Champion Shave Men’s Shaving Razor Set Endorsed by Wayne Gretzky – 3 Blade Shaving System with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Lubrication Strip – 1 Handle with 4 Blade Refills

We offer More Blades, More Refill Cartridges, More Shave Satisfaction!

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Champion Shave offers high quality, affordable 3 Blade shaving system a lower price than our competitors!

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Men will have the perfect clean shave every time with a razor head able to reach those hard-to-shave areas of the face, all while applying an Aloe Vera, Vitamin E lubricant for retaining moisture, preventing skin irritation and unwanted cuts.

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Used and endorsed by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

Each razor blade uses titanium coated stainless steel blades for rust free, corrosion resistance and a long lasting edge providing you a smooth, comfortable prune.

An essential addition every man should add to their facial hair grooming supply kit.

Champion Shave will make you Feel Like a Champion!

Product Features

  • NO NICKS, NO CUTS – Tired of getting cuts and scars from shaving? Champion Shave Razor is the perfect replacement to your traditional single bladed razors! It features a 3-blade shaving system for a quick and easy shave with less, fewer strokes providing you lesser chances of getting cuts and skin irritation during and after shaving. Great for cleaning up that 5 o’clock shadow for afternoon formal meetings and after work party!
  • CUSTOM HANDLE – Designed with a custom, sporty handle. Molded from strong, sturdy materials for a comfortable and lightweight grip, less slip ups and accidents during those close, curve-hugging shaves. Easy to store after use with its 9.5 inch frame. A superb gift to any active, athletic male who needs new manual shavers.
  • SMOOTH AS BUTTER – Has a pivoting head able to get to those hard-to-reach areas of your face and an Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Lubrication strip for a smooth and moisturizing shave. You’ll barely feel the blades as they glide along your sensitive skin, while cutting your beard with a precision slash.
  • THESE BLADES STAY SHARP! Save money from having to buy new cartridges every time your blades get dull. Each Champion Shave refill contains Titanium Coated, corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Blades imported from Sweeden for a long lasting edge even with everyday use. Looking clean and slick has never been more affordable!
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – With an easy to rinse and ergonomic design, cleaning stuck hair inside the shaver will be a breeze. Simply wash with running water. Keep it handy and bring it along during travel to keep your face looking fresh and tidy anywhere you go. An excellent addition to men’s personal grooming accessories and supplies.

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