Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver

The Model ES412 Cleancut shaver has the distinction of being the first, and still best, personal / pubic shaver on the market. The ES412 has been made by the same manufacturer for many years (decades) and is still made in Japan, where quality and workmanship are considered high art.

The business end of the ES412 consists of the slotted foil, the interior rotating blade assembly and the motor that turns the blade assembly. In order to produce a superior shave these components need to obtain a delicate working balance. First the motor must have enough torque that it can cut hairs easily, yet run at a slow enough speed that it doesn�t grab the hair and rip it rather than cut it. Second, the blade assembly must be designed to easily glide under the foil�glide but not grind. Superior design and the ability to achieve exacting manufacturing tolerances ensure this is accomplished. Last, the piece that brings it all together, the foil. To make this extraordinary foil requires superior metallurgy, innovative manufacturing techniques and human based engineering to achieve a slot pattern that effectively captures and cuts hairs WHILE not cutting the tender skin of the pubic region. But that�s what the ES412 Cleancut is; a well engineered and balanced shaving experience with the advantage of incremental improvements over time. And clad in it�s turned �stainless steel� case it also has classic �retro� style good looks. NOTE: NO TRIMMER IS INCLUDED. No electric shaver (face shaver or personal shaver) will cut hair longer than stubble. Either blade shave first or purchase a Model PS335 Cleancut �No Nick� Trimmer (available separately.) It is recommended that baby / talcum powder (purchased separately) be applied to the area to be shaved as a dry lubricant (prevents the foil from sticking to the skin.)The ES412 includes a cleaning brush and instruction manual. C-cell battery (1) required (not included.)

Product Features

  • Designed and Engineered to be used for Personal Shaving without nicking or cutting
  • Use for Underarms, Bikini Line, French “landing strip” or even a Brazilian “take it all off” style.
  • Classic Styling with Turned Stainless Steel” finish.
  • Quality Product Made in Japan.
  • The ES412 Cleancut Shaver can be used safely for Personal Shaving by both men and women.


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Looking for a great pubic shaver? The Cleancut is a great choice. It is designed specifically for pubic hair and works great. offers this product and over a thousand others in the utmost privacy. We ship your order in a plain brown box and never email you or send you catalogs after the sale.
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3 thoughts on “Cleancut ES412 Personal Shaver

  1. D. Barrett says:

    great little shaver I don’t generally write reviews, but after reading some of these, I felt I needed to share a little. I have been using the Seiko Cleancut for my underarms daily for at least 4 years, if not longer. In that time, the only problems I have had with ingrown hairs have been when I ended up using a disposable razor for whatever reason. And that was a constant battle before the Cleancut.The only thing I have ever had to replace on it is batteries. And they seem to last quite awhile. I…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Maybe the problem is… I love this shaver. I have used several different types, and this is definately the best for size, shape, and effectiness. I have not found it to be more or less flimsy than any other brand I have used. The little round, domed head fits well with all of the curves on a female body, which I have not found to be the case with any other shaver.I have pale, translucent, skin with dark hair. Typically, even after shaving, the dark hair still shows through my skin. This shaver shaves…

  3. Rob W. "Sounddude™" says:

    It Works Great For What It Was Designed To Do Don’t believe the negative reviews!They aren’t using it properly and for the very specific purpose that it was designed for.This GREAT shaver was created to use within very limited and specific parameters. If you try to use it for anything else, or in any other way, it will not meet your expectations.The CleanCut was designed for that most intimate and private area, on both men and women. It’s quite a challenge to work in such a sensitive area, with so many…

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