wax products are made of all-natural ingredients with natural fruit extracts, flavors, colors and Vitamin E. Product does not contain any artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, parabens and is cruelty-free.

Product Features

  • No Artificial Colors – No Synthetic Fragrances – No Parabens – No Aniomal Testing
  • No Strips Needed
  • Microwaveable
  • Results Last Up to 8 Weeks

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3 thoughts on “Andrea Naturals Hair Removal System Brazilian Bikini Wax – Blueberry Banana, 4-Ounce

  1. A. Blount says:

    Works Great! I’ve tried many products (microwavable waxing systems, waxing strips, epilators, and depilatory creams) to remove hair from my bikini line. Nothing worked and I was beginning to think I’d just have to suck it up and get the job professionally done. I found Andrea Naturals Brazilian Bikini Wax on sale at the pharmacy one day and decided to give it a try. There are no strips here–the wax goes onto your skin in a thick paste. After thirty seconds, it is solid, but pliable. You lift up the…

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