AVANTEK Nose Ear Hair Trimmer, Built-in LED Light for Men and Women Facial Hair Remover Clipper, Battery-Operated

The AVANTEK Electric Nose Hair Trimmer trims nose, ear hair and other unwanted facial hair, details beards and eyebrows cleanly, safely and precisely. It is an essential personal beauty tool for use both at home or while traveling. In just a few minutes you can say goodbye to embarrassing nose and ear hair.

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Clean, Safe & Precise

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The trimmer features an arched cutter head and 360° rotatable hypoallergenic stainless steel blades. It cleanly and comfortably cuts the hair entering the trimmer tip from top and sides. There is no need to worry about irritating the skin or pulling hairs during use. In addition, the built-in LED light provides illumination for a more accurate trimming. The trimmer helps you to always look and feel your best.

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Compact & User-friendly Design

Engineered with utility and style in mind, the trimmer comes in an elegant shape and lightweight design. The anti-slip body is made of premium ABS material and the streamlined shape is comfortable to hold. The detachable blade head is easy to clean with the included cleaning brush. Lightweight and easy to use, the trimmer will be a useful accessory for you in everyday life.

Beauty Tips

1. Don’t trim nose hair too short each time; leave proper amount and length of nose hairs as a natural filter for breathing.
2. Clean the nasal cavity after each trimming in case the clipped hair is still attached inside.

Product Features

  • FAST & CLEAN: Arched cutter head with curved steel blades ensures that hair is cut fast and clean; gives you a neat look in minutes
  • HANDY TRIMMER: Comfortably and easily removes nose, ear hair and other unwanted facial hair; meticulously trims beards and eyebrows; helps you to create and maintain a well-groomed appearance
  • SAFE & PRECISE: 360° rotating, hypoallergenic stainless steel blades make for safe and precise trimming; eliminates the possibility of irritating skin or pulling hairs
  • CONVENIENT: Built-in LED light provides illumination for trimming hard-to-reach hair; offers convenience with one AA battery operation (battery not included)
  • IDEAL GROOMER: Easily trims and cuts excess and embarrassing hair from any angle with a compact design; can be a great beauty tool for men both at home or on-the-go

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