CLALUFA IPL Hair Removal Device Ice Point Hair Removal for Permanent Hair Removal and Smooth Skin, 500,000 Light Pulses IPL System for Body, Face, Axis (White)

💄1. Before use it, Please scrape off the hair in the area where hair removal is needed, clean and wipe.(Recommendation: Apply hot towels to skin, shower gel or shaving cream to lubricate hair)
💄2. For first use, perform a small skin sensitivity test please, and after half an hour, if the skin looks stable, you can continue.
💄3. Drag the lamp head to the area where hair removal is required, as far as possible to head an skin the lamp at right angles, part of the recommended irradiation 2-3 times, irradiation no more than 8 seconds at a time. The hair removal device does not work for more than 20 minutes.
💄4. After 20 minutes of use, please recharge the treated skin and apply sunscreen after 2 hours to avoid direct contact between skin and sun. Swimming is prohibited within two days to avoid skin contamination. If you feel uncomfortable, you can apply a cold compress for 30-60 minutes.
💄5. It is normal If there is a slight smell of hair burning caused by no scratching of the hair before treatment.

Product Features

  • 【🍧 Light hair removal technology】-IPL technology is best hair removal salon: Significant effect, painless, no side effects, permanent hair removal.
  • 【🍧The latest hair removal system in 2019】-CLALUFA IPL hair removal system with Cream, simple operation and stable performance which made you feel cooling when using.
  • 【🍧 Significant effect】-Hair removal device with a LCD screen, the function can be recorded at any time, 5 energy gears,it can meet your all requirements. The hair growth slows down by 75% after using it once, becomes soft after 4-6 times, and 95% of processed hairs do not grow after 12 weeks.
  • 【🍧 Luxurious package】-Our IPL device for women is equipped with Two different effectiveness of the lamp head, adapter, instruction manual, glasses, exquisite bag. The high-quality packaging box is the best gift for your friend.
  • 【🍧IPL’s quality maintenance services】-If you have any questions about the hair removal systems , we offer a 24-hour Technical Support and 100% quality guaranteed in 2 years.

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3 thoughts on “CLALUFA IPL Hair Removal Device Ice Point Hair Removal for Permanent Hair Removal and Smooth Skin, 500,000 Light Pulses IPL System for Body, Face, Axis (White)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great product Because going to the hair loss shop costs money, I want to save a little, I bought it because I want to do it at home.The product I received was white, and I felt a sense of luxury.In addition, accessories such as sunglasses and porches are popular.I haven’t done difficult parts myself (e.g. back or private areas).I tried to try only one arm twice, but it was easy and beat.Because it has automatic cooling, it hardly feels pain or fever.If…

  2. Anonymous says:

    cooling feels with a small operational issues This is what I want to remove hair removal instrument, home-type, easy to operate. Handle the hairs you want to handle at any time at home. I compared other home systems, this one has a cooling function, more comfortable. But there is still a problem with this operation. The first time I use it, I power up the power line supply and then connect the power supply to the instrument. This is not right, and then there is a small spark. Then I read the instructions and customer service feedback on…

  3. Anonymous says:

    No. 1 ice point hair removal!!!! When I first saw the package, I am so impressed! It look so professional. The instructions was really clear, it make me use it without any problem. I love this hair removal because it was an ice point device. I feel cooling while using it. It won’t hurt and I didn’t feel any pain too. I used it to clear my hair on my armpit. Also, the speed of my hair growing back was slower and thinner than before when I use another kind of laser device. Although the price was a little expensive, it was…

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