Chocolate Depilatory Gel (16 Oz / 450ML)

This depilatory gel contains Biorésine C3 which holds vasodilatatory properties that will help reduce the feeling of pain, redness and soreness. The cocoa is well known for its antioxidizing effect due to the integrated presence of vitamin E. Moreover, it participates in the restructuring of the skin and prevents skin dehydration in supplying litheness, softness and tonicity. Its chocolate fragrance is soothing and comforting. This creamy milk chocolate colour gel enhances the softness of your skin and covers a much more extensive area than the majority of gels. It is also in great demand for sensitive skin. It will soon be available for use in the microwave oven.

Product Features

  • The Biorésine C3 is the successful result of a unique patented process created by Esthétique Sans Frontières’ biochemists to decrease the level of oil in the wax, through a triple distillation procedure. Its great fluidity is one of the many exceptional qualities of this product. Its handling at ultra-low temperature is therefore less gummy, less painful and yields higher efficiency.

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