BellaLite By Silk’n: Professional Hair Removal At Home

I am a male with what used to be a very, very hairy stomach. Some hairs up to 3″ long, with most at 2″. Also, this was unfortunately one of the highest density hair areas on my body. Not a huge issue now that I am married, but in college years I sometimes hated getting to it so to speak. I am a testosterone heavy guy, so I have a very thick beard that grows out in hours, leg hair and arm hair – all things girls love. But girls don’t want to see stomach hair. I tried waxing which left so many ingrowns it was absurd. I tried shaving, but with very thick hair it was a 5’oclock shadow on my stomach. I tried depilatories, same issue as shaving. I even tried an epilator for many, many months. But it got as many ingrowns as waxing, TONS of pain, and no real look improvement.

This product has killed much of my stomach hair off after only 3 months. I could not be happier.

While I don’t have my college body, I feel better about taking my shirt off. And to be clear, I haven’t cared much for a long time about it – but I feel better. I grew to accept my body, but when you have a carpet of hair where it “shouldn’t be”, people look at you, some comment, etc. When that hair is gone, no matter how little you cared previously it feels better.


Product Features

  • BellaLiteTM is not designed for everyone. Please read all safety precautions and how to plan for best results in the instruction manual before purchasing your BellaLite.
  • BellaLiteTM base unit and applicator Unique skin color sensor Includes 3 disposable lamp cartridges (1-pre installed and 2-replacements): each lamp cartridge holds 750 pulses Instructional DVD User manual and quick start guide Power cord
  • FDA cleared CE Listed Easy to set up and self-treatments are simple, quick and clean Largest treatment spot size of any home-use device; full leg can be treated in less than 30 minutes
  • Safe with minimal discomfort compared to waxing or professional laser treatments Money-saving when compared to extended use of professional laser treatments, waxing or shaving Dimensions: 4.7″ L x 4.7″ W x 4.7″ H
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs. Warranty: 1 year

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2 thoughts on “BellaLite By Silk’n: Professional Hair Removal At Home

  1. Jolly Green Giant "You can try Birchbox too! ... says:

    Works well if you are religous about treating yourself every week or two I’ve been using this for around six months now, at about three treatments a month, a little less in the beginning (so around 15 almost full body treatments, more on that later). I’m on my sixth cartridge and so far I estimate my results at:Facial hair – 90% goneLeg hair – 50% goneUnderarm hair – 50% goneBikini area – 25% goneA few times a month I pull this out and treat my body after showering and shaving, and tend to alternate between treating my hairs…

  2. practical says:

    Nice results- even excellent! I have had this machine over a year now, bought at Costco due to their liberal and easy return policy.First, I recommend you read the Costco reviews, they are quite informational.Second, this machine is NOT the answer to never having hair again, alas.I fit the physical traits recommended for using the Bella Light, my body hair is dark, medium thickness which is not a requirement but helpful to know. My skin is a light olive, tans easily and burns easily…

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