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3 thoughts on “Bic Soliel Savvy Womans Razors Disp. 4 Pk

  1. Ellybean says:

    Very Impressed I consider myself a frugal person. When I saw the price of the BIC Soleil razor I was almost completely won over by that alone. I mean $7.49 for a disposable razor with 4 refillable cartridges is an amazing deal, in my opinion! This literally means you won’t need a new razor for quite a while depending on how often you use it. (I’m still going strong with my first blade and I’ve been using this razor almost daily for over a month now)The real test was to see how effective this razor…

  2. Rose DesRochers "Founder of Today's Woman" says:

    Good Razor Prior to trying the BIC Soleil Savvy razor, I had been using the BIC Soleil Bella razor, which has four blades and comes packaged in a set of three. I was excited to try the Soleil Savvy, which is a three blade razor.My verdict: The Bic Soleil Savvy Razor is a disposable razor with the performance of a premium razor. I have only been using the razor about a week now, but find it glides smoothly over my legs and it’s easy to maneuver over those hard-to-shave areas. Remember to…

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