Braun Series 1-195s Men’s Shaver 1 Count

The braun 195s is the perfect braun shaver for demanding beginners. an ergonomic design and extra-wide shaver head give you an efficient shave, while the precision trimmer gives you versatility. it’s also washable under water. in total, this smooth and convenient braun series 1 shaver can help you meet your demands of an electric shave.

Product Features

  • Tripe action cutting system twin foils and an integrated middle trimmer shave progressively closer^Smartfoil – through its unique foil patterns the smart foil captures hairs growing in different directions^Slim precision head – shaves close even in hard-to-reach areas^Washable – fully washable under running tap water for easy cleaning^2 year warranty

June 27, 2016 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Braun Series 1-195s Men’s Shaver 1 Count

  1. Don S. says:

    First impressions of the new Braun Series 1 195s-1 are positive. I’ve used Braun shavers for at least 20 years; My first was a System 1-2-3. Today my everyday shaver is a current-model Series 5 550cc-4 that I’m very happy with. I’m not crazy about taking it on business trips though, so I’ve been thinking about getting a different, less expensive shaver to take with me on the road. I have a Braun MobileShave…

  2. D000D says:

    Needs some design improvements I bought this shaver to replace a Braun 6525 which I really liked. Unfortunately, after many years of service the batteries would no longer hold a charge. The 195s looked like a similar shaver, but it has a couple of deficiencies compared to the 6525 as follows: 1) the shaving head does not pivot so it does not follow facial contours as easily. You must constantly try to keep the shaver…

  3. cat-man says:

    Braun 1 Series 195s-1 is very special I love the Braun brand razors, but I was unhappy with my Series 3, because the cutter kept falling off during shaving and because I had to keep buying the cleaning solution rinse.So I bought a Braun 1 Series 195-s1 Shaver, black. This is the best razor I have ever used. Shaves beautifully, and to clean, you just rinse it under the hot water.After more that a year, I still love it. Inexpensive, runs great, shaves great, cleans great. I should buy a second one and store it away, in…

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