Body Bare Intimate Sensitive Area Shaver with Free Ladyfair Bikini Line Trimmer

The rechargeable Body Bare revolutionary, Intimate Area Razor is a second-generation, newly designed rotary-head, hair removal instrument specifically for Dare to be Bare aficionados. It is specifically for daily shaving, after the longer hair has been trimmed down to “stubble / fuzz” as it will not shave longer hair, we recommend it with the Ladyfair or Feminine trimmer for trimming the longer hairs first. We recomend the Feminine Trimmer. This trimmer will never nick. The Ladyfair may nick if the skin is not pulled taut. The solid aluminum frame has a sturdy aluminum cap to protect the High-Tech shaving foil and a handy carrying cover. The second-generation foil is thinner than previous product foils, resulting in even closer shaves. It does not bite, cause bumps, discomfort or ingrown hairs. This is the BEST WOMEN or MEN’S razor in the world! It is one of our families specialized razors that will not “bite” your personal areas! It must be used with baby or talcum powder (not included) for a perfect “BUFF” shave. The Body Bare comes with instructions, travel case and cleaning brush. Not intended for shaving legs. Baby powder is NOT included.The Ladyfair trimmer is FREE when you buy the Body Bare. 1 year Manufacturers guarantee against defects. The Ladyfair is not intended for testicle use. For testicles use the Feminine trimmer and Body Bare Shaver.

Product Features

  • Irritation free shave without buying expensive lotions, creams or messy gels.
  • Will not produce ingrown hairs/razor bumps while giving a close shave.
  • Sensitive area shaver. Will not burn or irritate the skin in your most sensitive areas.
  • No stubble left behind. Body Bare is not a trimmer. It is a shaver.
  • Body Bare will not nick/cut/bite regardless. Inside/outside bikini line, under arms, men’s face etc.

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2 thoughts on “Body Bare Intimate Sensitive Area Shaver with Free Ladyfair Bikini Line Trimmer

  1. Pam O. says:

    Save your money I was a HUGE fan of the Feather Touch razor with its phenomenal ability to produce a baby soft shave. So when I discovered there was an updated version with a rechargeable battery, I jumped right on it.The new sleek design is definitely appealing, however, that’s about where the appeal ends. First of all, the shave itself was not nearly as close as the original version. I went over the same areas over and over, yet this version was unable to give me the same close shave as its…

  2. Julian Manatee says:

    Works fairly well, needs patience The bodybare shaver works well (it’s been 3 weeks). Just make sure it’s charged well. We had no issues using it, the battery was strong through the first 30 minute shave. Definitely use as much baby powder as possible and go against the grain (preferably in circular motions). You need to work slowly and go over the same area until you no longer hear the hair being trimmed.The trimmer definitely needs fresh AA batteries. When it starts wavering, replace the batteries…

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