Conair All-in-One Battery-Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer

The Conair GMT175R is an all-in-one battery operated (2AA batteries not included) beard and mustache trimmer. It has a multi-use handle to attend to all trimming needs. This versatile trimmer comes equipped with a hair trimming blade, ear/nose attachment, 3 jawline combs, a five-position adjustable comb and a mustache comb. To help keep the trimmer working to its best ability use the cleaning brush and lubricating oil (all included).

Product Features

  • Multi-use handle
  • Includes hair trimming blade, ear/nose attachment, three jawline combs, five-position adjustable comb, and mustache comb
  • Includes cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and storage pouch
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries (not included)

July 27, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Conair All-in-One Battery-Operated Beard and Mustache Trimmer

  1. Golgo 13 says:

    newer doesn’t always mean better… i had an old conair beard and mustache trimmer that lasted me about 7 years or so. i’ve had many in the past and found that battery operated is much better than those rechargeable ones, simply because the rechargeables tend to lose charge capacity over time. the old ones still had sharp blades and all, but the spring that holds the negative pole on the battery got corroded and fell off on my old ones. so time to buy a new one.they don’t make that model of conair anymore… this is…

  2. Marshal Shlafer says:

    Conair GMT175R I was looking for a gizmo that would easily trim my beard, get rid of that pesky nasal hair without pain (or tickling), and the old geezer ear hair. There were lots of products that cost much more than this one, but given the astounding price of this Conair model I thought I’d give it a try; if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be out of too much cash.But, I really like this! It works as advertised, and it seems to be well built (but read further). Haven’t used it all that much yet, but…

  3. Amazon Customer "bbshere1" says:

    Not dissapointed I could of gone with a more expensive model, but i went with the Conair because i had one before that lasted me i would say at least 6 years. You can not beat this machine at this price. Granted, its all plastic. That just means don’t slam it down, in other words, use common sense. I use this daily to actually shave the majority of my face, and to trim my goatee and mustache. I can not use a standard razor on my face, because of the thickness of the hair. It is quite course and stiff. So…

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