Bluezoo Depilatory Roll-On Hot Wax Cartridge AZULENE Heater Waxing Hair Removal(100g/3.53ounce)

No other systems works quicker when it comes to applying wax than the roll-on cartridge!

Our roll on system is very hygienic, there’s no handling of wax, also no dripping or sticky mess. It’s a comfortable method of waxing applied at just the right temperature. Once finished you easily dispose the cartridge. No need to waist time and money buying additional rollers heads or roller sanitizing products.

The resins in our roll-on’s enable them to be used at higher temperatures than low melting point waxes. The heat opens the skins pores also, but because the wax is applied much thinner, the resins cool almost immediately without producing a burning sensation. The product is then easily removed using Bluezoo hair removal strips. The ingredients in our roll on’s are formulated to delay hair growth and leave skin moisturized and soft.

Legs, Back, and Full body

Natural Bee’s Wax, Antioxidants, Microcrystalline Wax, Colofonia, Rosin Ester with Glycerin, Antioxidants and Pigments.

Instructions for use:
Insert and heat roll on cartridge in Bluezoo roll on warmer for 20 minutes. Check that wax has melted to liquid form in roll-on. Remove seal on roll-on cartridge and then roll on a removal strip so wax has completely covered roller.

Apply a thin layer on skin (in the direction of hair growth), place hair removal wax strip on surface and pull against direction of hair growth and parallel to the area from which the hair is being removed.

Product Features

  • Suitable for all skin types. Made from special pine resins vegetable and mineral oils
  • 100% natural product(sugar,lemon,water)
  • Easy speedy application ,applies quick and easy
  • No dripping of wax or sticky mess ,no need to buy roller cleaning kits
  • Ideal for personal waxing

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