Body Shaver & Back Hair Shaver (Foldable) Poseplix 1.0 Back Hair Removal | Manual, Self-Grooming and Shaving | Easy Replacement, with Blade Protector & 15 Blades

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Keep your back and hard-to-reach areas free of unwanted hair with this adjustable PosePlix Body and Back Shaver designed for the modern man.

Online Beauty Products

If you’re tired of unwanted back or body hair, and you want an easy, efficient way to shave it off by yourself, then you need the premium PosePlix Body Shaver that gives you the ability to shave your entire body in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Online Beauty Products

Clean, Close Body Shaving

These premium shavers are compact, ergonomic, and easy to use; making shaving fast, simple and efficient. Adjustable from 10″ to 19″ in length, you can easily reach any area from your shoulders to your lower back. Small enough to fit in your toiletry bag, you can use it at home or while traveling to get the smooth, sexy look you deserve.

Great Gift for Men

A wonderful choice for husbands, boyfriends, brothers, or fathers, our men’s shaver is naturally hypoallergenic, easy to use, and makes a great birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or holiday gift.

Product Details:

Men’s Back and Body Shaver (Manual) Foldable, Adjustable Design (10″ to 19″) Wide Blade Shaving Surface Ergonomic, Compact, Portable Use Rust and Corrosion Resistant Copper Bolts Includes 15 Additional Blades

Get this foldable body and hair shaver today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above and keep your back and body hair free for a sleek, easy-to-maintain look.

Product Features

  • Wide Blade with blade protector: Poseplix 1.0 back shaver has 5-inch safety shaver blade, which allows the shaver to tackle larger surface areas. New blade protector will protect from accidental damage.
  • Ergonomic, Easy-to-Use Design – The smooth, curved design lets you use it right or left handed, giving you better control over angles while trimming unwanted hair.
  • Smooth, Efficient Shaving – Each back-hair shaver features double-edge safety blades with 3 razors that offer larger surface area coverage for faster, versatile use.
  • Additional Blades Included – Every men’s body shaver also comes with 15 additional double-sided blades, providing long-lasting sharpness, durability, and clean shaving.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – Your 100% satisfaction is always the highest priority for our business. If you are not 100% satisfied with this product, you have 100 days money back guaranteed.

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