BuzzBarber Professional Disposable Straight Single Edge Razor Tool Kit with Derby Blades for Men

Why BuzzBarber Straight Single Blade Razors?

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Age Old Tradition 
We spend so much on plastic razors and big brand cartridges but there’s an age-old solution that’s almost become a legendary way to shave for the fine gentleman. 
If able to use this single edge razor properly by practicing and finding your angle this is the ideal shaving machine ever. Close, Fine and Proper Shave.

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Give you 2 to 3 clean shaves with one blade. We provide 10 Double Edge Blades which you will have to break into half to use that will sum upto 20 blades.

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Swing Technology with German Stainless SteelSwing technology used for fast blade removal for barbershops and has been made with High 
Carbon German Steel. Saves you time.

First Time Users?
Yes, this razor is learn as you go. It’s an age-old skill that used to be handed by the father to son. The last touch up for being a true gentleman. Technology caught up people got a lot busier and this was a dying skill yet the barber’s still kept it alive cause they knew nothing shaves better than a single edge razor.

There are various tutorials online in how to use it, fingers placement, angle to get a close shave, using plenty of shave cream. Having said all this you would still have to be extremely careful while using it.

Preventing cuts for learners 
Use plenty shaving cream, this makes your beard soft and your skin ready for a close shave.  Hold Your Razor with your dominant hand and Use the other hand to stretch your shaving area and stretch your skin tight. Recommended angle to shave without cut marks is 30 degrees If the blades wobble or is a bit loose

Product Features

  • Genuine Premieum German Steel for Longevity
  • Swing Technology for Fast Blade Removal
  • Straight Edge Razor with Single Blades for Economic yet Smooth Shave
  • Professional grade shaving tool kit for Barbershop usage
  • 10 Derby blades Included with the pack

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  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Would recommend it straight from the HEART …. I had an old razor that i used but needed replacement and this one is pretty sturdy. I love the dull finish it has.The grip on the swing is good and tight so it does not move the blades. Love the extra blades it comes along with.Got an e-book through email that was great help. Although i have experience in using this the new learners definately need them. The shaving directions diagram inside the e-book will be very helpful oe else your mustache will regrow…

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