Boar Bristle High Density Shaving Brush

Boar hair has been the favored hair for many wet shavers for centuries. It has fallen out of favor since the inception of aerosolized shaving cream, but with the rebirth of wet shaving, boar is back! The secret to great boar hair is great raw materials and great preparation and processing. After a year’s search, we have finally located boar hair whose quality is up to WSP standards. Only the top rated grades of boar hair are accepted by our processor who then turns the raw product into the best boar hair we’ve ever experienced. The hair is finished to a very high level and comes pre broken in (~85% broken in). No breaking in necessary! Just soak, load, and lather!

Product Features

  • 90% Tops Premium Boar Hair
  • 21 mm x 55 mm Knot
  • Ergonomic 55 mm Wooden Handle
  • Pre-Broken-in Ready to Shave from the box!
  • 1 Year Warranty

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3 thoughts on “Boar Bristle High Density Shaving Brush

  1. Bryan says:

    Good brush For those looking to get into wet shaving, this is a great starter brush. Don’t be sucked in like I was and think that bigger bucks = better product. I have a $200 silvertip that sits in my shave den collecting dust.This product, like all WSP products, is well constructed. usual hair loss for the first week or so of use, but it has broken in nicely and the tips are split and nice and soft. Works up a great lather with hard soaps and works equally as well with the most luxurious…

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