Braun Facespa Pro 910 Facial Epilator 2-in-1 Facial Epilating & Cleansing Brush System for Salon Beauty at Home with 1 extra, White/Silver

The Braun FaceSpa Pro is the World’s 1st 2-in-1 facial epilation and cleansing device. Gently remove facial hair by the root with the epilator attachment for long-lasting smooth skin. Simply switch the attachments to deeply cleanse skin with a facial brush 6x more effective than a manual wash.Braun FaceSpa Pro is a rechargeable device for continued salon beauty at home. On hard to remove oil-based foundation.

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Product Features

  • World’s 1st facial epilation and cleansing device
  • Facial epilator removes 4x shorter hair than wax for a smooth, clear complexion
  • Facial cleansing brush for purified skin, cleanses 6x more effectively than manual (on hard to remove oil-based foundation)
  • Rechargeable device for continued salon beauty at home
  • Includes 1 extra; silver cap


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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3 thoughts on “Braun Facespa Pro 910 Facial Epilator 2-in-1 Facial Epilating & Cleansing Brush System for Salon Beauty at Home with 1 extra, White/Silver

  1. Anonymous says:

    All over great product Let me just start off by saying…epilating hurts. So I’m not going to base my review off of that factor at all. I have VERY thick, coarse, dark facial hair. I’m 29 and it is very embarrassing. This epilator is magic. Waxing isn’t an option due to the fact that I can not grow out my facial hair without it being noticeable. I just tried this epilator for the first time tonight and I must say it worked very well. Got all my hairs and I will try using about every 4 days and gradually use less and…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great product It’s worth the extra money compared to the other model, to have a rechargeable unit where you don’t need to keep replacing batteries. It won’t function till you charge it completely. When I started the machine it seemed a little low on power(meaning strength to pull the hair), not speed. But that much power apparently was sufficient enough to get the job done thoroughly. For very stubborn hair had to use it in opposite direction of growth and it worked just fine. This is threading at home…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Epilator works great After a lot of research on facial epilators, I decided on the Braun 912, which unfortunately is not available in the US. The 911 is the US version, and comes with an epilator, cleansing head, massaging head, and small grey carry bag. I’ve only used the epilator thus far, but am very happy with the results – smooth, fuzz-free skin with no irritation. There’s a bit of a learning curve to use it because you need to figure out the best direction for the head to spin and which direction to move…

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