Braun Series 9-9095cc Men’s Wet/Dry Shaving and Cleaning System

Braun Series 9 is our most efficient and comfortable shaver. The intelligent Syncrosonic technology delivers 40.000 cross-cutting actions per minute for an outstandingly thorough shave and amazing skin comfort. The Series 9 shaver combines ergonomic Braun design with highest Braun quality. Braun-designed to make a difference.

Product Features

  • Hygienically cleans, charges, lubricates, selects cleaning program and dries at the touch of a button-so your shaver feels like new everyday
  • Cleans more hygienically than tap water, noticeably more comfortable on skin
  • Charges for maximum battery power at all times, lubricates with each cleaning for longer lasting cutting efficiency
  • Intelligent program selection for optimal fluid consumption, extra fast drying with built-in fan
  • World’s only 5-action alcohol-based clean and charge station

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3 thoughts on “Braun Series 9-9095cc Men’s Wet/Dry Shaving and Cleaning System

  1. Doc H says:

    Series 9 vs Series 7 *See Addendum for final rating.First the disclaimer: I purchased this shaver with my own personal funds, from my own personal bank account, for my own personal use. I am not an employee of Amazon, Braun, Panasonic, Philips, any other shaver company, or any associated survey company or anyone else related to the industry. I did not receive any compensation for my review. The opinions expressed are exclusively my own. The reason it’s not a “Verified Purchase” is because I…

  2. Ben says:

    Quality Cut For Those With Little Growth When I first reviewed the Braun Series 9, I’d found that it didn’t like to cut hair longer than 1/8th of an inch. While this is disappointing, I’v continued to use the razor and found that while anything more than stubble isn’t its thing, it does excel in other ways.The Braun Series 9 is great for daily shaves. If you want to keep clean shaven, it’s great. The self-cleaning base means it’s always charged, clean, and ready to go. I simply pop it out and do my shaving duty before…

  3. _AS says:

    An EXCEPTIONAL shave… for an electric razor Long story short: This Braun electric razor provides an exception shave – the best I’ve ever had from an electric razor. BUT, it’s possible that no electric will ever beat your manual razor.I have a *lot* of experience with both electric and manual razors, as I’ve been searching for the perfect shave that is a mix of convenient, comfortable and gives a clean shave (spoiler: I’m still looking). I have thick, dark facial hair that grows fast, so it’s easy to see an incomplete shave…

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