Colyn C2 Lady Rechargeable 4 in 1 Hair Removal Kits,Electric Epilator, Lady Shaver / trimmer, Hair Clipper and Callus Remover(4 Changeable Heads)

Why is our COLYN lady’s rechargeable depilator and foot grinder a good choice?

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The cutter head for plucking hair will not destroy the hair growth structure but remove hair efficiently.
The cutter head for shaving is designed to remove longer hair with the use of side knives and remove the shorter hair with the middle knives.
The cutter head for haircut is skin-friendly with acute angles. The professional engine makes lower sound in order to avoid frightening little babies.
The frosted cutter head for grinding feet is able to remove hard and thick cocoons without hurting the skin.

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Online Beauty Products

While using the shaving cutter head, use the side knives to remove long hair along the hair growth direction first. Then use the middle knives to remove short hair against its direction.
Wait 15 minutes after shower till the skin is dry and clean with the hair upright. Shaving until the pores are wide open can reduce much pain. If the hair is too long, you can cut it because removing medium-length hair will be much easier. Make sure the cutter head is at right angle to the skin and push the product against the hair growth direction.
The cutter head for removing hair can clear the hair in the follicles and keep your skin clean for 4 months. You may feel uncomfortable at first use, but the discomfort will be reduced after you are accustomed to the tension.
Apply some moisturizer after use to protect follicles.

Package includes:

1 x Holder
1 x Callus Remover Head
1 x Epilator Head
1 x Shaver Head
1 x Haircut head
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Multi-purpose: The product contains four cutter heads, respectively for dead skin removal, haircut, hair plucking and shaving. The appliance can be used by the whole family with various functions of shaving, removing hair of hands, feet, armpits and bikini lines, grinding feet for removal of hair and exfoliating
  • Safe and convenient: Our product is safer than scrapers, easier to use than pumice stones, and more efficient than ordinary foot files. It owns a compact body, making it convenient to carry during a journey
  • Innovative design: Based on ergonomics, our product adopts the hand-held structure and uses ABS plastic for its body so that it is pro-environment, long-life, high-end, delicate and simple to operate
  • Washable cutter head: The product’s cutter head is removable for washing after use with a clean brush, making the product both safe and sanitary
  • The power is enough to be used for 50 minutes: Charge the battery for 8-10 hours once, but no more than 24 hours. Make sure the product is power-off while being charged, then you can use the product for 60 minutes. If you only use it for 15 minutes every time, it can be use for one month on end.

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  1. Bethay says:

    Great epilator/shaver – awesome price!! Don’t think that just because this 4-in1 epilator/shaver/hair clipper/feet smoother has such a reasonable and affordable price that it must be inferior quality. Trust me, this little thing is terrific!! I am so happy to see a company out there who doesn’t gouge their customers with a high price when it can be sold for less. My old epilator had worn out and was leaving hairs behind even after several passes. You can see by the pic that the head on this has a very small area of tweezers, so…

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