Callus Remover by Care me- Gently and Instantly Remove Dead, Hard Skin and Coarse Calluses on Feet – Professional Pedicure Results Anywhere You Want It – Result Guaranteed – Pre-Sell Promotion

This is a PRE-ORDER at a promotional price. This product is guaranteed to ship ON OR BY DEC. 18TH (postmarked) with priority mail (UP TO 3 BUSINESS DAYS DELIVERY PER USPS) and tracking number.

Are you afraid of being barefoot in public? Don’t be!

A pedicure tool gently smoothes your feet anytime and anywhere you need it. You will love going barefoot all year long!
• It’s safe, easy and effortless to operate and you get results quickly and effectively.
• It’s battery operated, light weight and portable so that you can take it wherever you go and use it whenever you need it.
• It makes you look good and feel good. And it boosts your confidence instantly and earns you the respect you deserve!
• You can show off your bare feet in front of your friends and significant partners.
• No more embarrassing moments! No more hiding. Enjoy your favorite flip flops and sandals.

What is included?
•Package contains a callus remover, AN EXTRA ROLLER, a cleaning brush and user manual.
•It uses two AA batteries, which are NOT included.

What are the differences between model CM-101 (battery-operated) and model CM-301 (corded) which can be found at
Model CM-101 runs with 2 AA batteries with a bigger roller. It’s portable so that you may put it in your purse and use it whenever you need it. Model CM-301 is run by electricity with slightly smaller roller. It’s more powerful and runs with extra strength so that the roller won’t stop if you apply certain amount of pressure. CM-301 IS RECOMMENDED FOR CUSTOMERS WHO PREFER TO APPLY MORE PRESSURE.

Our Promise: It’s guaranteed to work or your money back.
Give us a try RISK FREE. If you are not 100% satisfied with it, send it back for a full refund within 30 days.

Product Features

  • Temporarily out of stock. This is a Pre-Sell at a Promotional Price Plus An Extra Roller. Order Now and we’ll deliver On/By Dec. 18th.
  • Durable: The roller head is made of durable and top-notch quality mineral materials to last longer than other brands. One roller fits all situations: finer or coarser.
  • Safe & Fast: It saves your time and efforts compared to the old-fashioned metal scrapper or foot file. Safer and more effective than metal scrapers, which may cause skin cuts and bleeding; faster and more effective than a file or pumice stone, which requires constant scrubbing and time to achieve results. Why wait? Get smooth and silky feet in minutes.
  • Water-Proof: We use cutting edge technology to develop this seamless body making it easy to clean. It’s rated IPX5 for water resistant, which means it is safe to rinse the device under tape water, but do NOT immerse the device fully in water or take it in a shower. The roller head is detachable and easy to clean.
  • Best Quality: Care me products are CE/RoHS/UL certified. Its quality meets CE and RoHS industry standards. This product is guaranteed to work. Comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee plus 6 month Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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3 thoughts on “Callus Remover by Care me- Gently and Instantly Remove Dead, Hard Skin and Coarse Calluses on Feet – Professional Pedicure Results Anywhere You Want It – Result Guaranteed – Pre-Sell Promotion

  1. Jennifer H. says:

    How do I love thee…. If I could give this 10 stars I definitely would for more than 10 reasons!! First of all, it’s so easy to use. I looked at the small roller (file) and thought “uuh, no way that thing will fix my ugly feet” But OMG!! It worked perfectly! I immediately got a smooth section amongst the other scarey, scaley parts of my feet. Secondly, My frugle hubby was so happy it worked. Now he can save money on my pedicures lol! I didn’t want him watching me doing my feet but I saw him peeking and he finally…

  2. Edith Minde says:

    Callus Remover by Care me The first time I used it I was sold on it! I have suffered from calluses for years, I own an entire arsenal of electric, hand-held and medical devices – files, graters, liquid removers – you name it, I have it, and none did the job. After the first use of the Callus remover my feet felt smooth and comfortable, and now, as soon as I feel some callus ‘crop up’ the remover takes care of it. In regard to the device breaking: Do not apply any pressure at all. Several gentle strokes over…

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