Arko Shaving Soap In Bowl, 90 Gram

Very good, quick lathering soap

Soap is a quick lathering, ostensibly tallow-based product. The smell is kind-of soapy, with a hint of floral or citrus, but hard to identify. Wished that its scent was more like the lemon kolnyasi famous in Turkey.The lather provides a good cushion while shaving using a double-edged razor.

Arko barber’s shaving cream stick is the king of the inexpensive soaps. To use this stuff properly, thoroughly wet your face and rub the stick with a bit of pressure on the stubble until you can see a layer forming (you shouldn’t use the stick to build lather). Then, take a wet brush and build the lather on your face. There’s no need for a mug. Just keep in mind that this stuff requires a bit of water to get going properly. It has the most slippery, effective lather is one that is wet almost to the point of being runny. Shavingworld storefront will give you a wide choice of best double edge razor blades, single edge barber type razor blades, double edge safety razors, cut throat straight razors, shaving creams, shaving soaps, shaving brushes, neck brushes, alum blocks, aftershave treatments, all in shaving sets, face hand and body creams, traditional Turkish bath soaps etc. All products are manufactured with high quality standards across the world and imported to UK by Shavingworld.

Product Features

  • This soap lathers easily and quickly; It builds a very thick and lubricating lather
  • Fantastic, potent and longer lasting scent
  • Just for men who loves traditional shaving
  • Gives a close and smooth shave
  • Leaves the skin very smooth and supple


Arko Shave Stick Soap - Lathering Method #3 Soap in Bowl for more info
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2 thoughts on “Arko Shaving Soap In Bowl, 90 Gram

  1. ozgur dede says:

    gotta love the scent Arko soap sticks have been my standard shaving soap for about 4 years now. Used a few different brands, mostly the ones that come out of tubes. My facial hair is thick and grows quickly, so I need a soap that produces thick lather and moisture so that the razor does not pull on my stubs – especially if I have not shaved for two days. Arko soap sticks provided the best lather so far, and since then I decided to stick with Arko. The lather consistently good and you gotta like the smell. Not sure…

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