Bonjanvye Hard Wax Hair Removal Wax For Women Face Hair Wax Hard Wax Beans 300g Green Tea

1.Put appropriate amount of wax beans into the bowl, according to the amount required by the individual.
2.Melt up wax beans, and heat it to a flow state.
3. Stir up the melting wax beans with hair removal rods, and smear it along the direction of the hair. The wax coat can’t be too thin, about 0.3cm is the best!
4.After 1 minute, the wax becomes solidified. Tear the wax from a corner with one hand, and the other hand holds the skin, and then tear it reverse the direction of the hair. Move fast!
5.The wax block torn off, and all the hairs are uprooted! Wax block torn off is the same as the rubber. The advantages of wax are fast solidifying and powerful.
6. Coat the skin with body oil after hair removal. It can not only clear the residual wax, but also play a role in the shrinking and moistening on the skin.

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1. In order to avoid skin burns, don’t use when it is too hot.
2. Please do not use it when the temperature is too low, or it woulcd cause a bad effect on the hair removal.
3.If you worry about skin injuries, you can use it on rough skin first. If there is no problem, you can use it on other parts.
4.When using it on the face, don’t put it on the eyebrow area. In order to avoid skin injury, please slowly tore it away.
5.If the body skin is reddening, you can clean it with water and then apply some mild lotion on it.
6.If the face is reddening, you can clean it with water and then apply a moisturizing mask. The next day, you will see that blackhead has disappeared, pores become small, and the skin is clean and smooth.

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Product Features

  • Hard Wax : 300G / bag; Main ingredient: Glyceryl Rosinate, Beeswax, Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate.
  • In the aim of providing inexpensive products but high qualitied servic to customer, Bonjanvye will check each step seriously to ensure a good customer experience.
  • On the basis of waxy natural hair removal, natural care ingredients are blended into mineral oil hair removal wax beans so that hair removal is effective, clean, consolidated, and scientific.
  • The hard wax beans are suitable for: body, face, legs, arms, beard, nose hair, fingers, toes and the whole body hair removal, etc. But it can’t be used alone. It needs to work with the hair-removal warmer and spatulas wax sticks.
  • It combines the advantages of traditional hair removal wax – that it can also achieve the best hair removal effect without hair removal paper. It’s advantages are low melting point, high moisture and dry fast. With the least amount of sticky, it can remove the hair gently. It is suitable for all types of skin.


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