Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver

Like all Cleancut products it represents true value for your money. The Ultra Fine Comb Style Cutting Head cuts hair amazingly close to the skin without pulling, pinching or nicks. Can be used for fancy design work if you have an artsy-crafty bent. Designed as a body shaver, it works wonderfully on bikini lines, underarm hair, leg or arm hair, beards, moustaches, pubic area etc. Anywhere. Really, anywhere…. It cuts hairs nearly at the skin line, but leaves some “stubble” feel. For a smooth, “shaved” result try either the Cleancut ES412 or ES1080 Shavers after using the Femini PS-335. Battery included.

Product Features

  • Quality Product Made in Japan
  • Full One Year Parts and Labor Guarantee
  • Designed and Engineered by Cleancut to be used ANYWHERE on Your Body Without Nicking or Cutting
  • Cuts close to the skin without pulling, pinching or nicks
  • Use for Underarms, Bikini Line and Pubic Trimming for French “landing strip” or even Brazilian “take it all off” styles.


Pubic Hair Shaver: The Cleancut Pubic Shaver

Pubic Hair Shaver - - - The Cleancut Pubic Shaver Body Bare Shavers personal shavers for a smooth pussy. personal shavers body shavers intimate personal shaver. Click Here to See More:

The Body Bare hair removal product for women is a revolutionary pubic-hair razor. It is a second-generation, newly-designed rotary-head, hair-removal instrument specifically for "Dare to be Bare" aficionados. The Body Bare Personal pubic shaver is available in a battery-operated unit, and its ultra-fine screen, rotary-head personal razor will leave your most intimate areas smooth. Body Bare Cleancut Personal Shaver
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3 thoughts on “Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver

  1. Ryonen says:

    Best trimmer/shaver ever! Whoa. When I saw that there was a video review option, I wanted to make a video of trimming my pubic area just to show how positively nice this little trimmer is, but that probably wouldn’t go over so well…. So, here is my written review instead. :)This nice little trimmer is very close to a shaver, in fact, because it does remove almost all of the hair. In specific areas, such as on the front of the pubic bone, where the surface is harder, all of the hair is trimmed. On softer…

  2. T Montana "She Will Love Me in the Morning" says:

    Yes Guys This Is The One This is the first review I have written among the hundreds of items I have purchased over the years here at Amazon. I am so pleased with this product I just felt compelled to write. First… note I am a guy, and yes I like to keep my personal space tidy (my wife loves it) and have been searching for an easy way to do this for years. Every product of this type I have tried that claimed would not cut or nick you has been bogus. I am here to tell you this one isn’t. This product has given me…

  3. sleepypanda26 "Anna" says:

    Cleancut gets the job done quick and well! The Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver is the first electronic shaver I’ve ever owned, so I can’t speak from experience in comparison with other products in the same category. Based on my experience with this particular shaver, though, I would say it is well worth the relatively small amount of money it costs to purchase. I have been searching for an electric shaver that I could use to trim my nether regions in detail and not have to worry about getting nicked and taking forever to finish…

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