BEARD SHAPING TOOL GuideLine Pro ( hair care product for men ) use with your Beard Trimmer, Razor or Edge w/ a Straight Razor and Comb. Shave a Symmetric Beard & Mustache Every Time.

Tired of shaving an uneven beard? And getting inconsistent shave results?

Meet GuideLine Pro – The Best Thing to Happen to Your Beard Since You Grew it!

  GuideLine Pro is the Perfect beard shaping Tool & beard growth product! Which

  functions as a template. Allowing you to consistently shave a perfectly symmetrical

  beard, every time.  Simple. Effective. Consistent. GuideLine Pro

  Grab your beard trimmer or razor & put them to use with GuideLine Pro you’ll have

  the best looking beard you’ve ever shaved, splash on your favorite beard oil to top

  it off and grab your beard comb or brush, total beard care! 


We believe we accomplished our mission…  Create the best beard shaping tool:


  We conducted a case study. And asked people to test various beard shaping tools.

  With their favorite beard trimmer or razor. From the comfort of their own home.

  Testers used the beard shaping tools during dry & wet shaves. With & without shaving

  cream. They shaved above their sinks, and even while showering. The end result:

  GuideLine Pro was created. GuidLine Pro provides an unbelievably natural beard

  shaping template. Which means your going to consistently shave your best beard.

  GuideLine’s extremely Easy to Use. 3 step design was made with you, our valued

  customer in mind. You will maintain a well groomed. Professional Looking Beard. 


Try GuideLine Pro now, we are so sure you will love your results. If you aren’t completely

satisfied. Just send it back for a no questions asked money back guarantee! Try GuideLine Pro

now, RISK FREE! Click the Add to Cart button…

Product Features

  • BEARD SHAPING TOOL – Tired of shaving an uneven “home cut” beard? GuideLine Pro – is a home hair care product for beard grooming. Which allows your razor, beard trimmer or straight razor, to consistently shave an even beard.
  • EXTREMELY SIMPLE BEARD GROOMING TOOL Although the design looks simplistic. Each element. Such as GuideLines unique non-slip shape. Or it’s easy to follow numbering system. Was designed to perform a specific function. Resulting in an unbelievably natural beard shaping template. Great for use with a home hair cutting kit.
  • BEST in BEARD ACCESSORIES w/ IMPROVED DESIGN Thinner. Stronger. Flexible. Beard shaper. Works for you with ANY trimmer or razor. Contours the natural curves of your face. To create precise guidelines. And consistently shape your beard.
  • TRANSPARENT HAIR CARE PRODUCT GuideLine Pro is the ultimate grooming kit for men / beard accessory its refractive light transmission measurement offers optimal transparency. Which lets you to see thru it for exact placement. Allowing you to see your full beard and mustache while shaving. But letting you focus on shave zones. Leaving you with a symmetrical richly defined beard.
  • 100% GUIDELINE GUARANTEE If your not 100% satisfied your new great looking beard just send your beard tool back for a full no questions asked refund. Total GuideLine Guarantee!

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3 thoughts on “BEARD SHAPING TOOL GuideLine Pro ( hair care product for men ) use with your Beard Trimmer, Razor or Edge w/ a Straight Razor and Comb. Shave a Symmetric Beard & Mustache Every Time.

  1. Kaynyn says:

    The ‘tool’ is pretty simple, being a hard piece of plastic Its happened more times then he cares to share: My husband, in the bathroom, and I hear some form of cussing through the door, only to find he has completely shaved off his beard again because he (again) has messed it up. To say we’re perfectionist in my house is a true understatement, CDO (OCD but with the letters in the right order!) is a way of life. When it comes to his grooming he *almost* spends as much time as I do getting ready each day. So in order to save his facial hair (and my…

  2. Luis Bezanilla says:

    Highly recommend this product! I have been a back yard barber for over 16 years. Throughout that time, I was fortunate to have had sufficient training and experience to comfortably cut and edge my hair and step out on the town dressed to the nines. I can proudly say I’ve memorized every edge and curve of my face where I can free hand my cuts. I recently saw this tool while shopping around online for a barber smock to catch my hair. I was pretty excited to see this because it eliminates the guess work and eases the…

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