Black Willow All Natural, Vegan, Organic Shave Soap for Smooth Shaving, Handmade by A Wild Soap Bar

Our invigorating, all natural charcoal shaving soap lubricates and softens for a close comfortable shave, leaving your skin smooth and ultra moisturized. Use the 3 inch round puck with a shaving brush and mug, or lather it directly onto moistened skin. For best results, soften the surface of the soap with a teaspoon of hot water for 10 minutes prior to your lathering regimen. All natural, vegan, cruelty free, for men and women. 3.25 ounce boxed bar.

Product Features

  • Moisturizing and mild with many organic ingredients
  • Lubricates and softens for a close comfortable shave for men or women
  • 3 inch round puck fits most shaving mugs or bowls
  • Enriched with charcoal and scented with a eucalyptus essential oil blend
  • Handmade in TX by a small family business in operation since 1995

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2 thoughts on “Black Willow All Natural, Vegan, Organic Shave Soap for Smooth Shaving, Handmade by A Wild Soap Bar

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mild, pleasing scent, good cream-like lather for shaves, ethical, family buisness The scent (sassafras) is perfect – very mild, but just enough to get the day off to a great start and since I use this for wet shaving my face it leaves my face feeling soft and smelling nice most of the day. The soap lathers up well into a cream like texture which holds throughout the shave (I load my shave brush with the soap about for 30 seconds, then lather the soap up in a scuttle bowl for about a minute or so, which produces enough shave cream for at least 2 shave passes). Best of all -…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Smells Great And Lasts Forever My husband loves this shaving soap. It has a very distinct smell that we both like and it lasts forever (over a year for the first round and we’re on month 6 of the second and still going strong).It produces a solid lather with an average bristle brush – not like the foam in a can, but completely respectable. He prefers less foam when using his safety razor so he can see what he’s doing. He says it isn’t too drying, but he does use a really good aftershave, too.We’re going to buy a…

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